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Software Development Outsourcing


Software development outsourcing has proven ideal for the great success factor for several companies across the globe. Checkout this presentation why you should choose to outsource software development? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Software Development Outsourcing

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What is Software Development Outsourcing?
Software development outsourcing is considered as
a scenario, wherein an organization hires a
third-party software company to receive software
development services. Its an effective solution
for organizations to achieve their business goals
while minimizing risks and costs.
The future of software development outsourcing
  • As per the GSA report, over 70 of the companies
    will outsource more in the coming years.
  • The global outsourcing industry growth is
    predicted to grow to 409 bn by 2022.

Why outsource software development?
Software development outsourcing is a great
option for the growth of companies because of
the following reasons-
1. Trims down operating costs
  • It provides access to top-notch experts at lower
  • According to a study, an in-house developer costs
    around 2.7 times the base salary.
  • As outsourcing is similar to an on-demand
    service, you know exactly what you need to spend
    on the basis of costs/hour or a labor/day for
    each outsourced developer.
  • Outsourcing not only trims down the costs but
    reduces your workload as well.

2. Saves time and delivers faster
  • It takes less time to develop software when
    specialized people are dedicatedly working to
    develop your application.
  • A software development outsourcing company will
    provide you with the quick programming help that
    enables your organization to focus on rapid
    collaborative efforts, timely delivering and
    adaptive planning.
  • It speeds up the delivery time so that you can do
    product marketing much faster than your

3. The absence of in-house expertise
  • The lack of in-house talent is one of the key
    drivers that restrict the growth of a business,
    and outsourcing brings you the opportunity to
    fill in the gaps according to the skill set
  • Outsourcing will provide you with immediate
    access to a well-qualified workforce. You also
    get an added advantage to improve the skills and
    scalability of your team.
  • Companies like AAPNA deploys dedicated teams,
    which work as a commando unit, to seamlessly
    reduce your cost of owning IT by allowing you to
    focus on your core business. To know more please
    visit Offshore Dedicated Development Centre

4. Focus on core business activities
  • Software development outsourcing allows your team
    to remain focused on more fundamental activities.
  • If you do not have core expertise in programming,
    it makes no sense to perform this task in the
    house. This will only lead to the wastage of your
    precious time and money that can be better
    located anywhere else.
  • This time can be utilized to look upon the
    aspects that make you unique and distinguishes
    your company to stand ahead of its competitors.

5. Flexibility
  • It gives you the flexibility to hire the
    developers possessing proficiency in technologies
    you want for a particular project.
  • Unlike in-house team, you have to pay just for
    hours they work to finish certain tasks.
  • By outsourcing your needs, you save a huge amount
    of time that would be otherwise spent on
    training, hiring and recruiting employees for
    short duration projects.

To conclude
All in all, Software development outsourcing
helps you to achieve all your software
development goals by optimizing costs, accessing
specific expertise, delivering complex projects,
and the ability to begin your project quickly
with the support of talented and skilled
To know more about software development
outsourcing please visit https//www.aapnainfote
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