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Average Cost of Window Replacement


On average, one window costs anything from $200 - $1000 depending on many things like quality, size, brand of windows, framework, extra work needed, and style. We have highlighted some of these factors below. Table of Contents What are the factors that determine the cost of window replacement? Overview of the Prices of Common Window Types. What Are The Practical Saving Tips For Window Replacement? Bottom-line – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Average Cost of Window Replacement

The Average Cost of Window Replacement (Including
Practical Saving Tips)
  • Window replacement is a predicament that everyone
    has to deal with at some point in their lifetime.
    Whats worse is that it often catches people
    unawares. Frankly, replacing windows would not
    be a big deal if the cost was negligible but when
    we are talking of hundreds of dollars for a
    single window, we must talk about it and
    particularly, how to save money while at it.
  • From a general standpoint, calculation of the
    cost of installing new windows is anything but
    straightforward. There are many factors that go
    into it. On average, one window costs anything
    from 200 - 1000 depending on many things like
    quality, size, brand of windows, framework, extra
    work needed, and style. We have highlighted some
    of these factors below.

Table of Contents
  • What are the factors that determine the cost of
    window replacement?
  • Overview of the Prices of Common Window Types.
  • What Are The Practical Saving Tips For Window
  • Bottom-line.

What are the factors that determine the cost of
window replacement?
  • To get a feel of what window replacement will
    bite off your budget, you want to consider these
  • Extent of frame damage Window frames rot and
    damage from moisture and insects. You can inspect
    the extent of damage on your window frames or
    have the experts do it for you. Touch the frame
    and see if it is too soft to touch, looks worn
    out or cracked. If it is solid, you can thank the
    gods because you wont need to pay for the
    installation costs twice.
  • Material of construction Generally, wood windows
    are more expensive (approximately 800 - 1000)
    than vinyl windows (around 450 - 600). Other
    averagely-priced materials include aluminum and
  • Type and style of the window These come in their
    numbers including sliding, awning, stationary,
    transom, casement, bay, and picture.

  • Glass choices Apart from frames, you have to
    make a decision on which glass choice is great
    for your needs. The options on the table include
    tinted glass, laminated panes, tempered glass,
    and so much more
  • Energy efficiency How far are you willing to go
    when it comes to energy efficiency? Would you
    like glass enhancements such as coating and
    glazing that reflect hear or spacers and gas
    fills that enhance heat transfer between panes?
  • Extra performances Some individuals like to
    install high-performance glass such as triple
    pane windows to address the challenges of extreme
    weather conditions like storms

Overview of the Prices of Common Window Types
  • Lets take a look at some of the common types of
    windows including their prices
  • Double-Hung Windows These are designed in a
    manner that they open from the top to bottom.
    They are perfect for inaccessible areas and are
    the most expensive types. Depending on the
    quality of glass, double hug windows will cost
    you anywhere between 280 and 360.
  • Tilt-Out Windows Tile out, also known as
    tilting, or tile and turn fold in or out
    revealing the exterior of the glass. They are
    ideal for spaces where exterior accessibility
    should be minimal. On average, these cost 250 -
    500. Smaller types can be sold for 150.
  • Double-Pane Windows These types of windows have
    an airtight space filled with an inert gas. This
    space serves as a barrier between the inside
    temperature and the outside ambient temperature.
    They are great if you want to bring down your
    utility bill. The cost ranges from 115 to 250
    and can save you up to 250 on your energy bill
    every year.

What Are The Practical Saving Tips For Window
  • Clearly, replacing windows is not a cheap affair.
    You need not less than 300 to replace a single
    window. What happens when you have to replace
  • Here, we have highlighted a few practical tips
    you can consider if you want to bring down the
    cost to a bare minimum.
  • 1. Go DIY
  • When you are hard-pressed for options to cut the
    cost of windows replacement, this thought will
    likely cross your mind. It is a great option
    which has been employed by many who saved money
    in the process. However, before you start the
    do-it-yourself project, you must check your
    ambition. Are you willing to go all the way? Do
    you have the guts to handle glass, glue, and
    probably climb on ladders?
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there
    are certain rules that need to be adhered to when
    handling window replacement. You might need to
    familiarize yourself with the rules before you
    get your hands dirty.
  • Once you have the right knowledge and ambition,
    get the necessary tools and materials. This is
    the most crucial step. You would do yourself
    justice if you gathered the materials beforehand.
    This makes things seamless and avoids the need to
    run around and endanger oneself.

