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eCommerce website design is our driving service, furnishing organizations across the nation with an expert site and shopping basket arrangement. We're set up to enable your organization to discover an answer for the necessities that best suit you. Our eCommerce sites streamline and rearrange the administration of your online business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: E commerce website designing company - FODUU

E-commerce Introduction
E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce and
caters to trading in goods and services through
the electronic medium such as internet, mobile or
any other computer network. It involves the use
of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in making
commerce between consumers and organizations,
organization and organization or consumer and
consumer. With the growing use of internet
worldwide, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has
also increased in humungous amounts and so has
flourished e-commerce with the prolific virtual
internet bazaar inside the digital world which is
righty termed as e-malls.
ABOUT E-commerce
We now have access to almost every knick-knack of
our daily lives at competitive prices on the
No matter one is educated or illiterate, an
urbane or a countryman, in India or in U.K all
you need is an internet connection and a green
bank account. With e-commerce then, you can buy
almost anything you wish for without actually
touching the product physically and inquiring the
salesman n number of times before placing the
final order. Here is a beautiful picture
depicting how has human life evolved to adapt to
the digital world and hence trading over the
internet. As seen, from pair of shoes, dresses we
have everything on sale on the internet available
in tempting offers..!! Snapdeal.com, Amazon,
eBay, Naaptol, Myntra, etc are some of the most
popular e-commerce websites.
The process of E-commerce
  • A consumer uses web browser to connect to the
    home page of a merchants web site on the
  • The consumer browses the catalog of products
    featured on the site and selects items to
    purchase. The selected items are placed in the
    electronic equivalent of a shopping cart.
  • When the consumer is ready to complete the
    purchase of selected items, she provides a
    bill-to and ship-to address for purchase and
  • When the merchants Web server receives this
    information, it computes the total cost of the
    order-- including tax, shipping, and handling
    charges--and then displays the total to the
  • The customer can now provide payment information,
    such as a credit card number, and then submit the
  • When the credit card number is validated and the
    order is completed at the Commerce Server site,
    the merchants site displays a receipt confirming
    the customers purchase.
  • The Commerce Server site then forwards the order
    to a Processing Network for payment processing
    and fulfillment.

Low entry cost
Why use Ecommerce
Reduces transaction cost
Access to the global market , secure market
Types of E-commerce
Business to Business. It consists of largest form
of Ecommerce. This model defines that Buyer and
seller are two different entities. It is similar
to manufacturer issuing goods to the retailer or
wholesaler.E.g.-Dell deals computers and other
associated accessoriesonline but it is does not
make up all those products. So, ingovern to deal
those products, first step is to purchases
themfrom unlike businesses i.e. the producers of
those products. BUSINESS-TO-CONSUMER (B2C) It
is the model taking businesses and consumers
interaction. The basic concept of this model is
to sell the product online to the consumers. B2c
is the direct trade between the company and
consumers. It provides direct selling through
online. For example if you want to sell goods
and services to customer so that anybody can
purchase any products directly from suppliers
Business-to-employee (B2E) electronic commerce
uses an intrabusiness network which allows
companies to provide products and/or services to
their employees. Typically, companies use B2E
networks to automate employee-related corporate
processes. CONSUMER-TO-CONSUMER (C2C) There are
many sites offering free classifieds, auctions,
and forums where individuals can buy and sell
thanks to online payment systems like PayPal
where people can send and receive money online
with ease. eBays auction service is a great
example of where person-to-person transactions
take place everyday since 1995.
Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce
  • No checkout queues
  • Reduce prices
  • You can shop anywhere in the world
  • Easy access 24 hours a day
  • Wide selection to cater for all consumers
  • Potential Income
  • Easy to Showcase
  • Personalized Online
  • Easy to Retarget or Remarket to Customer
  • Able to Process a High Number of Orders
  • Can Scale Business Quickly
  • Sell Internationally


