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What is Root Canal Treatment?


M B Dental Home provides root canal treatment in Ahmedabad where infected tooth structure and infected pulp both are removed in a painless procedure. For more information, please visit - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Root Canal Treatment?

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  • In simplified terminology we say that Root Canal
    Treatment is removal of the soft tissue that is
    infected within the tooth and replacing it with
    an artificial 'filling' material mostly known as
    cap for the tooth. 
  • This procedure is usually undergone as it
    eliminates dental pain as well as saves the tooth.

027 17-401500 mbdentalhome_at_gmail.com
  • Why When are root canal treatments required?
  • If the decay of the teeth is not treated on time,
    it usually increases and then gradually destroys
    a portion or you can tell significant portion of
    the tooth. 
  • It then reaches the 'pulp' of the tooth in no
    time.  The pulp is a soft tissue which is very
    thin and present in the tooth canals. 
  • It consists mainly of blood vessels and nerves. 
    It can give rise to dental pain once the
    infection reaches the pulp. 
  • Once the pulp is infected, only way to save the
    tooth is by performing the Root Canal Treatment. 

027 17-401500 mbdentalhome_at_gmail.com
  • Why root canal treatments at MB Dental Home?
  • There is more than 1 reason to get your Root
    Canal Treatment done at our MB Dental Clinic. 
  • First of all, at MB Dental Home Root Canal
    Treatment is extremely comfortable and painless. 
  • Most of our Root Canal Treatments are completed
    within single sitting and do not take more than
    30 to 45 minutes of single sitting.  Only few
    complex cases might take longer. 
  • Also if needed we can do up to 6 root canals in
    single sitting at MB Dental Home.

027 17-401500 mbdentalhome_at_gmail.com
  • All our Root Canals are performed by expert
    endodontists who are highly qualified and
    experienced in performing Root Canals.
  • To know more about Root Canal Treatment in
    Ahmedabad or any other treatments provided at MB
    Dental Home, feel free to visit our website - or
    call us on - (02717) 401500

027 17-401500 mbdentalhome_at_gmail.com
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