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Leading Tablet PC manufacturer in India


Logical Learning Company an android tablet manufacturer based in india. Our products are used all over the world in different applications ranging from basic touch device to multi core tablets NFC to education to biometrics or even in rugged conditions and all our products are the industry standard best quality tablet in india and durability. For more info visit: www.nxiindia.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Leading Tablet PC manufacturer in India

Logical Learning Company Private
LimitedConvergence Technology Specialist
Fuelling A Customized World
Convergence tech Innovator
  • Recognized by FICCI as Indias Innovation
    technology start-up 2017.
  • Registered with DIPP , Government of India.
  • Registered with KOTRA , Government of South Korea

Executive Summary
Fuelling A Customized World
  • Our Milestone
  • Established in the winters of 2012 to work in the
    space of breakthrough technology that makes
    Innovative solutions
  • From a modest sales turnover in the year 1 ,
    Logical Learning closed 2018 on a phenomenal 20
    times growth
  • Recognized by Federation of Indian chamber of
    Commerce FICCI , Koreas KOTRA for Technological
  • Core Expertise
  • Customized solutions Automation in digital
    product development
  • Our Solutions are presently built for basic
    education , digital attendance , learning
    security surveillance
  • We assemble ,fabricate automate majorly touch
    based hardware as per customer centric solutions
  • The Hardware is Layered with applications
    developed over Android ,Linux or Windows for
    innovative Solutions
  • Hardware is manufactured tested in India with
    parts drawn from across the globe with over 60
  • Exposure to solutions involving IOT Artificial
  • Customized hardware software has led to
    evolution of new products for the industry i.e.
    NANO Series , DAB
  • USP
  • Strong acumen in convergence technology
  • Expertise at the Motherboard level for
    development of hardware solutions
  • Astute at Customization with software integration
    on a hardware for Unique Solutions
  • Unique player in the domain of converged
    technology solution to develop unique products
    new applications

Value Proposition
Fuelling A Customized World
  • Hardware Integrated Solution
  • Touch devices with Cast Screen for Interactive
  • Nano PC 2.0 for basic Education at rural level
  • EduSoft learning App for Self study
  • APP for productivity in education corporate B2B
  • Smart Learning Digital Lab
  • SMARTCLASS Solution School Management App
  • School Digitized e Book SOFTWARE
  • Self Learning - Touch Tablet with content
  • Customized for industry Application
  • Quality Tablets developed in INDIA locally
  • Customized Touch devices on Android , Windows
  • Digital Stem lab with content based study in
    rural INDIA
  • C . Android Integrated System
  • Android Security Box ASB
  • Face Recognition Software
  • Biometric fingrtprint

Fuelling A Customized World
  • Market What business/space we are in
  • We are in the business of making Touch based
    hardware with functions built around it to give
    it a cutting edge solutions in
  • Education , Learning Security
  • The Android terminal devices like NANO /
    ABB/DAB is unique layered with Specific
    Application developed for the same industry
  • for enhanced performance .
  • Total Market Size Dollar Size, Our Place/Niche
  • - The market size that we cater is huge
    and collated at US 65 Billion if we take all
    our B2B focus verticals together .
  • - Touch terminal devices are set to
    grow at 120 Y o Y in the next 5 years as per IDC
    reports .
  • In few B2B solution we command the
    first mover ADVANTAGE due to our unique
    application i,e basic education , DAB ,
  • Customers Education institute , Government
    business houses
  • Macro Trends Insights
  • NANO PC powered by education APP
    catches the imagination of a rural school , a
    poor student or people who cannot afford a
  • DAB / ASB powered by Biometrics creates
    demand in institutes or IOT network for either
    Security access or Digital attendance
  • ouch Tablets fabricated
    /automated/layered to meet solutions in various
    industry based applications

Fuelling A Customized World
  • Where do we exist in the larger overall Market
  • Education Learning
  • - We are much behind a Lenovo or a I-ball
    due to our limited reach into the market .
    Presently we have few schools and learning
    institutes that have tried our products and
    solutions but we can increase our customer base
    with requisite funds allocation since our Quality
    is stable reliable as per customer survey
  • - NANO PC will emerge as the Surprise
    product and will not have ready competition due
    to its Game based learning Software , new
    Hardware design usability .
  • Security Attendance
  • Android terminal device automation is a
    specific task we have already got large orders
    from Indias leading media , banking , lighting
    more such companies with few projects that
    requires AI IOT skills . Our competition are
    either non-existent or non-effective
  • Corporate Industry
  • Though the user heavily demands a larger brand ,
    NXI is able to capture few accounts with its
    economics and stable solution even beating a
    LENOVO in few accounts
  • A Rugged Tablet with IP 68 has great market in
    industries and NXI is slowly but steadily making
    its mark where the ASP is a high USD 200-400 per
  • What are our Advantages?
  • The big advantages we bring to the
    Operations are the following which will ensure we
    become a larger Brand
  • Scalable product that can be customized as per
    customer segment
  • Customs made product even at the PCB level makes
    NXI a brand that has best in class quality
    advanced chip
  • Focus on software APPs beside hardware will be
    the key to customization meeting customers need
    that is active
  • Price points that are most economical despite
    Quality benchmark at its heart

