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Everything you Need to Know Before Choosing an Office Space


Choosing the perfect office space is important to your business & that isn’t something that immediately comes naturally to most people. Here are some tips on how to choose an office space. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Everything you Need to Know Before Choosing an Office Space

Everything you Need to Know Before Choosing an
Office Space
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How to Choose an Office Space What You Need to
  • Whether youre a solopreneur or the leader of a
    growing team, finding the right office space is
    key to staying productive. It might also seem
    intimidating if youve never had to look for an
    office before. Knowing how to choose the right
    office isnt something that immediately comes
    naturally to most people.
  • Luckily, this process can be much simpler than
    you assume. You just need to keep the following
    essential points in mind.

  • Tips for Choosing the Right Office Space
  • Everyones needs are different. An office thats
    ideal for one person may not be right for you.
    That said, there is some general advice that
    applies to anyone seeking the right working
    environment. These tips in particular will help
    you better understand how to pick the right
    office space for your needs.
  • Determine What Your Needs Actually Are
  • Renting office space can be a necessary business
    investment. However, its important not to spend
    more money than you have to. Theres no point in
    choosing a spacious open-office loft if you only
    have three team members.
  • Thats why its a good idea to consider
    alternatives to traditional office settings.
    After all, surveys indicate remote work is on the
    rise. Gone are the days when you need to report
    to a physical office to complete most tasks.
    Thanks to technology, its often possible for you
    and your employees to work from home (or anywhere
    else you prefer).

  • Determine What Your Needs Actually Are
  • This can save you a lot of money in the long run.
    Depending on your location, the average annual
    cost of office space can be as much as 14,800
    per employee. That money could probably be better
    spent elsewhere.
  • Ask yourself why you really need an office in the
    first place. Maybe you dont actually need the
    space itself, but would like to have some of the
    amenities and features traditional work
    environments provide. These can include a
    corporate address, receptionist, mail handling,
    and more.
  • You can still get these features without renting
    an actual physical office. A virtual office
    provides the amenities you need without the
    physical space, making it much more affordable
    than other options. Remember this when
    considering your goals.

  • Create a Checklist for Choosing an Office Space
  • Its much easier to select an office when you
    have a checklist of all the factors that will
    contribute to your decision. A basic checklist
    would include
  • Your budget
  • Features and amenities you need
  • How far youre willing to travel
  • How many team members you have
  • How many team members you expect to have as your
    business grows
  • How far you expect your team members to
    reasonably travel

Its important to compare all your options to the
items on your checklist before choosing one. That
said, many of these factors simply dont apply
when you have a virtual office. You obviously
dont need to account for the number of people on
your team, since they wont all share the same
physical space. You also dont have to worry
about anyones commute. Youll all be
telecommuting, working from wherever you like as
long as you have access to important tools and
resources. This definitely simplifies the process.
  • Dont Forget About Parking!

This may seem obvious, but its something
business owners tend to overlook when looking for
office space. They believe an accessible office
is one thats easy to reach. The problem is, once
your employees actually get to the office, they
still need to have somewhere to park. An office
isnt truly accessible if the parking lot cant
accommodate your team. Once more, this is the
type of problem you dont need to concern
yourself with if you have one of our virtual
offices. When learning how to choose an office
space, remember that you dont have to restrict
yourself to traditional options. We can provide
you with the features and amenities you need for
a fraction of what you would spend renting a
physical space. Visit us online to learn more.
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