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All You Need To Know About A Career In SQL


SQL means Structured Query Language. It is a domain-specific language which is used for communications and also manipulation of data which is stored in the RDBMS database. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: All You Need To Know About A Career In SQL

All You Need To Know About A Career In SQL
SQL is Never Less
  • What is SQL Server?
  • Role of the Database Administrator
  • How to become a SQL Consultant or a DBA?
  • Skills Required
  • Importance of Training and Certifications

What is SQL Server?
It is software which is run on the Windows Server
and allows its users to both stores and fetch
data in a database using the TSQL language. It is
rare that end users have to directly interact
with SQL Server, but they can only access data in
the form of reports, web pages, and some other
applications. The Database Administrators make
use of the SQL Server Management Studio for
looking after the software.
Role of the Database Administrator
How to become a SQL Consultant or a DBA?
The most difficult aspect of becoming a DBA is
getting the first employment opportunity as there
are hardly any businesses who will want to hire a
fresher with no previous work experience and give
access to the most prized possession of a
business-its data.
Skills Required
DBA For A Beginner
Training Error
  • Installation of SQL Server and application of the
    latest service pack in addition to setting up
    jobs and email notifications.
  • Creation and management of users, logins, and
    other roles at the database level.
  • Should have thorough knowledge about GRANT,
    REVOKE and DENY.
  • Creation and modification of tables, views,
    functions, etc.

Importance of Training and Certifications
  • It is not necessary that you have to take
    training for the above as many successful DBAs
    have taken up skills by themselves reading from
    books or online videos at their own pace and
  • If this is not your cup of tea and you need to be
    coached, then you may prefer short courses which
    focus on SQL Server administration.
  • It is quite obvious that you will not be able to
    become a master in 5 days, but the course will
    put you on the right track as it will act as a
    first step in the learning curve.
  • If you are already employed the high course fee
    is shared by the employers.

Estimating Error Rates IV
  • Works well with small data sets
  • Samples the given training tuples uniformly with
  • i.e., each time a tuple is selected, it is
    equally likely to be selected again and re-added
    to the training set

Several boostrap methods, and a common one is
.632 boostrap
  • Suppose we are given a data set of d tuples. The
    data set is sampled d times, with replacement,
    resulting in a training set of d samples. The
    data tuples that did not make it into the
    training set end up forming the test set. About
    63.2 of the original data will end up in the
    bootstrap, and the remaining 36.8 will form the
    test set (since (1 1/d)d e-1 0.368)
  • Repeat the sampling procedue k times, overall
    accuracy of the model

There is a lot of scope for a career in SQL as it
finds use in multiple domains. You have to
acquire suitable skills and certifications to be
able to enter the job market. As most
organizations hire only one DBA, so the choice is
a vital one for them. It is a known trend that
mostly such vacancies are filled from the
existing staff members who were working on
different roles but have acquired the DBA skills
along with their career.
Thank you
Happy learning
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