  • Unable to examine products personally
  • Not everyone is connected to the Internet
  • There is the possibility of credit card number
  • On average only 1/9th of stock is available on
    the net
  • Customers Cant Try Before They Buy
  • Ecommerce Is Highly Competitive
  • No One Can Buy During a Site Crash
  • Customers Can Be Impatient
  • Uavailability of touching off and feeling of the
  • Some times wrong or damaged product is delivered
    then the problem of returning and getting money
    back is a still difficult process.
  • You have to wait for the delivery person because
    he can come at any time doesn't matter you are
    busy or what you have to collect your item or
    should wait for some extra days.
  • Every people is not digitally literate so that
    he/she is not capable of buying the product
  • There can be lack of system security, reliability
    or standards owing to poor implementation of
  • The software development industry is still
    evolving and keeps changing rapidly.
  • There could be software/hardware compatibility
    issues, as some e-commerce software may be
    incompatible with some operating system or any
    other component.

Design and Appearance
  • Designing e-commerce website or mobile app,
    designers should definitely consider the
    following aspects
  • operational simplicity
  • strong branding
  • security of users data
  • effective use of visual elements
  • clear data presentation via menus, catalogs etc.
  • users ability to leave feedback about goods and
  • easily available general and contact information
    about the business providing goods or services
  • design that supports the offer not overshadowing

Keep it simple and cut the clutter
Organise and categorise your products to make it
easy for visitors to find what theyre looking
Research how to design great websites
After the online transaction has been finished
your client should be capable to view an order
detail and receipt
After the Purchase
Which should also be provided by mail to them
Including links in the receipt that direct the
client to a page on the site where they can track
their order is a great way to improve your
client's experience and make trust.
CMS Based Ecommerce Website
Foundation Of Design Uprising Unit (FODUU) is one
of the most affordable web design company India.
You are planning to give your business a new
direction then you are at the right place. Choose
best web design packages which complete your
requirement and fulfill your dreams in your
budget. E-commerce website design, latest
popular market trend for selling products in
competitive market. Online eCommerce platform
efficient way to covert visitors in to our
customers. We have launched latest updated
eCommerce packages at affordable price in easy
Content Management System (CMS) like wordpress,
Magento, Open Cart.
Custom E-commerce Platforms
Affordable E-commerce web designers, which makes
us different from others. Websites at low rates
were not possible without technical team support
and creative ideas. We offer best CMS custom
designed websites for your business needs. Our
packages can easily fit into your pocket and make
your idea shine.
Enterprise E-commerce Websites
Multi vendor Marketplace Websites are one of the
top trending business model. Our Professional
specialists always try to provide features
websites concatenate with latest designs and
technology. Faster and quality web design and
development company Offering cheap eCommerce
website solves only one purpose, that we want you
to follow latest market trends.
Why Choose Us?
We realize you have options, and to be honest, we
may not generally be the best fit for each
organization's necessities however we'd like to
get an opportunity to help you make that
decision Heres where we shine Adaptability
Generally safe, capacity to upscale at a short
notice, making the conveyance procedure
progressively proficient yet financially
savvy. Ability We have enlisted extraordinary
compared to other gifts in the business,
submitted towards on-time conveyance and living
up to your desires Straightforwardness Keeping
the quality intact, our fixed price models are
capable of saving cost by up to 60 and have
improved customer satisfaction by up to 100.
Change Planning We have a demonstrated
arrangement for eCommerce satisfaction advances.
Regardless of whether you are exchanging
suppliers or simply beginning, we will help deal
with your turn easily so your clients remain
glad. Virtual Team Model The VTM is a joint
effort show for mind boggling, long haul
programming ventures with a high requirement for
coordination. To adapt to the high correspondence
overhead, after are the foundations of the model
A strong base of programming designers, venture
supervisors, QA/Tester. Consideration of spry
venture the executives philosophies like Scrum or
Kanban. IT specialists from a similar time zone
and same culture. 24 / 7 Support In the event
that you have an inquiry identified with your
undertaking or you require a notice we are here
to reply consistently
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