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Important rules for Outdoor Hoarding Design


Here are some important tips to make your hoarding advertising a huge success. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Important rules for Outdoor Hoarding Design

Important rules for Outdoor Hoarding Design
  • As a competition for gaining the upper-edge in
    the market, many companies are investing more
    time and money into hoarding advertising.
  • Hoarding advertising can fit into any
    transformational advertising strategy,
    transformational advertising simply means
    implanting into the mind of a user, a message or
    an image regarding a differential product
  • Such advertising medium offers consistency as
    well as stability when it comes to delivering
    brand visibility and popularity.

Here are some tips to make your hoarding
advertising successful
  • Be Bright Colorful Outdoor hoarding design
  • Go all responsive
  • Make your tagline memorable
  • Get your story straight
  • Keep is simple

Be Bright Colorful Outdoor hoarding design
  • The purpose of outdoor advertising is to have the
    upper hand in visible attraction, by doing so
    more eyes will be drawn to the advertisements on
  • Using bright colors in outdoor hoarding design is
    a specific strategy used to attract viewers.
  • For instance, successful companies such as
    Vodafone (having famous red background) use color
    vibrancy to enhance their appeal to customers.

Go all responsive
  • We usually hear this for websites or mobile apps,
    but in this context you heard it right! Keeping
    your outdoor hoarding design responsive is really
    important so that any design can be modified to
    fit on to any kind of hoarding sizes such as from
    square billboards to cantilevers and gantry which
    are rectangular.
  • Doing this will also reduce the need of relying
    on printing partners to redesign and print.

Make your tagline memorable
  • This aspect of advertising sticks out to me
    significantly when I tend to look at the Outdoor
    Hoardings in Bangalore.
  • As India is westernizing, youngsters are prone to
    western norms, particularly using trending words
    such as selfie, swag and hashtags.
  • A smart way to increase brand popularity is by
    including these words in your outdoor hoarding
    design since almost everyone active on social
    media will be keen to such terms.
  • This is must if your target segment is millenials
    and youngsters.

Get your story straight
  • Making your target customer segment realize the
    advantage of buying from you is very powerful.
  • In order to do this effectively, you can take
    advice from some hoarding design services.
  • Designing and creative advertising agency can
    ramp up the creativity of your advertising

Keep is simple
  • If the outdoor ad spaces like hoardings,
    cantilevers and gantries are on the highways or
    roads where traffic is usually moving fast, then
    the content on ad space should be readable within
    5 seconds.
  • A lot of content on billboard / hoarding simply
    turns the campaign into dead investments as no
    one cares to notice all the points and read it.
  • Remember, you only have 3 seconds to grab
    drivers attention on the road, this is where
    using thought-out marketing design strategies
    comes into play, as having a unique and
    non-cliché advertisementcan change brand
    recognition forever.

  • In a countries like India, it is important to
    maintain an elevated attentiveness throughout
    outdoor promotions like posters, banners and
    especially hoardings. When it comes to hoarding
    advertising there are many top outdoor
    advertising companies in India which makes it
    easier for the companies to reach a specific
    consumer group they sell their services and
    products to.
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