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All You Need To Know About OET - Avigna Learning Academy


OET is an English assessing test that tests the skills of an individual regarding English speaking, writing, reading, and listening aspects, all related to the communication required in special healthcare professional settings. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: All You Need To Know About OET - Avigna Learning Academy

OET is an English language exam that tests the
grasp of an individual over the English language
in every aspect regarding reading, writing,
listening, and speaking. However, dont mistake
this test to be just like another English
assessing test like IELTS and TOEFL, because
there are a few features that extensively
distinguish it from these tests. While it is
true that just like IELTS and TOEFL, the OET is
also a test that examines the English skills of
an individual who wishes to study or work abroad,
but here the individual has to belong to nothing
else other than the medical and healthcare field.
In addition, the OET test focuses not just on
the simple English language, but emphasizes on
the English communication required in special
healthcare professional settings.
WHO CAN SIT FOR THE OET TEST? As mentioned above,
the OET test is only for those who wish to set up
their career in the medical field. It could be
any of the 12 main healthcare professions
dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing,
occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy,
physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech
pathology and veterinary science. WHAT DOES THE
OET COMPRISE OF? The OET comprises of 4 segments
reading, writing, listening, and speaking all
of which focus on medical related issues.
  • Reading This section has the students study
    contemporary medical subjects like pneumonia,
    stroke, and swine flu.
  • Writing In this section, students are asked to
    write a referral letter with a task that
  • is related to any medical practice.
  • Listening This section will have the students
    listen to a conversation between a doctor and
    patient, or a lecture given by a medical
    professional, based on which they will be asked
  • Speaking In this section, students are asked to
    do a medical role play.
  • The OET is available at more than 100 locations
    in 40countries, with test dates every month,
    which means you have the convenience of appearing
    for the exam in whichever month you wish to. So,
    you neednt worry about rushing with your
    learning and practice to appear for the test.
    You can always keep practicing until you are
    confident enough to appear for the test. There
    is no point in appearing for the OET while you
    are underprepared. You will only lose your time
    and efforts, without scoring even the minimum.
    Also, you can get yourself enrolled for the best
    OET online coaching in India where you can be
    assisted on how to improve your OET skills before
    appearing for the exam.
  • Reading Try to speak as much English as you
    can, which will help you get a hold on the
    sentence structure and grammar. Read magazines
    and articles to improve your comprehension
  • Writing First, understand the writing format
    because writing within the limits is very
    important or you start losing marks. You also
    need to build up your spelling and grammar
    skills. Research on different kinds of letters
    and layouts.
  • Listening Brush up on your listening skills,
    and get acquainted with different
  • accents and speech patterns. You never know which
    accent you will be tested on. Also, make sure to
    practice taking notes quickly and answering
    precisely. You wont have enough time to hover
    on a single question.
  • Speaking You need to be very sure of what you
    are speaking within a given time limit. So, keep
    practicing on your speaking skills and let it
    look natural. Also, make
  • sure to finish what you want to say in a given
    time limit. You also need to know how
  • to keep the conversation going, and you also need
    to be a good listener here to be able to carry
    an effective conversation further. Last but not
    the least, practice looking into the eyes of the
    person you are speaking to. You need to look
    confident and bold while speaking.
  • Get the best OET online coaching in India by
    enrolling at Avigna Learning Academy, where you
    will be provided with even more essential skills
    and test taking strategies required to
    successfully complete the OET with the best
    possible scores!
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