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UNESCO World Heritage Sites worth Exploring in South India


India is home to a vast number of tourist sites that reveal the rich cultural wealth left by innumerable dynasties. Some of these sites have been included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites for their role in preserving the rich cultural and natural heritage of the country. For more detail: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: UNESCO World Heritage Sites worth Exploring in South India

UNESCO World Heritage Sites worth Exploring in
South India
India is home to a vast number of tourist sites
that reveal the rich cultural wealth left by
innumerable dynasties. Some of these sites have
been included in UNESCOs list of World Heritage
Sites for their role in preserving the rich
cultural and natural heritage of the country.
Speaking of South India, there are some notable
attractions worth exploring to uncover the
legends associated with the history of various
kingdoms that thrived in
this particular location. Touring these places
offers an insight into the untold history of
South India. Here are the seven prominent UNESCO
World Heritage sites in South India you must
visit for a rewarding historical experience.
Ruins of Hampi
This fourteenth century capital of the
Vijayanagar Empire acquired the recognition of
being UNESCOs World Heritage site in 1986.
Situated on the banks of Tungabhadra River in
Karnataka, the city is considered to be an
eminent point of interest for history fanatics
and archaeologists. Today, most of the monuments
built during fourteenth century lie in a ruined
state which tells a tale of the citys glorious
The Hampi city has an infinite number of temples,
shrines, pillared halls and gateways which
superbly reflect the amazing architectural sense
of the artists belonging to the Vijayanagar
Empire. Another thing that is sure to catch your
attention in the city is the huge boulders lying
all around. You can view the whole city by
climbing on top of these huge rocks.
Monuments of Mahabalipuram
Mahabalipuram is revered mostly for the chariot
shaped temples built during the Pallava dynasty
which exhibit a magnificent architectural
grandiose of the ancient civilizations. It is
located along the coast of Bay of Bengal in Tamil
Nadu, the site houses close to 400 ancient
structures and temples designed in different
shapes. The site is also known by names Seven
Pagodasor Mamallapuram Templesdue to the
that resembled a pagoda. However, a few of these
monuments were demolished by the tsunami of 2004
and some of the seven structures are not present
anymore. If you observe the fine details of the
monuments closely, you would be enthralled with
the magnanimity of the architecture and artistic
sense of the rulers of Pallava dynasty. The most
astounding monuments you would come across
in Mahabalipuram are the Shore temple and Ratha
cave temple.
Temples of the Chola Dynasty
Also known as The great living Chola Temples,
these structures belonging to the Chola dynasty
got featured in UNESCOs list of World Heritage
sites in two stages, one in 1987 and the other in
2004. The list includes three Chola temples
namely, Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple and
Airavatesvara temple are best tourist places to
visit in South India. These temples display a
rare architectural finesse through the various
inscriptions and other artistic elements employed
in their construction.
The structures are terrific examples of dravidian
architecture and are shaped in unique designs
which differ from temple to temple. The temples
attract quite many history buffs every single day
as they bring forth the rich heritage of the
longest ruling Chola dynasty.
Nilgiri Mountain Railway
The scenic mountain range that nestles three
states of South India, Nilgiri Mountains are
acclaimed for their beauteous blue green
hue. Nilgiri mountain railway is a part of
Southern railway and was declared as World
Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. The train
operated as a steam engine but was later put on a
diesel engine on the track between Coonoor and
Ooty. This mountain railway is about 46 km long
and runs on the twists and turns of Mettupalayam
and Ooty. The many passages and bridges are ready
to thrill you during the ride. The views of
valleys, ravines, hills and forests you get
during the ride fill your senses with natural
Monuments of Pattadakal
The erstwhile capital of the Chalukya dynasty,
Pattadakal in Karnataka is noted for its temples
belonging to Hindu and Jain deities. The most
captivating feature of these temples is the
presence of both northern and southern
architectural elements in their construction. The
Hindu temples imbibe both Vedic and Puranic
concepts and also acquaint you with the Hindu
scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata through
the texts engraved on their walls.
The temples of Pattadakal were declared as
a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 due to the
exquisite blend of different architectural styles
and artistic features each of these temples
display. The two temples Virupaksha
and Mallikarjuna temple beautifully depict the
glorious architecture of the Chalukyas. These
temples were built specifically as a mark of
honor for the Chalukyas when they conquered
Pallavas. Jambulinga temple is another marvelous
structure that has a sculpture of Lord Shiva and
Goddess Parvati with Nandi bull by their side.
Western Ghats
The picturesque Western Ghats lying on the
western edge of the Deccan Plateau are famous for
their amazing biodiversity. The mountains nestle
the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in
South India and offer a rich experience of the
varied flora and fauna grown in Southern part of
India. The Ghats also play a veritable role in
defining the natural heritage of the country and
for this very reason they got inscribed
as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. Western
Ghats pack in just about everything a traveler
wishes for be it the forests that stretch over
several hundred kilometers of land, tigers, cats
and other wild animals and bird species, streams
and rivulets with a large variety of fish
species, waterfalls, spice and coffee plantations
and the lush hills and mountains. Besides having
an eclectic range of natural flora and fauna,
Western Ghats also house some of the finest
ancient sculptures like forts and temples that
glorify the rich heritage of India. You can
plan South India tour to explore these world
heritage sites at amazing price with Erco Travels.
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