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Shimla, the beautiful capital of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. Especially during the summer months, this marvellous location stays jam-packed with visitors – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Shimla, the beautiful capital of Himachal Pradesh
    is one of the most popular tourist destinations
    of the country. Especially during the summer
    months, this marvellous location stays jam-packed
    with visitors. There are a number of tourist
    places in Shimla that can be visited on a
    vacation. It is quite a popular destination for
    its Victorian architecture, which can be
    witnessed in a certain section of the Ridge and
    the Mall. Shimla is also known as one of the
    ideal places of interest for the honeymooners.
    The cool and pleasant climate of Shimla makes it
    a renowned summer retreat. It is nestled at an
    elevation of around twenty-two hundred meters
    above sea level. The region of Shimla is a
    beautiful hilly terrain covered with lush
    greenery all around. Although this place is
    mostly visited during the summers there are also
    a number of vacationers who prefer visiting
    Shimla in the autumn months owing to the less
    amount of crowd and the mesmerizing views.

  • Top 18 Places to visit in Shimla
  • The Ridge of Shimla
  • Kufri
  • Green Valley
  • Jakhoo Hill
  • Chail
  • Kiala Forest
  • Himalayan Bird Park
  • Christ Church
  • Viceregal Lodge
  • Summer Hills
  • Indian Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Annandale
  • Jakhoo Hill
  • The Shimla State Museum
  • Naldehra Peak
  • Kali Bari Temple
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Mall Road

1. The Ridge of Shimla
  • The Ridge of Shimla is renowned for arranging
    various governmental fairs and functions. For all
    the various festivals and celebrations the Ridge
    of Shimla is a major location. One of the major
    festivals held here is the colourful Summer
  • Location  The Ridge of Shimla is situated in
    Shimlas heart. It is located along the popular
    Mall Road which is the main shopping centre in
    Shimla. Therefore you would not require to invest
    much time to reach the destination. 
  • Highlights  The Ridge is the main hub of all the
    various festivals and cultural activities of
    Shimla. Some of the major Shimla sightseeing
    places including the Lakkar Bazaar, Jakhoo hill,
    Scandal Point etc. are situated in the close
    vicinity of the Ridge of Shimla. 
  • Best time to Visit The Ridge of Shimla  Although
    the Ridge of Shimla is open all throughout the
    year, it is mainly visited by most of the
    tourists during the summer months. Therefore, you
    can plan your trip to Shimla during the month of
    April or May in case you wish to witness the
    amazing Summer Festival. 

2. Kufri
  • Kufri is a well-known destination for its amazing
    surroundings and mesmerizing views. Kufri is also
    popular by the name of the Switzerland of the
    East amongst the travel enthusiasts. The
    beautiful Kufri Hill is for sure to bring a smile
    on your face. Kufri features a number of
    adventure things to do in Shimla including hiking
    and skiing. You would enjoy these activities to
    the core while in Shimla. The major attraction of
    Kufri is the snow-laden hills where the skiing
    activity is carried out by the enthusiasts. 
  • Location Kufri is situated at a distance of
    nineteen kilometres from the centre of Shimla and
    one can easily reach it. The best way to reach
    Kufri is by taking the road to Kufri as it is
    situated quite close to the National Highway
  • Best Time to Visit Kufri  The best time to
    explore Kufri is during the winter months. The
    winter months ranges from November to February.
    During these months you can easily enjoy skiing.
    Additionally, for the ones who are not interested
    in adventure sports like skiing then you can plan
    your trip during the months ranging from April to

3. Green Valley
  • The Green Valley is another famous attraction of
    Shimla that is also a renowned photography point.
    Green Valley also brings forward endless beauty
    of Mother Nature. It has been beautifully
    described in various tourism books and articles. 
  • Location  It is situated close to Kufri and is
    conveniently surrounded by the verdant hills. 
  • Highlights  A highlight of Green Valley is that
    one can spot various animal species like yaks
    wandering and grazing in the spot. Plus, the
    exceptionally picturesque surroundings of the
    place is worth your praise. 
  • Best Time to Visit Green Valley  This place is
    open all around the year and you can visit it
    whenever you desire. But the ideal most time to
    explore Green Valley is after the months of the
    monsoons or in the summer months. These are the
    times when the place features lush greenery.
    Therefore, the ideal time to visit Green Valley
    is from February to April and from July to

