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An Interesting Overview of Silver Jewellery


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Title: An Interesting Overview of Silver Jewellery

An Interesting Overview of Silver Jewellery
  • Many times throughout history, people have
    valued silver more highly than gold. Long used as
    an exchange medium as well as for jewelry, silver
    has also found many new uses. Today, these
    include photography, batteries, auto glass
    defogger, and magnetic strips, just to name a
  • Several factors make silver one of the most
    popular jewelry metals. Its luster ranks as its
    most outstanding visual feature. Silver is also
    more abundant and much less expensive than gold
    or platinum. However, because silver conducts
    heat so well, its more difficult to work than

Drawbacks of Noble Metal
  • This noble metal does have some drawbacks,
    though. Most notably, silver tarnishes. The term
    tarnish denotes a layer of corrosion that forms
    over some metals, including silver, when they
    undergo chemical reactions. The chemical reaction
    that causes silver to tarnish requires a compound
    called hydrogen sulfide. Since this compound can
    occur in our air, silver items left out exposed
    will tend to tarnish over time.

Silver Alloys
  • similar to gold, pure silver is soft and easily
    damaged. Therefore, jewelry makers often alloy
    silver with harder metals to improve its
    durability. With silver alloys, they can make
    beautiful, strong pieces suitable for daily wear.

Sterling Silver
The commonly used silver alloy is sterling
silver. Sterling silver is made of 92.5 silver.
One or more metals comprise the other 7.5.
Often, copper makes up a substantial portion of
that 7.5, because it increases the alloys
Mexican Silver
  • The term Mexican silver refers to the silver
    used as currency in Mexico, typically comprised
    of 95 silver and 5 copper. This alloy sees more
    use as a currency than in jewelry. Even silver
    jewelry made in Mexico is more commonly crafted
    from sterling silver.

Coin Silver
In the United States, coin silver contains 90
silver and 10 copper. You dont usually see coin
silver used in jewelry.
Britannia Silver
  • Britannia silver contains a minimum of 95.84
    silver, making it a more valuable alloy than
    sterling. This alloy does, rarely, see some
    jewelry use.

Other Silver Alloys
Youll find a variety of silver alloys used
worldwide. For example, a South American alloy,
made of 80 silver, doesnt tarnish.
Silver Jewellery Use
  • Jewellery makers stamp silver pieces with a code
    for the alloy used. For example, 925 indicates
    sterling silver 958 indicates Britannia silver,
    etc. When shopping for silver jewelry, inspect
    the piece carefully for this code.

  • Storing silver items in protective pouches or
    containers will reduce the amount of tarnish.
    This means youll spend less time removing
    tarnish from your silver jewellery. Yes, silver
    does require more care than some other precious
    jewelry metals.
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