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Kerala is an amazing state and it’s every district has its own charm which rewards travellers with a unique serenity. But if you want to enjoy nature’s bounty, beaches, endless backwaters, and sky-blue lagoons, do visit Alleppey. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Kerala is an amazing state and its every
district has its own charm which rewards
travellers with a unique serenity. But if you
want to enjoy natures bounty, beaches, endless
backwaters, and sky-blue lagoons, do visit
Alleppey. Alleppey, popularly known as Alappuzha,
is the cleanest city in India famously called
The Venice of the East. Alleppey is a splendid
natures paradise.
  • If you are a travel buff, history enthusiast or
    someone who loves art, then Alleppey is your
    answer to a relaxed and comfortable vacation in
    the South of India. Thousands of tourists flock
    to Alleppey all year round as it offers myriad
    experiences, and keep coming back for more.
  • Top 10 Places To See In Alleppey
  • Alleppey Houseboats
  • Alleppey Beach
  • Vembanad Lake
  • The Krishnapuram Palace
  • Kuttanad
  • St. Marys Forane Church
  • Shree Krishna Temple
  • Punnapra Beach
  • Karumadi
  • Marari Beach

1. Khajjiar
  • Best Time to Visit Summers, winters and during
    Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Avoid monsoon.
  • Cruising on houseboats in Alleppey is an
    excellent way to enjoy the mesmerizing natural
    beauty of this quaint little town. These are
    luxurious huts floating on water and featuring
    all the facilities Imaginable. The abode of
    luxury surrounded by backwaters along with a
    magnificent view of paddy fields and tall coconut
    trees creates a perfect ambience for relaxation.
    Enjoy exotic migratory birds flocking around the
    water and witness the local villagers at their
    daily fishing activities creating a beautiful
  • The houseboat is managed by at least 3 people a
    cook, an oarsman, and guide. Explore some
    authentic dishes made with shrimps, lobsters and
    other seafood, and also sample chicken Chettinad.
    The guide keeps you posted about important
    tourist attractions on the way, making sure you
    have a wonderful time.
  • You can hire a houseboat from Alleppey, the
    gateway to the backwaters between Kochi and
    Kollam. There are more than 500 houseboats in
    Alleppey. You can also board houseboats from
    Punnamada Lake and choose a package as per your
    budget. You can opt for customized special tours
    to cover areas of your choice.

  • For those wanting to enjoy the backwaters on a
    budget, a public ferry is the best option. A
    shikara is also a good option which is a smaller
    version of a houseboat for those who wish to go
    for a self-guided cruise over the waterways. And
    if you want to experience the true elegance of
    Alleppey with your partner, then do try canoeing
    and you will definitely feel like you are in
  • Dont forget to try the popular drink Toddy made
    from palm trees which is a slightly alcoholic.
    Houseboats are beautiful experiences for
    tourists, and are perfect for staying
    disconnected from the rest of the world and
    enjoying natures bounty.

2. Alleppey Beach
  • Best Time to Visit Morning and evening
  • Popularly known as Alappuzha Beach, it is famous
    for local getaways due to its blissful pristine
    beauty and fun-filled thrilling activities. Enjoy
    lazy strolls along the sandy shore and relax
    under the palm groves. This beach hosts many
    festivals like Sand Art and Alappuzha Beach
    Festival. A number of tourist attractions are
    present in and around this beach, and among them
    are Vijaya Beach Park and Old Lighthouse, which
    are highly fascinating.
  • Alleppey Beach is also known for one major event,
    Nehru Trophy Boat Race, held in August during
    Onam festival. The Snake Boat Race is especially
    a thrilling event to watch and participate in.
    100-120 feet long canoe-like boats move fast like
    a snake, making this event one of the most famous
    tourist attraction in Alleppey.
  • Water sports like surfing, parasailing, and
    motorboat riding are a refreshing way to explore
    this beach. Once you are done with beach
    activities, do pay a visit to an Ayurvedic and
    yoga centre and indulge in yoga and meditation.
    Also, visit the Mullakkal Street for a great
    shopping experience and hunt for different
  • Alappuzha beach is another way to explore the
    beauty of Alleppey in its most unadulterated
    form. In short, it is in itself a wonderland and
    the perfect destination to pursue for all your
    beach dreams!

3. Vembanad Lake
  • Best Time to Visit September and March
  • Vembanad Lake is the second largest in the
    country and is accessible from Kottayam,
    Kuttanad, and Kochi. Vembanad Lake is famous for
    its tranquil backwaters amidst mesmerizing
    natural surroundings. Vembanad Lake is known by
    different names in different regions of Kerala
    Kochi Lake in Kochi, the Punnamada Lake in
    Kuttanad and as Vembanad in Kottayam.
  • The lake is full of exciting possibilities, so
    enjoy yourself by sipping a hot cup of coffee in
    one of the houseboats and listening to the gentle
    lapping of the waves and chirping of birds.
  • This snake boat race festival here is an annual
    event held on the second Saturday of August, and
    is a site to witness. One can go boating or
    choose a houseboat stay to explore the islands
    lined with lush green coconut trees.
  • The lake is a Wetland of International Importance
    as defined by the Ramsar Convention. The lake
    proves to be essential as locals depend on the
    lake waters for livelihood. Vembanad Lake is the
    perfect backwater destination for one and all.
    You have to witness the pristine lake to
    experience Gods Own Country at its best.

