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Title: Biology Assignment Help

Learn Biology
  • Importance of Biology

What is Biology?
  • Science is the study of life. Its name is
    gotten from the Greek words "profiles" (life) and
    "logos" (think about). Scientists ponder the
    structure, work, development, inception,
    advancement and dispersion of living life forms.
    There are commonly viewed as in any event nine
    "umbrella" fields of science, every one of which
    comprises of different subfields.

Biology Homework Help
Basic principles of biology are
  • GENE THEORY The ancestral traits are inherited
    to the younger generations through the genes.
    These consist of Deoxyribonucleic Acid and found
    on the chromosomes.
  • CELL THEORY All the living beings are made
    up of cells. The basic unit of life are the
  • HOMEOSTASIS According to the environmental
    changes the power to maintain the constant
    internal environment is known as homeostasis.
  • EVOLUTION The noticeable change in the
    genetics that had been inherited over
  • THERMODYNAMICS In thermodynamics the energy
    transformation is efficient and the energy is

Importance of Biology
  • It is revealed by biology that carbon dioxide
    which is exhaled by the animals and human beings
    is useless. It hardly plays an important role.
  • Biology also declares the other aspects which
    are beneficial and which support the life of
    animals and human beings. For example oxygen.
  • Science likewise considers the conduct of
    plants and how we get profits by them. For
    instance plants have been to a great extent
    utilized in the field of prescriptions, cover,
    air purging and so on. They are the emotionally
    supportive network of our lives.

Importance of Biology
  • Science has instructed us to exploit the nature
    that is available surrounding us and not to
    pulverize it so our future ages can't exist.
  • It is through studying biology that we get to
    know about the diversity of organisms on earth.
    About 122, 50,000 species of living organisms are
    known to us.
  • Biology is a subject which not only
    identifies our diseases but also have proper
    vaccination provided to the infected people.

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