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Best cataract surgery in pune


ASG Eye Hospital provides best cataract surgery in pune. Cataract surgery cost in pune. For More information call ASG Eye Hospital: 020-29806221/22 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best cataract surgery in pune

Welcome to ASG Eye Hospital
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About Us
  • The main objective of setting up the ASG Group of
    Eye Hospitals was to provide everyone with the
    world's best ophthalmic facilities and remedies
    cutting across the economical, social and
    knowledge disparities, and for this reason, to
    create an organization of experienced doctors
    whose knowledge and experience are better than
    the best.The ASG group has 27 branches in 13
    states and 23 cities. These include Rajasthan,
    Gujarat, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar
    Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Jammu
    Kashmir, Odisha, Bihar and Maharashtra.
  • ASG Eye Hospital is one of the leading Best Eye
    Hospitals in Pune, which has the most advanced
    sophisticated diagnostic, investigative and
    treatment modalities all under one roof.With a
    dedicated team of best (cataract LASIK, retina,
    squint, cornea, glaucoma oculoplasty) eye
    specialists in Pune, this eye hospital offers
    the best cataract surgery LASIK surgery and is
    considered the best hospital for laser eye
    surgery in Pune).The patients can enjoy hassle
    free services with massive list of empanelment
    options for a cashless benefit.

Cataract Surgery
  • ASG Eye Hospital is one of the best
    Best Eye Hospitals in Pune, this eye hospital
    offers the best cataract surgery in pune at best
    cost. With the best team of eye surgeons we have
    conducted numbers successful surgeries across all
    age groups providing best cataract surgery in
    Pune an affordable cost. which has the most
    advanced sophisticated diagnostic,
    investigative and treatment modalities all under
    one roof.
  • A cataract is clouding or opacity of the lens
    leading to blurry vision, glares, or halos around
    light. Most forms of cataract develop in adult
    life. The normal process of aged causes the lens
    to harden and become cloudy. This is called
    age-related cataract. It can occur at any time
    past the age of 40. Although most cataracts are
    age connected, there are other types, including
    congenital (present at birth), drug induced
    (steroids), and traumatic (injury to the eye).
    Cataract is also more common in citizens who have
    certain disease such as diabetes. Cataract
    Surgery is the only available treatment for
    cataract only Asg eye hospital in Pune and is
    very effective, straight-forward and quick for
    the vast majority of patients. We advise patients
    to have surgery when their cataract progress to
    the spot that it is interfering with daily
    activities or lifestyle but it is usually safe
    to delay surgery if you do not feel that you have
    a difficulty with your vision or do not wish to
    have surgery.

 Benefits of Cataract Surgery
  •  Improved sight and colour vision
  •  Improved clarity of vision
  •  Increased independence
  •  Improved quality of life
  •  Reduced dependence on corrective eyewear

Contact Us
  • AddressASG Eye Hospital
  • Plot No. 557 / 1, 2 3,
  • Fergusson College Rd,
  • Bhamburda, Shivajinagar,
  • Pune, Maharashtra 411005
  • Phone
  • 020-29806221/22TIMING 9 AM - 8 PM
  • Email

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