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How To Effectively Use Bare Copper Wire Jumpers


Bare Copper Wire Jumpers are the best electrical conductors and give more power as compared to other metal jumpers. They are being popular in the electrical industry because of its good conductivity, flexibility, heat resistance and toughness. They can also withstand high vibrations in heavy electrical machinery. Visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Effectively Use Bare Copper Wire Jumpers

Bare Copper Wire Connectors Best Ways To Use
Copper is a good conductor of electricity, as a
result electric fittings and cables are always
made from copper. Since copper wires possess more
advantage over other wires, they are used in all
sorts of electric fittings. One of the most
frequent types of copper wire is bare copper wire
which is used for grounding. Also known as
grounding wire, bare copper wire is not protected
from any type of covering which is why it got the
name. Bare copper wire connectors are made by
stranding/bunching of multiple numbers of wires
together in variety of shapes and models
according to customers demand.
As we mentioned, copper wires are better than
other wire for conducting electricity, here are
some of the properties of copper wire that make
it the best choice
1. Resistance To Heat
Besides being the second good conductor of
electricity after silver, bare copper wire
connectors are very good heat resistant. When a
large amount of electricity is passed through the
connector, heat increased in the copper wire is
fairly low as compared to other wire. This helps
bare copper wires to perform more efficiently
than other wire. Also, copper wire being much
easier to handle make it a first choice for large
2. Malleability
If copper didnt have malleable property, it
would have been impossible to form bare copper
wire connectors into various shapes and sizes.
Because of the extraordinary property of copper
wire, it can be shaped or pressed without
cracking or breaking.
3. Ductility
Copper wires are ductile in nature which means
they can be drawn out into a thin wire without
losing its toughness. Its amazing that copper
wire can be thinner than a strand of human hair,
therefore multiple wires can be brunched/stranded
together to form the specific type of Bare Copper
Wire Connector to meet customers requirement.
4. Corrosion Resistant
Corrosion means the breakdown of materials due to
chemical reactions. When a metal corrodes, it
loses its physical properties. However, in case
of copper wire connectors there are no such
issues since copper wires are corrosion
resistant. Bare copper wire connectors can
perform for a long period of time without any
sign of physical changes. Moreover, these
connectors are simple to use and handle as well.
5. Energy Adequate
Since Copper is a good conductor of electricity,
the resistance of a length of copper wire is
fairly low. Hence, due to low resistance, energy
loss in the copper wire connector is very low as
compared to other wire. Thus, connectors made
from bare copper wire are widely used in the
manufacturing procedures to get the optimum
Connectors are important to run any electric
equipment smoothly since they complete the
electric circuit. In big manufacturing companies,
its impossible to change the connectors on daily
basis or even in few days. In such situation,
bare copper wire connector is the best option
which has high heat resistance, corrosion
resistance and also easy to handle and use. If
you are looking at buying these, you can visit
Ganpati Engineering to choose from the best of
bare copper wire connectors in the market.
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