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waterless car wash kit


Shiny Kings- this product has been developed by the expert engineers from the USA and Germany. Waterless car wash kit use and clean your car within 10 minutes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: waterless car wash kit

Shiny Kings
  • - Waterless Car Wash Cleaner
  • - Waterless Motorcycle Wash Cleaner
  • - Cleaning Towel

How to Restore the Shine of Your Car?
  • Want to make your car look best? Well, you need
    to start chasing for the products that work
    appropriately for your car and can make you feel
    good. Even though car grooming products are on a
    high, there are many people who shy away from
    following the routine. Here are five grooming
    habits that every car owner should n adopt if
    he/she wants to give the car a new look.

Paint the Car -
  • Traditionally, it was seen as the only method to
    restore the look of the car. But now several
    methods have evolved to give it a shiny
    appearance. For example, you can use the product
    of water and shine 66 by Shiny Kings- this
    product has been developed by the expert
    engineers from the USA and Germany. This
    formulation has chemicals that which can remove
    dirt, grid, bird droppings from any painted
    surface like chrome, plastic, rims, wheels and
    glass. Apart from that, there are other products
    that can give your car or motor bike an ultra-
    shine effect.

Why the paint gets damaged?
  • There are various reasons that contribute to
    paint damage and one among them is harsh sun rays
    that can play havoc to the lustrous paint job
    done (it does more harm than you can think of).
    Whenever you leave the car under the blazing sun,
    your car paint undergoes with an adverse chemical
    reaction. The other factor that may deteriorate
    the look of the car is environmental pollutants,
    exposure to dirt and other factors. Over the
    time, the paint fades away without proper
    maintenance. Eventually, it moves on to an
    advanced stage of damage called oxidation wherein
    the ugly patches start to appear on the exterior
    surface of the car, making us to believe that it
    has been caught by termite. If you are really
    serious about maintaining your car or you dont
    want to end up your car looking grubby and
    chipped, then you should follow below-mentioned
  • Another sound idea is to clean your car at
    regular intervals with the help of Water and
    Shine Motorcycle cleaner and Bike wash. This kit
    comes along with microfiber cloth that is perfect
    for cleaning and shining results.

Remove the Surface Contaminants -
  • Washing is a traditional step to add a new look
    to the vehicle, but over the time the people have
    realized that though it is an initial mandatory
    step to maintain the car in a good condition, but
    simple washing is not enough. There are various
    liquids available in the market that keeps air
    pollutants, bugs, particles at a distance. Some
    of these contaminants are not visible to the
    naked eye but they are present and interfere with
    the cleaning process. These contaminants get
    bonded with the car surface and are difficult to
  • Shiny Kings waterless Car Wash this product keeps
    the car clean, protects the shine and is apt for
    cars, SUVs, trucks and RV. All you need to do is
    to spray it and remove the dirt with a soiled
    cloth. In case, your car is extremely dirty, it
    is advised to do a preliminary cleaning

Repair the Scratches -
  • As told in the earlier article if you want to
    create a new look it is important that you should
    inspect for the scratches. If its a minor
    scratch you can paint it at home with the help of
    rubbing compound that is available at the shop of
    shiny kings.

Give your car a glossy look -
  • In order to give your car a glossy look, you need
    to get rid of those tiny scratches and marks, and
    you can do that by applying high quality
    waterless car wash. There is various kind of
    polishes available in the market popular among
    them are wash and shine by Shiny Kings. Consider
    buying dual action polisher as it helps you to
    produce better results and is more handy and
    convenient to apply.
  • In total, we can conclude that if you want to add
    sheen to your car or motor bike, condemn
    traditional methods of cleaning, and opt for the
    Shiny King products (car polish, car detailing,
    car wash, clean and shine, motorcycle cleaner, to
    name a few). These products are available at
    cost-effective rates and will give your vehicle
    an ultimate look.

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