4. Hike to Jakhoo Hill
  • The highest point of Shimla is Jakhoo Hill. It is
    packed with brilliant looking Alpine trees. The
    hilltop is flat, the top of which features the
    recently built Hanuman statue as well as the
    coloured Jakhoo Temple. It is said to be one of
    the calmest escapes that Shimla owns. The
    visitors must be beware of the monkeys of the
    location as they tend to skilfully rob things and
    food from the various travellers. 
  • Location  To reach the topmost spot of the hill
    one requires to take a long walk of around thirty
    minutes after which there is another pleasant way
    leading to the Jakhoo Hill. 
  • Highlights Jakhoo Hills summit is about two
    thousand four hundred and fifty-five meters high.
    It is also two hundred meters higher than
    Shimlas central ridge. The temple nestled on the
    hilltop is dedicated to the Hindu monkey god
    called Lord Hanumana. Therefore, undoubtedly
    playful monkeys rule the Jakhoo Hills. Hiking is
    one of the major highlights of the Jakhoo Hill.
    Many hiking enthusiasts can be spotted here all
    round the year. 
  • Best Time to visit Jakhoo Hills  One can visit
    the Jakhoo Hills every day in a week. But the
    ideal most time to pay a visit during the winter
    months ranging from November to March. 

5. Chail
  • Have you ever wondered how exciting would it be
    to set up camps in a town that is laden with
    snow? If you desire to experience the same then
    Chail must be your place to be. It is a hilly
    slope in Shimla that was developed to help people
    escape the scorching summer heat. And with time
    it has turned out to one of the most popular
    tourist destinations in Shimla. In fact, the
    place is a resort offering its guests a
    convenient exposure to the beautiful deodar
    forests that stay scattered all around the hilly
    region. Along with the deodar, the place also
    boasts fir and pine forests for the tourists to
    explore and adore. 
  • Location  It is situated at a distance of
    forty-five kilometres from Shimla at the hills
    lying at the foot of the Himalayan ranges. 
  • Highlights  This place is an ideal spot for
    people who seek calm environments for a vacation
    that keeps them away from the hustle and bustle
    of the metropolitan. Besides being immensely
    close to Mother Nature one can also dine at the
    renowned Lake Restaurant or take a stroll at the
    worlds highest cricket ground. 
  • Best Time to visit Chail  The ideal most time to
    pay a visit is from March to June. Additionally,
    in case you desire to witness snowfall then make
    sure to explore the place in the months ranging
    from December to March

6. Kiala Forest
  • One of the perfect tourism locations in Shimla is
    the Kiala Forest. It is nestled in the Kotkhaai
    Valley and is beautified with rich green
    vegetation along with an ample number of
    indigenous animal species. It is considered as an
    ideal spot for all the nature loving travellers
    and wildlife enthusiasts. The forest welcomes a
    number of travellers each year from near to
    distant places. 
  • Highlights Kiala Forest features rich vegetation
    and wildlife. This is also an ideal place for
    photographers as they can capture both wildlife
    in their natural home and nature itself. The
    place also features restroom facilities. There
    are also locker and storage facilities available
    for anyone who wishes to use the same. 
  • Best Time to visit Kiala Forest Kiala Forest is
    open to visit all around the year. But the ideal
    most time for the same ranges from the month of
    March to the month of October. 

7. Himalayan Bird Park
  • Himalayan Bird Park is quite a famous tourist
    destination amongst photographers and bird
    admirers. While Shimla is quite popular for its
    beautiful scenic surroundings, its beauty is
    further enhanced by the wide range of wildlife
    that thrives in the forests and hilly slopes. The
    Himalayan Bird Park is a spot that features a
    wide range of captivating birds that you might
    havent spotted ever before.
  • The park also features variously endangered and
    exclusive birds species. Additionally, in order
    to give them home like feel the park also
    features calm and soothing trees, fauna, and
    flora. You can spot various beautiful and
    colourful birds including the Himalayan monals,
    pheasants, peacocks and so much more. 
  • Location  The Himalayan Bird Park is situated in
    the close vicinity of Shimlas Vice-Regal Lodge. 
  • Highlights  The Himalayan Bird Park of Shimla is
    one of the rare locations that would impart
    serenity to its guests. It would play a major
    role in escaping reality and feeling calmness to
    the core. 