Unique NXI Solution for the actual problem
Fuelling A Customized World
  • Lack of quality education e-learning tools for
    kids in rural / semi-urban
  • Security solutions at institutes for digital
    security and attendance system
  • Lack of Smart Classroom Solution in economical
    cost beside being Unique with digital e-book
    interactive Classroom feature
  • EduSoft Learning APP with its Game based
    technique self study is Unique
  • Absence of a composite PC that be used as a
    Computer below 100 USD
  • Lack of Quality OEM cum developer for corporate
    customers that can give customized automated
    solution for key industrial projects and
  • Lack of e-governance PDS system at grass roots
    coupled with poor education standard is the
    biggest barrier for developing Under developed
  • At Logical Learning we have the solution and
    answers to these global problems
  • Unique Edusoft solution is integrated with
    both hardware software APP built for specific
    customer segment with definite results on the
  • Our domain knowledge expertise in automation
    ensures unique hardware software solutions
  • Customers do not have any company that has come
    with a complete solution on multiple fronts both
    in hardware and software applications to solve
    the existing problems faced in ease of learning
    basic education .
  • Unique method in learning approved in
    developing countries
  • - Our future roadmap is to keep developing
    solutions using AI IOT
  • Initial launch in India , South Asia , MEA
    Africa for our customized solutions hardware
    product specially in the developing countries
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Basic Education Learning
  • Micro POS retail Solution
  • e-Governance
  • Security Surveillance
  • Fraud detection through Biometric
  • English as a Language
  • IOT Attendance

A mini computer for the youth, basic
e-Education e-Governance
Fuelling A Customized World
  • Features of NANO PC
  • Powerful Quad Core Processor
  • 2 GB DDR 3 RAM , 32 GB Flash
  • Android 6.0 OS , Word , Excel , PPT , PDF
  • 7 inch Touch Screen HD
  • USB 2.0 x 3 , AC Input ,
  • 3000 mAh Inbuilt Battery for power outage
  • Edusoft Learning Software Online
  • Qwerty Keyboard , Wi-Fi , 3G SIM Inbuilt
  • 2 GB Cloud Space for storage
  • LED Mouse ,
  • ABS Body ( Optional Colors )
  • Worlds Most Economical Portable Computing Device
  • Powerful Performer yet Economical
  • User gets Voice Over either in English or Hindi
  • Digital Content of the Course from Class 1 to
    class 12
  • Teacher evaluation of class students is Online
  • Self Study option Game based learning makes it
    Fun Easy
  • Connects Internet anywhere on the Go
  • Teachers can connect to students through App
  • Ideal for new learners first time computer
  • Optional e-governance App for direct Government

Tablet PC Customized for Specific Applications
Fuelling A Customized World
Customization Option for Educational / Enterprise
System Configuration Windows or Android or Dual
OS , RAM , Flash , Camera , Battery , Touch
Quality Outer Casing - IP 68 for
Water resistance , Iodized rubber Factory ,
Under water or Humid Area Usage Biometric Options
Finger Print Scanner , Bar Code -
Digital Access system in PDS , retail or security
Display Stand - Dashboard , Wall
cabinet , Retail Standee - Retail Display ,
Restaurants Tab cum Laptop - Magnetic
docking station - Laptop Users Productivity App
/Tool NFC , Cast Screen , DC Port , High
Specifications , 2D Scanner , QR Code ,
Integrated Printer
Indian Tablet PC market touched 1.1 million
shipment in Q3 2017-18 and expected CAGR 120
Lenovo leads with 26 market share followed by
Acer , Samsung , I-ball and Datawind . NXI has
great scope to become the top 5 tablet company
with the proposed investment .
VERNACULAR INDIA For achieving smarter
learning interactive classrooms
Fuelling A Customized World
  • Edusoft is a complete educational package for
    children of class K-5 6-10 . It focuses on
    making the learning easy fun through
    interactive digitally composed textbooks , videos
    ,worksheet , quiz and educational games for brain
    development . EDUSOFT is in technical
    partnership with EDMODO USA CDL KOREA
  • Child performs better with Audio-visual content
  • Parental control browser
  • Animated digital content of each subjects
  • Game based as child learns the best while
  • Available on NXI TABLETS in 7 10 inch Size with
    options for Both ONLINE OFFLINE Content with a
    great Student based low cost for easy acquisition
  • No WI-FI required for learning
  • Pre-loaded NCERT mapped Content
  • Progress report of child with detailed activity
    of last week over Email/SMS alert
  • Advanced Parental control with separate PIN to
    restrict what the child views
  • Incorporates Gaming techniques to motivate the
    child to learn
  • Class KG 2 Numerical Skills / English /
    Hindi/Personal Care / Social Awareness
  • Class 3 5 Mathematics , EVS , Spoken
    English , GK , Reading Grammar
  • CHILD WITH EDUSOFT Falls in love with studying ,
    clear concepts , ready for exams always ,
    confident , mentally developed to analyze problem

Booming Smart class Room market in India -
Report by Research Markets Jan , 2017 With
emergence of interactive classes and
implementation of digital education, the smart
classroom industry in India is expected to grow
at a CAGR of 25 during 2017-2021. Education
system in India has transformed drastically owing
to the development in its infrastructure .
Making Kids Smarter through Interactive Learning
Digital education the new drive
Fuelling A Customized World
In Association with BenQ Corporation Taiwan , CDL
Scan And Face Recognition
Fuelling A Customized World
  • 1. Biometric Attendance - Enabled with Android
    base PCBA , App Biometric Scanner .
  • 2. Face Recognition App Artificial
    Intelligence software to study faces for Security.

