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Top Outdoor Advertising Agencies in India


Outdoor ads are the best way to advertise your business with ease and efficiency. In order to run a successful campaign, hire Adinn, one among the top outdoor advertising agencies in India. We will help you advertise your brand through many techniques such as billboards, roadshows and transit advertising, – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Outdoor Advertising Agencies in India

Outdoor Advertising
  1. Definition.
  2. Facts.
  3. Types of outdoor advertising.
  4. Other Forms.
  5. Importance of outdoor advertising.
  6. Benefits.
  7. Conclusion.

  • Out door Advertising also
    known as out-of-home advertising, is advertising
    that reaches consumers when they are outside
    their homes.

  • The Outdoor
    Advertising Association of America says thats
    where consumers spend 70 percent of their time.
  • Outdoor advertising has a lower cost
    per thousand than any other type 
  •     of advertising. Outdoor ads cost 80 less
    than television, cable television, or a newspaper
    ads, and 50 less than radio ads.

Types of Outdoor Advertising
  • The most commonly known type of
    outdoor advertising is the billboard. Common
    forms of outdoor advertising today fall into
    three categories
  •  Billboard Advertising
  • Street Furniture
  •  Transit

1 . Billboard Advertising
  • Billboards are
    placed next to high-traffic highways as well as
    along less-travelled roads in non-urban areas.
    Drivers see them almost anywhere because they are
    an efficient and cost-effective means of
    communicating information that is geographically
    important the location of the closest chain
    fast food restaurant on the route, the nearest
    motel, or campgrounds at the next exit.

2. Street Furniture
  • A bit of a misnomer,
    street furniture applies not just to bus or
    park benches but also to bus shelters, news
    racks, and telephone kiosks, among others.   

  • Advertisements in
    buses, taxis, along airport walkways, and wrapped
    around vehicles, trains and in other mode of

Other Forms of Outdoor Advertising
  • 1. Advertising
    seems to follow consumers wherever they go in
    supermarket shopping carts, in sports arenas, and
    in health clubs. They can be high-tech think
    digital or low tech think personal-computer
    generated mini-posters offering dog-walking
    services pinned to a coffee shop
  • bulletin board.

  • 2. Also
    known as digital signage, digital outdoor
    advertising is a specific type that uses
    electronic technology to change whats displayed
    on a screen. Digital billboards feature messages
    from a handful of advertisers that rotate every
    six to eight seconds. Other digital signs might
    be free-standing on a urban sidewalk or courtside
    at a college basketball
  • game.

Importance of Outdoor Advertising
  •   Outdoor advertising can deliver
    a relevant message to the mass/targeted audience
    with ease and efficiency. This advertising medium
    offers consistency as well as stability when it
    comes to delivering brand awareness. It is able
    to provide more clarity regarding the focus of
    the brand.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising
  • Outdoor advertising can
    deliver a relevant message to the mass/targeted
    audience with ease and efficiency
  • This advertising medium
    offers consistency as well as stability when it
    comes to delivering brand awareness
  • It is able to provide more
    clarity regarding the focus of the brand
  • With the help of outdoor
    advertising, you will be able to strategically
    place the brand message
  • One of the biggest
    advantages of outdoor advertising is that the
    cost on a CPM basis is low.

  • There are different
    types of promotional displays that you can offer
    to the audience. There are in excess of 40 types
    of outdoor advertising mediums but the most
    commonly used include billboards, hoardings,
    posters, bus signs, airport ads, building wraps,
    mall posters, stadium signs, bench advertising,
    transit shelters, and much more.
  • There are plenty of
    options in the type of billboard you choose. You
    can have a simple printed advertisement in a
    variety of colours or a brighter and illuminated
    3D rendition of the advertisement, which will
    glow in the night. You can also look at the new
    age building wraps, which are massive attention

  • Outdoor
    advertising agencies in India provide a larger
    field of interest towards companies aiming to top
    the market. The agencies help the company to
    reach the maximum number of people as possible
    with outdoor advertising.
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