4. The Krishnapuram Palace
  • Best Time to Visit 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM
  • The Krishnapuram Palace is a museum and one of
    the famous palaces of Kayamkulam. Built during
    the reign of a Travancore King, its well known
    for mural paintings and traditional architecture
    style. Krishnapuram Palace is designed according
    to Vastu Shastra with 16 blocks, 4 courtyards,
    and 22 rooms. Intricate woodwork tile roofing in
    gabled style showcases the uniqueness of the
    Kerala architecture.
  • The palace is situated on the top of a small hill
    and is surrounded by fountains, ponds, terrace
    garden, and lawns. Other attractions include a
    variety of flora, and a newly erected Lord
    Buddha. A major attraction of this place is
    Gajendra Moksha, a mural painting which covers
    an area of around 53 square feet and has a rich
    historical value. The palace is currently
    maintained by the Archaeological Department of

5. Kuttanad
  • Best Time to Visit October to March
  • Kuttanad is the heart of the backwaters of
    Kerala, a beautiful tropical region surrounded by
    sea and hills, and offering beautiful scenic
    views. It is one of the best places to see in
    Alleppey. Gaining popularity as one of the most
    scenic attractions, Kuttanad is also known as the
    Rice bowl of Kerala.
  • A special peculiarity of this place is its lowest
    altitude, which is around 2 meters below the main
    sea level. Take a village tour here and witness
    activities like cultivation, boat building, coir
    making, and fishing. Dont forget to indulge in a
    traditional Keralite meal.
  • Kuttanad is famous for unconventional spots and
    one of them is River Pamba which is considered to
    be holy and is called as Dakshina Ganga. Located
    away from the usual touristy crowd of Kerala, it
    is popular among the nature-loving travellers.

6. St. Marys Forane Church
  • Best Time to Visit 6 AM to 4.30 PM
  • Dedicated to Virgin Mary, It is one of the
    beautiful churches to visit in Alleppey and was
    built in 835 AD. The church is known for housing
    2500 families and is one of the major Alleppey
    tourist attractions. The church organizes two
    feasts every year St. Marys Feast, which is
    held on the third Sunday of September and the
    other is St. Sebastians Feast, which has been
    organized since 1647 AD and is known for its
    deeply rooted tradition. The statue of St.
    Sebastian is displayed for public veneration only
    during the feast festival. Fireworks and dazzling
    colours make these feasts more remarkable

7. Shree Krishna Temple
  • Best Time to Visit 700 AM to 1200 PM, 500 PM
    to 800 PM
  • Dedicated to Lord Krishna and built during 15th
    17th century AD by the local king Chembakkassery
    Pooradam, this temple is called the Dwarka of
    the South. Famous for Pal Payasam, a rice
    pudding, the deity here is called Parthasarathi
    and is carved out of black granite stone. The
    deity carries the sacred conch in the left hand
    and a whip in the right. The shrine is one of the
    oldest in the region where the main idol was
    brought from the Guruvayur temple during the
    raids of Tipu Sultan in 1789, and it remained
    here ever since.
  • An annual festival is held here in March or
    April, and draws a large crowd. You are lucky if
    your trip coincides with the ritual festival held
    every 12 years which is performed by sorcerers.
    In ancient times, human sacrifice was a part of
    the tradition but now its been replaced by a
    cock sacrifice.
  • This pilgrimage centre is filled with devotees
    throughout the year. The temple has a lovely,
    soothing ambience which will calm you down and it
    has a little pond where you can feed the fish or
    simply sit for hours.

8. Punnapra Beach
  • Best Time to Visit June to September
  • Punnapra Beach is an isolated serene getaway
    famous for its golden stretch of sand and
    pristine waters, and is blessed with nature in
    abundance. You can spend quality time here, away
    from the chaotic city life and enjoy an ayurvedic
    massage under the sky. It will help refresh your
    mind and body. Its scenic beauty never fails to
    lure tourists and it is undoubtedly one of the
    best places to see in Alleppey.

9. Karumadi
  • Best Time to Visit 6 AM to 5 PM
  • Karumadi is a Buddhist pilgrim centre dating back
    to the 11th century. Here, you will find a Buddha
    statue that is made of solid black granite. What
    makes this statue even more alluring is the fact
    that a side of the Buddha Statue is missing.
    There are several theories and fascinating
    legends associated with a missing hand. It is
    widely believed that this statue of Buddha has a
    number of magical or mystical powers which can
    cure any illness.
  • The entire site is under the protection of the
    State Archaeology Department and is among the top
    places to see in Alleppey.

10. Marari Beach
  • Best Time to Visit September to May
  • The Marari village by the sea is one of the best
    places to visit in Alleppey where one can learn
    about the culture and heritage of Kerala. It is
    the perfect spot for a relaxing family trip and a
    romantic stroll. This beautiful destination is
    known for glistening sands and crystal clear
    waters ideal for swimming. A number of lavish
    and budget accommodation options are available.
  • National Geographic Survey has rated this beach
    as one of the Worlds Top Five Hammock Beaches.
    Protection of nature is a strict matter of
    concern here, so travellers have to follow rules
    to keep the surroundings clean. Several dishes
    provided at the restaurants are memorable too.
    The Marari Beach provides an opportunity to
    unwind and to enjoy the bounties of nature.

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