Biometric market in India to cross 3 billion by
2021 riding on security demand with a CAGR of
31 . Research Source TechSci Report 2017 ,
New York USA.
Digital Micro Retail POS System
Making Retail grow digitally Big
Fuelling A Customized World
PoS tailored to your unique business needs
Worlds Most Economical POS System
Powerful Quad Core Processor 2 GB DDR 3 RAM , 16
GB Flash Android 6.0 OS , Word , Excel , PPT ,
PDF 10 inch or 7 inch Touch Screen HD Powered by
I vend Retail POS Software 5000 or 3000 mAh
Inbuilt Battery for Power Outage Touch Keyboard
, Wi-Fi , 3G SIM Inbuilt 2 GB Cloud Space for
storage LED Mouse , ABS Body Android 2mm
Printer -Optional Bar Code Scanner Biometric
Port inbuilt - Optional
Multi Outlet Retail Ready Deliver On Shopper
Demand Sell More, Uninterrupted , zero
downtime Safe, Secure Retail No Hardware
Handcuffs, zero cost maintenance Pay monthly on
the Software use Own it in east EMI Customized
to Indian market with Local names of items GST
Ready and control panel for retailer to change
Bill generation and Inventory Control Page
Makes the retailers earning go higher with more
App ( Under Development )
India POS Terminals Market to hit 3bn by 2024
fuelled by digital payment surge after
demonetization The growth will be _at_ 60 Year on
Year Report Source Global
Market Insights, USA 2017
Fuelling A Customized World
  • Where are our customers looking today and finding
  • Our target customers either in education or
    Corporates are not having a single supplier to
    give them solutions that is customized
    solution driven
  • All brands including Samsung Lenovo are box
    sellers selling at a price-point that is focused
    on high worth retail customer thus NXI fills
    the void
  • NXI is able to fulfill Customer demands to cater
    to their specific industry need at an economical
    cost .
  • For Customers looking for only the Box product
    at a price , NXI has stiff competition from the
    white label brands that are cheap imports from
    China without certification
  • NANO in both education POS retail are unique
    and does not have big player in terms of
    specifications and category
  • Our strategy and customer relationship is built
    around Solutions customized options which
    attracts the customer confidence on Brand NXI .
  • We are also able to manufacture high end touch
    devices on 4G or 5G which comes at a lower costs
    which makes Corporate save its Capex for bulk
    purchase .
  • i.e. NXI Fabtab Mega 4G which is a 10 inch 4G
    Android tab is sold at a bulk price of Rs 8000
    while a reputed Lenovo is at Rs 22000 .
  • Hence with the requisite funding we can
    grow the sales exponentially with more desired
    app development on the Product
  • How will we achieve Our target growth rates?
  • Reach distant market in upcountry locations
    first in INDIA then South Asia , MEA Africa
  • Stress majorly on BTL marketing with local
    connect direct pitch to schools , NGO , live
  • Appoint Channel partner in upcountry to cater
    to the reach , local awareness and consumer after
    sales service

Men Behind the Revolution
Fuelling A Customized World
deep expertise and decades of combined experience
in Technology innovation
Kaushik Mitra, Founder Director
As the Founder Kaushik started the company in
2012 after spending many years in well known
technology companies. With his long international
experience in sourcing hardware from China ,
Korea and Taiwan he was quick at development of
hardware and software for education . Presently
he heads the company with focus on Product
Sourcing , marketing finance .
Devashish Dutta , Chief Software Advisor
  • Overlooks software solutions
  • Research develop new app
  • Handle large projects in Gov / Corp
  • More than 22 yrs in driving business
  • for SAHARA , IGATE

Sajid Nakhwa , Chief Corporate Communication
Sunil Gairola , Head Operations Tech Support
  • Leads the Corporate sales for the Concern
  • Mapped major accounts created differentiator
  • Active role in raising money through evangelist
  • Astute at communication develop new businesses
  • Past experience as Head of Tata , Oracle Wipro
  • Overlooks admin and operations
  • Adds value to technical , service
  • Formulates assembly processes
  • Responsible for Best practices
  • Prior Experience at Escorts , Alcatel

US 16000
Performance ForecastOur Performance
Fuelling A Customized World
US 4,00,000
US 3,00,000
US 3,10,000
US 2,15,000
Forecast FY 2018-19 US 1.8 million FY
2022-23 US 70 Mn
Fuelling A Customized World
Strategic Global Alliance
Visit www.nxiindia.com for more information
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