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Snow (Student Version)


Snow without answers – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Snow (Student Version)

Vocabulary Idioms Snow and Cold

Presenter Notes
Animated snow scene


Tip To get the best results from this effect, it
is best to use a large, high-resolution picture.
The picture in the example above is 2000 pixels
wide by 750 pixels high. You will want to use
drawing guides to reproduce the animation

To display and set the drawing guides, do the

Right-click the slide background and select Grid
and Guides. In the Grid and Guides dialog box,
under Guide settings, select Display drawing
guides on screen, and then click OK. (Note One
horizontal and one vertical guide will display on
the slide at 0.00, the default position. As you
drag the guides, the cursor will display the new

Press and hold CTRL, select the vertical guide,
and then drag it right to the 5.00 position.

To reproduce the picture effects on this slide,
do the following

On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click
Layout, and then click Blank.

On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click
Picture. In the Insert Picture dialog box, select
a picture, and then click Insert.

On the slide, select the picture. Under Picture
Tools, on the Format tab, in the bottom right
corner of the Size group, click the Size and
Position dialog box launcher. In the Format
Picture dialog box, resize or crop the picture as
needed so that the height is set to 7.5 and the
width is set to 20.

To crop the picture, click Crop in the left pane,
and in the Crop pane, under Crop position, enter
values into the Height, Width, Left, and Top

To resize the picture, click Size in the left
pane, and in the Size pane, under Size and
rotate, enter values into the Height and Width

On the Home tab, in the Drawing group, click the
arrow under Arrange, point to Align, and then do
the following

Snow Ice
  • Did you know that in the Sami1 languages, there
    are almost 200 different words related to snow
    and ice?
  • How many words are there in Japanese for snow?

Presenter Notes
1 The Sami people, are indigenous people who live
in in parts of northern Finland, Norway, Sweden
and extreme northwestern Russia. They are also
called Laplanders. Today, there are only about 60
to 100,000 Sami people in the world, and only
about 20,000 speak Sami languages.

There is only one word for snow in Malay salji.

Snow Vocabulary
  • snowfall the amount of snow that falls within a
    certain time
  • snowstorm a storm with a lot of falling snow
  • blizzard a long and severe snowstorm with
    strong winds
  • whiteout heavy snow with no visibility
  • sleet a mix of snow and rain
  • wind chill cold air that makes the temperature
    feel colder than it actually is
  • black ice a slippery and invisible layer of ice
  • flurries brief (short) and light snowfall
  • cold snap / cold spell a sudden period of cold
  • frost a thin layer of ice that forms when the
    air is cold
  • hail pieces of ice that fall like rain

Snow Cold Idioms
  1. dead of winter in the middle/coldest part of
  2. break out in a cold sweat to suddenly feel
    nervous or scared
  3. give someone the cold shoulder to ignore
    someone or be unfriendly on purpose
  4. make your blood run cold something makes you
    very frightened
  5. leave someone out in the cold to exclude
    somebody from a group or an activity
  6. get cold feet to suddenly become too scared to
    do something as planned

Snow Cold Idioms
  1. go cold turkey to stop a habit all at once
  2. spine-chilling very scary
  3. blanket of snow a thick layer of snow
  4. (walking/skating/treading) on thin ice in a
    dangerous or risky situation
  5. break the ice to do or say something to help
    people relax and start talking
  6. have a snowballs chance in hell no chance of
    something happening

  • go cold _________
  • give someone the cold __________
  • have a ___________s chance in _______
  • _________ the ice
  • no chance of something happening
  • to make people feel comfortable so they start
  • to stop a habit all at once
  • to be unfriendly or ignore someone

The End