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Ideas for Your Tiny Mississauga Garden


A small Mississauga garden doesn’t have to be without charm and style. It just takes a little planning and effort, but you can create a wonderful elegant space to enjoy throughout the warmer days of Spring, Summer and early Fall. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ideas for Your Tiny Mississauga Garden

Ideas for Your Tiny Mississauga Garden
  • Gardens in Mississauga subdivisions arent
    necessarily tiny but for the most part, theyre
    not great expanses of green space either. That
    said, there is so much you can do to turn even a
    smaller space in the front or the back of your
    home into an oasis. While some people might
    lament the reality of a small garden, just
    remember that on the plus side, less garden means
    less maintenance, so getting the most out of the
    available space is easier than you might think.
    Yes the backyard of a new-build (or new-ish) home
    often feels like a fishbowl, but no reason it
    cant be a beautiful fishbowl that all the other
    fish will want to visit!

Go Vertical
  • With limited growing space, creating vertical
    gardens for your edibles, herbs and some
    perennials is a great way to use available space
    wisely. You can attach a structure to your garden
    fence, or have a freestanding structure, set in
    the corner of your space. You can even create a
    vertical greenhouse, if you have a spot that gets
    full sunshine, and start your seedlings early.

  • Another option is to add hanging planter boxes
    on the edge of your deck, or under a window.
    Imagine the scent of basil and lavender wafting
    in through your open window in the summer! A
    trellis tied to your garden fence is perfect for
    climbing ivy and roses, creating visual appeal on
    what is otherwise a blank canvas of boring

Retaining Walls That Serve Double Duty
  • If you want to build retaining walls to contain
    your perennials and bushes but also want to have
    some seating, build the walls high enough so
    that, in a pinch with extra guests, all you need
    is some outdoor cushions. Youll have extra
    seating in an instant, set against the backdrop
    of fragrant blooms. What could be more elegant? A
    word of caution Employ a landscape architect
    before randomly building a garden wall of any
    kind. Your lovely spring garden just may become
    your neighbours not-so-lovely spring flood.

Pot Gardens Add Pizzazz
  • Whether for herbs or other edibles, small foliage
    bushes or waving ornamental grasses, planting
    them into pots can really spruce up a small space
    without taking up too much real estate. Pots have
    the added advantage that they can be moved, if
    you decide you want to switch things up a little!
    Use big and small pots, interspersed together, to
    create visual appeal and different heights. A
    dwarf tree can thrive in a large pot and that
    will add some height, while smaller pots filled
    with plants and blooms will add texture and

  • Corner spaces can be awkward, but add in a large
    terra cotta pot or two and plant your favourite
    perennials, or even small topiary style trees, to
    fill in an otherwise difficult to use space. Or
    what about placing a bird bath in a corner,
    filling it with soil, and adding some smaller
    plants and succulents? It would look elegant and
    be easy to manage, all season long.

Dont Be Afraid Of Colour
  • While bold colours can be overwhelming in small
    rooms, in the garden, they add so much life to a
    smaller space. With an amazing range of perennial
    and annual blooms to choose from, at different
    heights and growing periods, you can make sure
    there is always a splash of bright and
    invigorating colour in your tiny oasis. Youre
    not limited to plants either! Brightly coloured
    garden furniture or accents can make a great
    statement image a large red umbrella, throwing
    comforting shade over your favourite chair for
    reading. The key is to stay within a maximum of
    two or three colour palettes, so that the colours
    dont clash and overwhelm the eye.

Pathways Create Style
  • Stone or brick pathways make a lovely addition,
    particularly to front yards. They add definition
    to your entryway, creating a welcoming path to
    your front door. Flagstones or patio stones in
    the back can help you create a seating area when
    a deck isnt in the offing, which is easy to
    maintain. If you create a curved pathway, rather
    than a straight line, it gives the sense of space
    as walking on it feels more like if you turn the
    corner, there will be a lot more garden than
    there actually is. Its a bit of a visual trick
    of the eye that will add a wonderful dimension.

Choose Easy To Store Furniture
  • While its important to be able to enjoy the
    space with patio furniture, too much can become
    overwhelming. Having some extra lawn chairs is a
    great idea for when you have a few guests over,
    but make sure they can be stacked or folded as
    being able to put them out of the way, in the
    shed for example, will free up space when its
    just you and your family.

Hide The Trash
  • If you arent storing your garbage and recycling
    receptacles in the garage, find a way to
    camouflage them, whether theyre at the side of
    your house, or in the back. Nothing ruins a small
    space more than having to look at the trash cans!

Dont Ignore The Grass
  • Even if your green space isnt particularly
    large, the ability to sink your toes into
    luscious, tender grass is a pleasure beyond
    compare. You can make sure that your grass
    doesnt affect your flower beds by creating small
    walls or garden beds that will create a physical
    separation between the two growing areas. If you
    want to vary what you have on the ground, dont
    do more than three textures.

  • Anything more, in a small space, will become
    visually overwhelming. For example, you can lay
    sod, have some flagstones for a small pathway and
    perhaps a gravel or patio stone area for your
    furniture. This combination would look elegant
    and be easy to maintain.

  • TIP if youre going to go with gravel, make
    sure you lay down landscaping fabric first, to
    ensure that you dont end up with endless weeds
    popping up, all summer long. A small Mississauga
    garden doesnt have to be without charm and
    style. It just takes a little planning and
    effort, but you can create a wonderful elegant
    space to enjoy throughout the warmer days of
    Spring, Summer and early Fall.