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Port Blair is an alluring destination for tourists as it includes a host of attractive locales. There are shimmering but clean beaches, beaches that defy the ferocity of sea and let tourists swim leisurely, relics of colonial power and oppression, a number of must-go museums, libraries, coral reefs and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • There is a place in India where you can enjoy the
    ensemble of azure sky, an infinite expanse of
    blue water, green landscape peppered with coconut
    trees, coral reefs and excellent beaches meant
    for some leisurely swimming in the lap of nature.
    This is Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and
    Nicobar Islands, located off the mainland of
    India. It is endowed with a bouquet of natural
    assets that have been enchanting visitors since
    long. There are plenty of places to see in Port

12 Best Places To Visit In Port Blair
  • Cellular Jail
  • Ross Island
  • Corbyn Cove Beach
  • Chidiya Tapu
  • Munda Pahar Beach
  • Wandoor Beach

12 Best Places To Visit In Port Blair
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Mount Harriet
  • North Bay Island
  • Aberdeen Bazar
  • Samudrika Museum
  • Anthropological Museum

1.Cellular Jail
  • The Cellular Jail, also known as Kaala Paani is
    very popular among all the places to see in Port
    Blair. This is the jail where freedom fighters
    during Indias struggle for freedom used to be
    imprisoned by the British. Take a guided tour
    along the creepy alleys and corridors of this
    scary place and get to know more about the
    tyrannical treatment that the British used to
    mete out to the freedom fighters. The cellular
    jail is standing as mute testimony to the
    selfless sacrifice of scores of Indian Freedom
    Fighters who fought a relentless battle to free
    their motherland from the clutches of the British
    rule. The key attractions of this historical
    relic include the oil mills where the prisoners
    were made to work, the Netaji Gallery, the
    gallows, and a library containing books on the
    Freedom Movement.

2. Ross Island
2. Ross Island
  • Ross Island is among the most famous places to
    see in Port Blair. This island used to be the
    capital of the British. You would come across
    British vestiges here that include a bakery and
    an old church. Other key attractions of this
    island include the splendid Ferrar Beach, deers,
    a museum, and Japanese bunkers built during the
    Japanese occupation of this island during the
    Second World War.
  • To travel to this place you need to take a ferry
    from Aberdeen jetty. You can get the ferries from
    830 in the morning till 1230 in the afternoon
    with a gap of one hour after each departure. The
    last ferry is available at 230 pm. It costs INR
    75 per person to travel by the ferries.

3. Corbyn Cove Beach
3. Corbyn Cove Beach
  • It is a tranquil and beautiful beach just 8
    kilometres away from Port Blair. Corbyn Cove
    Beach is one of the places to enjoy in Port
    Blair. While the enchanting blue water is
    ubiquitous in Andaman, the green canopy of the
    coconut trees, the serene beach and a number of
    water sports make this beach a paradise for
    tourists. Among the water sports that you can
    enjoy here are surfing, scuba diving, boating,
    etc. You can also indulge in some great swimming
    and sunbathing here. From here tourists also
    visit the Snake Island, which is infamous for its
    venomous snakes.

4. Chidiya Tapu
4. Chidiya Tapu
  • It is an island located just 17 kilometres from
    Port Blair and is famous for bird watching,
    sightseeing, and photography. It will take about
    45 minutes by car to reach this place. It is one
    of the top tourist attractions in Andaman
    especially for those who love to watch birds. The
    island is encircled by dense mangrove forest and
    plays host to a number of different species of
    birds from different countries of the world.
  • Besides bird watching and enjoying the enchanting
    natural vibe, you can get a grand view of the
    sunset from here. If you are keen to watch birds,
    you need to visit this place during the morning
    hours since it is at this time that you can find
    the birds active. The cacophony of different
    species of birds imparts an altogether different
    vibe to this place. However, if you want to enjoy
    the sunset, you need to stay put till around 400

5. Munda Pahar Beach
5. Munda Pahar Beach
  • Munda Pahar Beach is one of the most popular
    tourist attractions in Port Blair and trekking to
    this place is one of the least arduous and
    enjoyable treks that you may have had. The place
    is around 2-3 kilometres away from Chidiya Tapu
    and about 25 kilometres from Port Blair. It will
    take about half an hour to reach the place by
    car. The crystal clear water and the tranquil sea
    impart a unique character to this beach. You will
    love strolling along the shore and relaxing on
    the soft sand. It is also a good place to enjoy
    swimming around the beach. No worries patrolling
    boats are always around to ensure your safety.

6. Wandoor Beach
6. Wandoor Beach
  • Located at a distance of about 25 kilometres from
    Port Blair, the Wandoor Beach is a small and
    sandy beach near the Mahatma Gandhi Marine
    National Park. It is one of those beaches where
    the mighty sea seems to have lost its ferocity
    and decided to let visitors enjoy the tranquil
    side of it. It is one of the most popular places
    to see in Port Blair.
  • The crystal clear water, the nonchalant sea
    without waves, and the colourful corals are the
    highlights of this beach. It is ideal for
    swimming, and there is ample arrangement for
    changing clothes before and after swimming.
    People visit this place mainly for relaxing their
    mind and body and experience the other aspect of
    the sea the relaxing and soothing aspect.

7. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • When you are in Port Blair, you must visit this
    park. This is a marine park by the side of
    Wandoor Beach at a distance of about 18
    kilometres from Port Blair. It will take about
    half an hour from Port Blair to reach this place.
    Here you can get a glimpse into the marine life
    of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the
    must-visit tourist attractions of Port Blair. The
    park has large number of flora and fauna. All the
    flora and fauna have been maintained under
    special climatic conditions.
  • You would come across saltwater crocodiles,
    starfishes, turtles, etc. There is also a coral
    reef where you can spot a variety of exotic birds
    such as herons, White-Bellied Sea Eagle,
    parakeets, etc. You can also engage in some
    adventure sports such as snorkelling, scuba
    diving, riding on glass bottom boats, etc.

8. Mount Harriet
8. Mount Harriet
  • If you are an avid birdwatcher, then the Mount
    Harriet Tour can be close to your heart. It is
    situated at the Mount Harriet National Park at a
    distance of about 42.5 kilometres from Port
    Blair. The park is surrounded by a veritable
    collection of 393 plant species. It is home to an
    astounding 90 different species of mammals and
    birds. You may also come across some unique
    varieties of reptiles, moths, marine turtles,
    elephants, etc. Looking at the setting sun from
    the park is an attraction that few tourists want
    to miss. Overall, it is enjoyable and relaxing to
    visit and wander about this park. The park is
    open from 700 in the morning to 500 in the

9. North Bay Island
9. North Bay Island
  • The underwater sea walk at North Bay Island is an
    amazing experience that no visitor worth his salt
    would want to miss. It is among the few
    compelling places to see in Port Blair and a very
    popular destination for tourists. To go to this
    place you either need to charter a boat from
    Andaman Water Sports Complex or Junglighat jetty.
    The place of boarding is not fixed and you need
    to ascertain this fact before departure.
  • The alluring coral reefs, the old lighthouse and
    an array of water sports like scuba diving, sea
    walking, snorkelling, etc. make this island a
    famous tourist place. However, it is the
    opportunity to sea walk that makes it a distinct
    island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
    Experiencing diverse marine life while walking on
    the sea floor is an amazing experience. You can
    spot various types of fishes, coral reefs,
    lobsters, and a lot more. The sea here has a
    maximum depth of 25-feet.

10. Aberdeen Bazar
  • If shopping is in your list of things to do and
    you are an expert in bargaining, the Aberdeen
    Bazar is a must go in your list of places to see
    in Port Blair. This is the main market of Port
    Blair. There are a number of roadside stalls and
    government emporiums in this market selling a
    variety of different wares. Though you cannot
    call it a shoppers paradise, you can get
    artefacts made of wood, fabrics, T-shirts,
    jewellery, etc. here.
  • There is also a good restaurant here known as
    Lighthouse Residency where you can have a
    sumptuous meal after your shopping itinerary is
    over. You can get stuff like authentic pearl
    jewellery, coconut lampshades, bangles, home
    decor accessories made from shells, paper mache
    tribal masks, etc. from the Government Emporium.

11. Samudrika Museum
11. Samudrika Museum
  • The marine museum at Delanipur in Port Blair is
    among the most popular places to see in Port
    Blair for the curious ones. It has a rich
    repository of various marine flora and fauna
    including those found at the deepest parts of the
    sea. It takes about half a day to have a complete
    tour of the museum as it houses a variety of
    collections of corals, shells, and fishes found
    in the Andaman Islands.
  • There is also the skeleton of a blue whale, which
    draws a huge number of tourists. The museum is
    open from 900 to 1200 during the morning and
    from 200 to 500 in the evening daily except on
    Mondays as well as holidays. There is also a
    small gift shop in the museum premises where you
    can buy a memento.

12. Anthropological Museum
  • Visitors to Port Blair have a preconceived notion
    about the tribes that inhabit different islands
    of the archipelago such as the Jarowas and the
    Sentinelis. To quench their curiosity for
    anthropological diversity of the archipelago, the
    government has established an Anthropological
    Museum in Port Blair. It is among the most
    compelling places to see in Port Blair. It is
    here that you get to know about the four Negrito
    tribes that inhabit the Andaman Islands the
    Jarawas, Great Andamanese, Sentinelese, and
  • There are also two Mongoloid tribes in the
    Nicobar Islands, known as Shompens and
    Nicobarese. Since your tour of Andaman may not
    cover all the areas, and it is not likely that
    you would come across all the tribes, you can
    have a fair idea about all the tribes under one
    roof at this Anthropological Museum. It is open
    from 900 am to 100 pm and opens again from 130
    pm to 430 pm daily except Mondays and holidays.
    Here you can uncover a lot of citys tribal
    history. In fact, there is a lot to see and learn
  • Like many other destinations, people going to
    Port Blair have a preconceived notion about the
    tribal life, flora, and fauna of Port Blair. Come
    and experience in reality what this natural and
    cultural paradise has to offer. Its sun-soaked
    beaches, coral life, azure blue horizon, a
    variety of museums showcasing a variety of
    aspects of tribal life, fishes and marine life,
    the tranquil beaches, and scintillating water
    sports can transport you to a different world

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