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What Causes Skin Pigmentation? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic


Various factors can cause skin pigmentation like over exposure to sun, speeding up of melanin buildup, and hormonal changes. But, what can you do to prevent these conditions, and how can you treat them? Learn about it here – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Causes Skin Pigmentation? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic

You put in a lot many efforts to keep your skin
looking its best by using creams and serums, by
regularly undergoing cleanup and facial sessions,
and following many other different kinds of
skincare routines. You do all of this to keep
your skin bright and glowing, and to make it
look healthy. But, should you only care for what
shows on the outside? What about the condition
of your inner health that plays a role in giving
your skin the colour and texture it has? Why
should you use artificial products to lighten up
your skin, instead of working on making your
skin look naturally beautiful?
What is it that gives your skin the colour and
texture it has? What is going on beneath your
skin? Many people in the world have some or the
other kind of skin pigmentation issue like
melasma, freckles, patchy skin, etc.
Pigmentation, in some cases, can indicate an
individuals state of health. If someone
experiences an illness, the skin colour changes.
When a woman undergoes pregnancy, her skin tone
is affected. When you have excessive unprotected
exposure to the sun, your skin is definitely
going to go dull and dark. Thus, it is very
important to consider all the factors that are
affecting your skin, rather than just going on
with your beauty routines to make the skin look
artificially radiant. Those who are working
excessively under the sun are definitely going to
see changes in their skin. Excessive exposure to
the sun can cause structural changes in the skin
that may not be seen for years together, but at
the end you will be able to see drastic changes
in your skins pigmentation. The suns rays
speed up how active your skin cells are. These
cells produce melanin, which is the pigment that
gives your skin the colour it has.
For those who have a dark skin, pigmentation
changes may take place to an extent that may
cause melasma, which is characterized by brown or
tan patches on the face. Darker skin tends to
have more melanin, which makes the individual
more susceptible to the condition of melasma.
Also, pregnant ladies may experience melasma due
to the change in hormonal levels. Post-inflammat
ory hyperpigmentation or PIH also causes changes
in pigmentation. The condition is caused by
trauma to the skin like acne and bug bites, which
results in dark spots that may remain forever,
or for a long time even after the initial
inflammation has healed. Thus, you need to take
all kinds of internal and external care to
prevent any kind of pigmentation from affecting
your skin. You may take up steps like avoiding
exposure to sun, using a high SPF sunscreen,
regularly washing your face to prevent oil, etc.
to prevent pigmentation changes. However, if
your skin has already been affected, there is
nothing much that you can do on your own. Then,
all you can do is approach Dr. Marwahs Clinic to
get the best treatment of laser for skin
pigmentation in Mumbai, wherein you will be
given the PicoWay treatment that can bring to you
a rejuvenated and clear skin in the least number
of treatment sessions with the least
discomfort. To book an appointment, visit
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