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And I found that nothing is really improving the tumors.  What I noticed with all those remedies is that they were slowing down the growth of tumors from growing and spreading, but it was not really decreasing the size much or my symtoms. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


I started using black cumin seed oil in 2015 in
order to try to treat my cancer. I got diagnosed
with cancer known as Hodgkins lymphoma in 2006
and I was 14 years old at the time.  I am 27
years old and I had this disease for many years.
 And when I say I have had it for 12 years I
dont mean that I had it straight for that long
but I had it on and off for that amount of time.
 Since 2011 Ive stopped all chemo and radiation
and I decided to try to treat this condition
naturally.  I tried a wide variety of different
things including black seed oil, so I can really
consider myself an expert in this field.  Because
I basically tested many different things out on
myself like a guinea pig.  And I have no choice
but to do that, so I had to do that.  I tried
carrot juice, garlic, ginger cayenne pepper,
habanaro powder which has caused me a ulcer now
and many different things.  
And I found that nothing is really improving the
tumors.  What I noticed with all those remedies
is that they were slowing down the growth of
tumors from growing and spreading, but it was not
really decreasing the size much or my symtoms.
 And then I moved onto black cumin seed oil and
to be honest and didnt really work. So it didnt
make sense to me why isnt anything working,
there has to be a cure, there has to be something
that works.
Because the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him
said that for every disease Allah has sent a
cure, and some know its cure and some dont.  So
I said I tried pretty much everything that people
advise to reduce tumors and have been found in
science studies to show that it can potentially
reduce tumors and nothing was working.
But from time to time I would read the last three
suras of the Koran with the intention of cure and
put my hand on the place of the tumors, And the
next day I would notice that the tumors had
decreased. When this happened I concluded that
this must be just by chance, it must be due to
the remedies that Im doing so I better keep on
doing to remedies and increase it, but for months
and months there was no improvement.  Recently
for the last two years I had issues with sleep
paralysis which is being attacked in your sleep
by the devil,  and I tried the Thikr and Quraan
before sleeping and nothing was working.
Until recently I asked a shiekh from Yemen what
should I do and he advised the Thikr of sleep.
 Which we all know that the most common and
important one that the prophet focused on was the
last three suras of the Koran, and I also tried
this before and it wasnt working.   I concluded
that it wasnt working due to two things, one was
major sins and two was lack of certainty. 
How can we recite the Koran with intention to be
protected and not obey what Allah commands us?
Thats what I was thinking in my heart like how
would Allah protect me and make it work if Im
not really doing what he commands and committing
some major sins? So I started to repent from the
major sins and seek forgiveness anytime I
committed it and ask for forgiveness and try to
make sincere repentance and do major good deeds
to try to cover up the major sins as well as
thinking positive that Allah will make it work
and he will protect me, I have to think positive.
Because I had similar issues in 2014 with things
moving and falling in my home and then few days
later I got sleep paralysis from jinn and I read
sura kursi before sleep and listened sura baqara
in my home and everything else but nothing was
working, so I asked a brother who works in dawah
online and told him that Im doing all this and
nothing is working and how come its not and he
said that this works based on your level of faith
and how certain you are, so when I kept thinking
it will work, it did! And things in my home
stopped falling and moving by themselves. So I
tried this again since for last two years I was
being attacked once a week or more in my sleep or
kept getting weird dreams etc and I read last 3
suras of Quraan and believed in will work and I
am sleeping better from that regard, not 100 but
The point is I overlooked the last two suras of
the Quraan as something not so big, so since that
was improving that sleep issue that has really
hurt me for last two years, I decided to read
them on my tumors and I felt some tumors shrink a
good amount the next day. What I concluded is
that to treat tumors you need both physical means
and Quraan, both hand in hand,  because in the
past I used to just read Quraan and not take any
natural remedies and I concluded that is enough
and nothing happened whatsoever.  Now I combined
the two and Im finding results.  Currently Im
using flaxseed, black cumin seed oil. I grind the
flax seed and eat 3-5 tablespoons daily with
large cup of water.  But if you like to try the
black seed oil I would also try that as well if I
didnt have a ulcer currently.  I got a ulcer
because I took habanaro powder and I really took
a large dose and completely burned out my stomach
and killed it.  So I hope it was of some benefit
to people, and I conclude with may the peace and
blessings be on the prophet Mohammed, and all
those who follow him until the day of judgment.
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