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Electrical Safety Hazards Tips to Keep your House Safe


Here are some of the best electrical safety Hazards tips to keep your house safe that help to maintain proper caution and keep you and your family safe. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Electrical Safety Hazards Tips to Keep your House Safe

Electrical Safety Hazards Tips To Keep Your House
  1. Electrical Safety Hazards Tips
  2. Types of Electrical Injuries
  3. 10 Electrical Safety Hazards Tips To Keep Your
    House Safe

Electrical Safety Hazards Tips
  • Being safe when using any electrical appliances,
    light bulbs, extension cords and other equipment
    is easy and safety advice should be included in
    household rules and daily behaviour expectations
    for all the house members.
  • One mistake can spark an electrical fire, but
    simple prevention measures can be effective

Types of Electrical Injuries
  • There are four types of electrical injuries
  • Electrocutions (death due to electrical shock)
  • Electrical shock
  • Burns
  • Falls
  • Here are some of the best Skilliapp electrical
    safety Hazards tips
  • that help you to maintain proper caution that
    help you to
  • keep you and your family safe and to avoid
  • hazards.

10 Electrical Safety Hazards Tips To Keep Your
House Safe
  • Don't Plug a Bunch of Stuff into One Extension
  • It damages the electrical system in your house or
    even causes a fire.
  • Ask Grown-Ups to Put Safety Caps on Unused
    Electrical Outlets
  • Covering outlets will help to save energy by
    stopping cold drafts.

  • Don't Pull an Electrical Wire From the Wall
  • Pulling on a wire can damage the appliance, the
    outlet or the plug.
  • All Electric Outlets are Tucked away, Tidy and
  • Pets might chew on electrical wire and person
    might trip and fall.

  • Ask a Grown-up for Help
  • When you need to use something that uses
  • Do look up and out for power lines before you
    climb on a tree
  • The electricity can go right through the tree
    branch and you.

  • Don't Climb on the wall around an electrical
  • If pet or ball gets inside the wall, ask a
    grown-up to call the electric company they will
    come to you and get it out for you.
  • Do Remind your Parents to Watch out for Power
  • When they are using a chainsaw, ladder or other
    outdoor equipment.

  • Keep Electrical Stuff Away From Water
  • Most electrical accidents happen around the
    house when people use electricity near water such
    as sinks, bathtubs, pools or overhead vents that
    may drip.
  • Wear Shoes When Using Power Tools
  • It is essential to wear proper attire when
    handling outside power tools like a lawnmower.
    You might think its cool to mow the yard without
    shoes on until the blades catch your toes.

  • Besides shoes, there is safety earplugs, eyewear
    and gloves to keep your body protected from
    dangers posed by your power tools.

Electrical Safety Hazards Tips For Staying Safe
at Home
  • Even though electricity is commonplace, there is
    still quite a bit of danger associated with
    improper use.
  • Carefully observe all safety measures when using
    electricity to keep yourself safe.

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