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In this PPT We are deeply show what is tensile structure and how many types available in the markets. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tensile Structure PPT

Tensile Structure Manufacturer
What is Tensile Structure
We can see the tensile structure as a revolution
in the field of the architectural industry.
Because of the advent of tensile structure,
there is a lot of speed in the field of
Architectural industry. The tensile structure
began to be in existence for a long time. But
many companies started using it later. Tensile
structure is considered as a good standard in
the field of Architectural industry. Today the
use of tensile structure Has begun with lots of
Types of Tensile Structures
  • Tensile Umbrella
  • Tensile Skylar
  • Tensile Pagoda Tent
  • Tensile Entrance Structure
  • Tensile Lightweight
  • Tensile Furniture
  • Tensile Dome Structure
  • Polycarbonate Sheet Structure
  • Tensile Cone
  • Tensile Blind
  • Tensile Ceiling
  • Tensile Enclosure
  • Tensile Car Parking
  • Tensile Manufacturer
  • Tensile Structure
  • Tensile Fabric Structure
  • Swimming Pool Tensile Structure
  • Auditorium Tensile Structure
  • Gazebo Tensile Structure
  • Walkway Covering Tensile Structure
  • Awning Canopy
  • Tensile Membrane Structure
  • Tensile Retractable Roof Structure
  • Tensile Stadium Structure
  • Tensile Membrane Structure
  • Cantilevers Tensile Structures
  • Out Door Furniture in Delhi

Tensile Car Parking
Tensile car parking like a tent but he is very
strong and protects our vehicle all type of
weather like summer, winter, rain, and dust,
etc. tensile car parking covers our vehicle
properly. And provide the best protection. We
have a very important need tensile structure
because of our country many types of weather
that affect our vehicle.
Tensile Car Parking Umbrella
Tensile car parking umbrella structure like an
umbrella type. To this make use to strong fabric
and strong material. This tensile structure
cannot affect any rainy weather etc.
Tensile Car Parking
Tensile car parking umbrella
Portable car parking shade
Foldable car parking shade
Commercial car parking shade
Residential car parking shade
PVC car parking shade
Portable Car Parking Shade
You know this name portable tensile car parking
shade easy to port and easy to disclose because
this tensile structure making a portable type.
Foldable Car Parking Shade
this tensile structure automatically fold and
open because this tensile structure mainly
advantages this easy to fold. You can use tensile
structure to unfold and you cannot use to easy to
Commercial Car Parking Shade
Many types of the company making a commercial car
parking. This tensile structure mainly uses to
hotels, bar, stadium, etc.
Residential Car Parking Shade
Many types of people required to making
residential car parking is that possible because
in this new era we have advanced type machine
available for making a tensile structure to
client requirement.
PVC Car Parking Shade
many types of the company manufacturing this
tensile structure because this tensile structure
many types of benefits like This is not a fault
any types of weather, Its color also does not
fade, These can be easily moved toward the
removed, etc.
Tensile Umbrellas
Tensile umbrella like a tent type but he is very
strong because manufacturing a tensile umbrella
always using a strong type of material like- PVC
Sheet, cantilever, and strong fabric. He is also
a tensile structure that protects people for
harmful sun rays and dust effects.
Garden tensile structure commonly used in outdoor
areas and garden spaces. Manufacturing tensile
garden structure use in strong fabric and
cantilever because strong material also runs in a
long time. Garden tensile umbrella protect us in
ultra violence sun rays and many types of weather
Garden Umbrella
A market umbrella is a STYLE of umbrella that can
be applied to both wooden patio umbrellas and
aluminum patio umbrellas. Sometimes, a wood
market umbrella might be called a market
umbrella, but remember that the market umbrella
is really a style.
Patio Umbrella Cover
PVC out Door umbrella commonly use in outdoor
Areas like- hotels, Garden, and restaurants. To
build a tensile umbrella structure many types of
people using PVC shade.
PVC Out Door Umbrella
Cantilever tensile commonly function is to
provide a strong grip in tensile structure.
cantilever tensile also use in all types of
tensile structure like- tensile car parking,
tensile walkway, tensile garden, etc.
Cantilever Tensile Umbrellas
Commonly manufacturing a tensile umbrella roof to
using a fabric and PVC shade because fabric and
PVC water resistance material and very long time
Tensile Roof Umbrella
Tensile Fabric Structure
Atensile structure uses a fabric material because
he is very strong material. Todays many types of
a company making a tensile roof structure to use
fabric material. Many types of fabric material
available in the market like- PVC fabric,
Polyester Fabric, Vinyl Fabric, PTFF
(polytetrafluoroethylene) Fabric, ETFE (Ethylene
tetrafluoroethylene) fabric, etc. many types of a
company use this fabric to making a tensile
structure. Many ways use of tensile fabric
structure like- tensile car parking, tensile
garden structure, tensile swimming pool
structure, tensile awning canopy, etc. tensile
fabric structure protect our vehicles and
swimming pool for sun ultraviolet rays, rainy
weather, and winter weathered.
Swimming Pool Tensile Structure
swimming pool commonly in the bungalow, Offices,
Hotels, etc. cover the swimming pool normally use
tensile structure because tensile structure
covers the swimming pool. The use of tensile
structure is done in the swimming pool. So that
the swimming pool can be protected from heat in
the dirt and summer season. Continuous use of a
swimming pool has caused the demand for the
tensile structure.
Auditorium Tensile Structure
Auditorium Tensile Structure Manufacturer present
in the market assure to use high-grade raw
material and the innovative technology while
planning this Auditorium roofing and shelters.
These fabricated pre-engineered tensile
coverings are ideal weatherproof solutions
additionally providing world-class aesthetics to
the entire auditorium.
Gazebo Tensile Structure
The Gazebo tensile is a freestanding, open garden
structure, sometimes hexagonal or octagonal in
shape, with a roof. Most Gazebos Tensile is
constructed of wood or metal and has built-in
seating inside the sheltered area.
Garden Gazebo Tensile
Commonly use of garden gazebo structure in open
areas he is protecting people to ultra-violence
sun rays
Indoor Gazebo Tensile Structure
this Gazebo tensile structure normally making
house indoor areas
Metal Gazebo Structure
To making a gazebo tensile structure of some
tensile structure use in metal because the metal
is strong material.
Outdoor Gazebo Tensile Structure
this tensile structure commonly uses in outdoor
areas like- garden, and open space.
Patio Gazebo Tensile
Patio Gazebo tensile commonly use in outdoor areas
Wedding Gazebo Tensile Structure
in this tensile structure normally use in the
wedding and party space because this tensile
structure commonly making a groom and bride
Wood Gazebo Tensile Structure
To making a gazebo tensile structure of some
tensile structure use in Wood because Wood
material making tensile structure beautiful.
Walkway Covering Tensile Structure
This structure uses a very large scale in Delhi
and another state. Because he protects people to
weather effect like summer, winter, and rain.
Walkway tensile structure protects people walking
Awning Canopy Tensile Structure
To making a tensile awning client requirements.
Awning canopy protects us for all type of weather
effect like summer, and rainy. Awning canopy
dealers and supplier available in the market.
These manufacturing of awning canopy for clients
requirements. Manufacturing in the market many
types of awning canopy like Residential and
Retractable Patio Cover Systems
A retractable roof or what some term a
retractable awning cover is a structure made of
either aluminum or wood and has a retractable or
rotating louver roof that provides protection
from the elements including sun/rain or
Retractable lateral Arm Awnings.
In this Awning canopy features is easy to open
and easy to close because this awning canopy Deep
installs a motor system that system help to
canopy easy to close and easy to open.
Retractable side or Drop Arm Awnings
This Awning canopy normally uses in window and
doors because this awning canopy easily covers
the outdoors and indoors window.
Portable, Pop-up Canopies
In this awning canopy features in this is easy to
portable and location and Working easily. This
canopy normally uses in outdoor areas.
Retractable Solar Shade Screens
Retractable solar screens are unsurpassed in
stopping up to 94 of heat, glare, and fading of
furniture, fabrics, and antiques.
Retractable Solar Window Awnings
They are resistant to harsh winter weather. Many
solar window awnings can be programmed to open
and close automatically in response to the sun.
Commonly Use Awnings
  • Door Awning- Awning canopy easy to install
    indoors and provide sun rays protection easily.
  • Window Awnings- window awning canopy normally
    you see this house and offices because this
    awning canopy use is normally.
  • Metal Awning- many types of awning canopy
    manufacturing metal material because he is very
    strong material.
  • Aluminum Awning- Many types of awning canopy
    manufacturing is aluminum base because he is very
    helpful to stop ultra violence rays on Sun.
  • Wood Awning- Todays you see many hoses and
    offices install wood awning This awning looks
    like beautiful and good.

