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Finance Tips By Alistair Moncrieff


Top Personal Finance Tips for the Long-Term – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Finance Tips By Alistair Moncrieff

Top Personal Finance Tips for the Long-Term
First Things First A Few Financial Basics
  • Create a Financial Calendar
  • Check Your Interest Rate
  • Track Your Net Worth

How to Budget Like a Pro
  • Set a Budget, Period
  • Consider an All-Cash Diet
  • Take a Daily Money Minute
  • Allocate at Least 20 of Your Income Toward
    Financial Priorities
  • Budget About 30 of Your Income for Lifestyle

How to Get Money Motivated
  • Draft a Financial Vision Board
  • Set Specific Financial Goals
  • Adopt a Spending Mantra
  • Love Yourself
  • Make Bite-Size Money Goals
  • Banish Toxic Money Thoughts
  • Get Your Financesand Bodyin Shape
  • Learn How to Savor
  • Get a Money Buddy

How to Amp Up Your Earning Potential
  • When Negotiating a Salary, Get the Company to
    Name Figures First
  • You Can Negotiate More Than Just Your Salary
  • Dont Assume You Dont Qualify for Unemployment
  • Make Salary Discussions at Your Current Job About
    Your Companys Needs

How to Keep Debt at Bay
  • Start With Small Debts to Help You Conquer the
    Big Ones
  • Dont Ever Cosign a Loan
  • Every Student Should Fill Out the FAFSA
  • Always Choose Federal Student Loans Over Private
  • If Youre Struggling With Federal Student Loan
    Payments, Investigate Repayment Options
  • Opt for Mortgage Payments Below 28 of Your
    Monthly Income

How to Shop Smart
  • Evaluate Purchases by Cost Per Use
  • Spend on Experiences, Not Things
  • Shop Solo
  • Spend on the Real YouNot the Imaginary You
  • Ditch the Overdraft Protection

How to Save Right for Retirement
  • Start Saving ASAP
  • Do Everything Possible Not to Cash Out Your
    Retirement Account Early
  • Give Money to Get Money
  • When You Get a Raise, Raise Your Retirement
    Savings, Too

How to Best Buildand TrackYour Credit
  • Review Your Credit Report Regularlyand Keep an
    Eye on Your Credit Score
  • Keep Your Credit Use Below 30 of Your Total
    Available Credit
  • If You Have Bad Credit, Get a Secured Credit Card
  • How to Get Properly Insured
  • Get More Life Insurance on Top of Your Companys
  • Get Renters Insurance

How to Prepare for Rainy (Financial) Days
  • Make Savings Part of Your Monthly Budget
  • Keep Your Savings Out of Your Checking Account
  • Open a Savings Account at a Different Bank Than
    Where You Have Your Checking Account
  • Direct Deposit is (Almost) Magic
  • Consider Switching to a Credit Union
  • You Can Have Too Much Savings

How to Approach Investing
  • Pay Attention to Fees
  • Rebalance Your Portfolio Once a Year

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