8. Christ Church
  • The very renowned Christ Church is one of the top
    ten visiting places of Shimla. It is quite a
    popular destinations amongst the travelers and
    the locals. It is an outstanding monument that
    was developed back in the era of the British. It
    is an excellent architectural monument and people
    pay a visit in order to serve the almighty or
    even otherwise just to adore its beauty. In case
    you wish to get a taste of the Christian religion
    from the colonial times then this is your place
    to be. It was crafted in such an elegant manner
    that it portrays hope, faith, patience, charity,
    patience, as well as humanity such that people
    get aware of the classy and rich Christian
    culture. Additionally, the surroundings of the
    Christ Church are also quite pleasing. 
  • Location  Christ Church conveniently occupies a
    spot on the Ridge Road which is one of the
    busiest roads of Shimla. 
  • Highlights  The Christ Church boasts the
    excellent art of the British times which makes it
    unique in itself. The church has also been
    inspired by the Neo-Gothic style, a glimpse of
    which can be captured while exploring the place. 

9. Viceregal Lodge
  • The most captivating building of Shimla is the
    Viceregal Lodge. It also holds great historical
    significance. It boasts outstanding architecture
    of the ancient times and one might take up to
    half a day to explore the entire setup in depth.
    Back in time, from the year 1888 to the year
    1946, this beautiful setup was the residing place
    of the Indian Viceroy during the summer months.
    The Viceroy is responsible for quite a lot of
    significant developments in the Lodge. 
  • Location  The Viceregal Lodge is at around a
    distance of two kilometers from Shimla. Situated
    in the west, on the Observatory Hill summit this
    Lodge look mesmerizing amidst the breath-taking
    surroundings. In order to reach the Lodge, one
    needs to take the Chaura Maidan Road from Shimla
    and travel for up to a distance of five hundred
    meters along the road. 
  • Highlights  Other popular names for the
    Viceregal Lodge include the Presidents House or
    the Rashtrapati Nilayam. The reference is to the
    era ranging between 1947 to the middle of the
    year 1960. This was the time when the Indian
    Presidents used the logo as their summer
  • Entry Fee  The Viceregal Lodge charges an entry
    fee of 20 INR.

10. Summer Hills
  • Summer Hills is a beautiful township and suburb,
    just 5 kilometres from the famous Ridge of
    Shimla. Part of the seven-hill cluster, it is one
    of the best tourist places to visit in Shimla,
    owing to its breathtaking natural views amidst
    profuse greenery of Pine, Oak and Deodar trees,
    and offers a splendid view of the magical sunrise
    or sunset. It is an ideal spot for trekking,
    paragliding, nature walks and other adventure
    sports. The spot is a photography haven for
    anyone looking to capture the hues of colours of
    natural grandeur. The serene district is situated
    at an altitude of about 2,123 meters above sea
    level and is ideal for those who wish to take a
    leisurely walk amidst the tranquility of Mother
    Nature. During the yester years, when Mahatma
    Gandhi used to visit Shimla, he stayed in these
    calm surroundings at the elegant Monorville
    Mansion, belonging to erstwhile freedom fighter,
    Rajkumari Amrit Kaur.
  • Location 5 kilometres from Shimla, on the way
    from Shimla to Kalka
  • Best time to visit October to February (for
    snowfall) and March to June

11. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies
  • If you have an interest in history, art, and
    education, then the Indian Institute of Advanced
    Studies has to be on your list of famous places
    to visit in Shimla. Built in the British era, the
    institute primarily served as the summer retreat
    of Indian viceroy and was passed on to the nation
    by the then president, Dr. Radhakrishnan as an
    institute to promote advanced studies in
    humanities and arts in India. The building has a
    classical architectural design and features
    photographs and stories of moments of key
    historical events between Indian leaders and
    Britishers, and takes you on a journey through
    the modern Indian history.
  • Location Rashtrapati Nivas, Chaura Maidan, next
    to Birds Zoo, Shimla
  • Timings Daily except Mondays, 0900 AM to 0600
  • Entry fees 40 INR for Indians and 85 INR for
    foreign nationals

12. Annadale
  • This historical masterpiece was a favourite
    amongst Britishers, who used to enjoy several
    thrilling entertainment sports like racing,
    golfing and horse riding during their rule.
    Annandale is a flat terrain that has now been
    developed as a playground of Shimla for hosting
    various sports like Golf, cricket and Polo, and
    is located at just about 3.5 kilometres from the
    popular Ridge. At the altitude of about 1,864
    meters, the area falls under the authority of the
    Indian Army. It is covered with beautiful deodar
    and Oak trees, and offers one of the best views
    of the city and its surroundings.
  • Timings 1000 AM to 0500 PM
  • Best time to visit November to February