Retractable Roof Structure
Retractable roof systems are systems developed to
roll back the roof on tracks in order that the
interior of the ability is receptive the outside.
Retractable roofs are used in Villa, Residence,
Restaurants, Bars, and Swimming pool, other
facilities wishing to provide an open-air
experience at the push of a button.
Retractable Glass Roof Structure
in this tensile roof especially making a
Transparent Glass that tensile showing is very
beautiful and attractive. This tensile roof
structure commonly uses in residential areas.
Aluminum Retractable Roof
this tensile roof structure very strong because
making this tensile structure commonly used in
aluminum material that provides strong protection
of all weather effects.
Patio Cover Retractable Roof
this tensile structure manufacturing a commonly
use wood and aluminum material that provide
tensile very effective shade.
Earola Retractable Roof
the Eurola is the latest system. This system
folds away from the top. This tensile roof
structure easy to use. Because his making use for
advanced types of machinery.
Helioscreen all season Retractable Roof
this tensile roof structure commonly uses in all
types of the season because of this tensile roof
easy to available in the markets and stores.
Soft Retractable Roof
Making this tensile structure use for soft
material like soft fabric. Soft retractable roof
commonly uses in residential spaces and areas.
Tensile Stadium Structure
The stadium tensile structure is used to cover
the stadium from four sides. So that people can
be kept safe by the weather. By the weather, we
mean the summer season, the winter season, the
rainy season, etc. the use of tensile structure
every stadium use. Because he is provides
covering protection. All stadiums use the
stadium tensile structure
Tensile Membrane Structure
The tensile membrane structure is most often used
as a roof, as they can economically and
attractively span large distances. Tensile
membrane structure commonly uses to make a roof.
Tensile structure very big industry. Because of
tensile structure industry available in all over
the world scale.
Polycarbonate Tensile Structure
Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that Available
in a transparent sheet. It is incredibly tough
and absorbs minimal moisture, making it resistant
to impact damage as well as water damage. It's
also flame-retardant and chemical resistant.
Polycarbonate Sheet is being used for quite a
long time. We also call polycarbonate PVC sheet
in common language. The use of polycarbonate
sheet is increasing rapidly everywhere today.
Tensile Entrance Structure
Tensile entrance structure commonly use in
entrance areas like- house, office, zoo, hospital
and industry, etc. manufacturing this tensile
structure using in fabric, pvd shade, and
cantilever, etc.
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