  • 2. Avoid Extra Features (If You Can)
  • Watch out for advanced window features that can
    make the cost skyrocket. Unless the environment
    demands, you can pass on laminate exterior glass
    or double pane glass windows. Some other add-on
    features sold by window replacement service
    providers include trims, hardware and integrated
    grilles (mullions and muntins).
  • Often, these service providers offer these
    feature to expand their profit margins. Dont
    fall for their tricks.
  • 3. Haggle Till You Drop
  • As a potential customer, many companies will be
    at your mercy. They will all compete for your
    bucks. This is a bargaining chip that should be
    taken advantage of. In fact, when it comes to
    home remodelling industry, negotiation is almost
    always expected.
  • Gather a few of the reliable and trustworthy
    local companies then put your negotiation skills
    to test. Most if not all these companies purchase
    the materials in bulk and can therefore package
    their services (both installation and materials)
    to consumers. This makes negotiation even easier.
    Haggle until you get a rock-bottom price.

  • 4. Use Inexpensive Materials
  • Everyone would love to install the very best
    windows the industry has to offer but when
    resources are limited, this can be compromised.
    Solid wood windows are the ideal options for many
    but they cost ridiculously expensive. If you are
    trying to save some coins, you are better off
    using vinyl or fibreglass frames. These will get
    the job done just as much and wont cost you a
    fortune. Think about it, who gives that much
    thought about the material of construction of
    your windows anyway?
  • 5. Dont Hire Dealers That Focus On One Brand
  • Diversification is a very important element in
    the quest to saving money on window replacement.
    Authorized dealers who insist on selling
    materials from one band only hurt your
    negotiation efforts. Sadly, this is the situation
    with a large number of them out there. Often, it
    is easy to take the bait because they have been
    in the industry for a long time. They know what
    quality is and whats not. They can tell you who
    to call when you need warranty.
  • Under normal circumstances (when the bank account
    is fat), these would be great but when money is
    an issue, you want a higher bargaining power.
    Thankfully, not all authorized dealers and
    brand-centric. Once you get one who has an open
    mind, hire them immediately.

  • 6. Settle For Common Styles
  • The other best-kept secret for saving dollars
    during window replacement is sticking to common
    styles. Common styles make for cheaper windows.
    Avoid hexagons, curves, bows, and bays as they
    can drive the cost up to the ceiling. Some of the
    cheaper styles in the market include sliders,
    double-hung, casement, and fixed windows.
  • 7. Go For Builder-Grade Windows
  • You have (or is yet to) probably comes across the
    terms builder-grade and architectural-grade)
    when shopping around for windows, doors,
    cabinets, floors and window frames. The latter
    refers to expensive, high-quality building
    materials while the former is often considered
    defective. However, from years of experience,
    defenders have come to the conclusion that
    builder-grade materials are just as good as
    architectural grade ones only cheaper.
  • To give you some peace of mind, purchase
    builder-grade windows from a leading manufacturer
    that will give you service for many years to
    come. Please note that some of these materials
    dont have the aforementioned labelled exactly.
    You might want to speak to the customer service
    at the builders center for more clarifications.

  • 8. Dont Go Overboard With Energy Efficiency
  • The notion that windows can substantially reduce
    the utility bill has been overly hyped honestly.
    True, it does help keep the cost to manageable
    levels but when you compare that with how much
    you need to install the window in the first
    place, you might come up empty.
  • There are a lot of things that go into play here.
    One of them is the duration of the warranty. For
    instance, most manufacturers over 10-20 years
    warranties for vinyl windows despite the fact
    that they last anywhere between 20 and 40 years.
    This means that, if you installed vinyl windows
    in your home, you might not realize much savings
    during the lifetime of energy efficient windows.
  • The whole thing is a bit complex. There are
    climate and window option considerations. Bring
    it up with an expert and see if going the
    energy-efficient way is really worth your coin.

  • The cost of replacing a window can take a toll on
    anyone especially if you didnt see it coming.
    From the cost of materials to labour itself, your
    wallet can pay dearly. Thanks to practical saving
    tips, you can bring the cost down to a bare
    minimum and still get value for your money.
  • Hometech Windows and Doors are famed for their
    performance and ability to withstand adverse
    climatic conditions. They are energy-efficient
    and can be customized based on your architectural
    specifications. For all your window replacement
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