13. Jakhoo Hill
  • Believed to be the highest peak in Shimla, Jakhoo
    Hills is one of the best places to visit in
    Shimla and a hamlet for all nature lovers and
    pilgrims who come to take blessings from the holy
    God Hanuman, standing tall at an altitude of
    108-feet at the Jakhoo Temple. The hill is
    8,000-feet high and is a major tourist attraction
    in Shimla. Located at just about 2 kilometres
    from Shimla, the statue offers a magnificent view
    of the scenic vistas of surrounding lofty
    mountains of the Shivalik ranges and the nearby
    town of Sanjauli.
  • It is believed that during the battle of
    Ramayana, Lord Hanuman stopped at this spot to
    take some rest before resuming his search for the
    much acclaimed Sanjeevani Booti, to revive
    Lakshman, who was seriously injured by Indrajits
    (Ravanas son) arrow. To reach the temple, you
    have to trek through the dense Deodar and Alpine
    forests, or you can hire a pony or a taxi instead
    to reach there. Large number of monkeys can be
    found roaming around the temple complex, and you
    can feed them and enjoy their company.
  • Timings Daily, 0700 AM to 0800 PM
  • Best time to visit November to March

14. Shimla State Museum
  • Located on Mount Pleasant, the Shimla state
    museum is one of the many charming places to
    visit in Shimla round the year. The sprawling
    lawns and the magnificent British architecture
    makes a visit to this place totally worthwhile.
    The museum was opened for public in 1974 and
    houses historical artefacts, paintings,
    sculptures, and handicrafts from the Colonial
    rule showcasing the glorious past of the state
    with its rich culture and heritage. The building
    also serves as a residence of Indian government
  • Timings All days, except Mondays, 1000 AM to
    0130 PM and 0200 PM to 0500 PM
  • Entry fees 20 INR for Indians and 100 INR for

15. Naldehra Peak
  • Witness the gorgeous sunrise and sunset views
    from the small scenic Himachal town of Naldehra.
    The place is widely known for its nine-hole Golf
    course and is one of the famous places to visit
    near Shimla, offering the most picturesque
    sunrise and sunset views. With verdant expanses
    of hills, dense Deodar and Pine trees and
    naturally rich flora and fauna, the quaint town
    has amazing forest cover to be enjoyed on a pony
    ride. The stunning view, serene ambience and
    fresh air are sure to leave you gasping for more.
  • Location Post Office, Durgapur, Naldehra, Shimla
  • Timings Sunrise to sunset

16. Kali Bari Temple
  • Constructed in the year 1845, this temple has
    been one of the favourite locations of the
    tourists who visit the place to admire its sheer
    beauty along with its culturally rich
    architecture. The temple is dedicated to Goddess
    Kali who is also popularly known as Shyamala, and
    hence the name Shimla. When in Shimla, make it a
    point to visit the place for witnessing a
    blissful journey. The place also draws attention
    from tourists for the beauty of nature that can
    be witnessed very closely from here. For those
    who are in pursuit of peace, this temple is a
    paradise and a perfect place to spend some time
    alone. To make the most of your holiday, visit
    the place in the morning or during the evening
  • Location Kali Bari Road, Shimla
  • Timings 0700 AM to 0630 PM

17. Chadwick Falls
  • Chadwick Falls are amongst the must visit tourist
    attractions in Shimla for those seeking to escape
    the daily humdrum of city life. The fall scales
    from a height 90 meters, and is surely a sight to
    behold! Its base is surrounded by small streams
    merging into a deep gorge, and a lush green
    valley surrounding it which gives the place its
    scenic beauty and makes it just picture perfect.
    This peaceful waterfall is one of the must places
    to visit near Shimla. The fall is majestic soon
    after the rainy season when the cascading water
    feels magical! Rainy season is also a good time
    to visit the place as it will be completely green
    and appealing. Food and water are easily
    available from small shops located in the
    village, that also serve piping hot chai, Maggi,
    samosas or other quick snacks.
  • Location 5.4 kilometres from Shimla
  • Timings Sunrise to sunset
  • Best time to visit July to October

18. Mall Road
  • Of all the Shimla tourist places, Mall Road is
    one place, which you cant go wrong with. It is
    not only an attraction for the tourists and
    visitors but is also one of the most favourite
    shopping places of the locals. From warm woollens
    and traditional footwear to beautiful
    handicrafts, jewellery and show pieces, this
    famous shopping street is a haven for shopaholics
    and one of the famous places to visit in Shimla.
    It also features several restaurants, banks,
    cafes, clubs, tourist information centres, and
    post offices. Tourists love to stroll along the
    Mall, explore the many shops or watch a movie at
    the Gaiety Theatre, a replica of an old British
  • Timings 1000 AM to 0900 PM

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