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5 Ways to Improve Your Grant Application Writing


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Title: 5 Ways to Improve Your Grant Application Writing

Modern PowerPoint Presentation
Whether youre a seasoned grant application
writer or someone who is new to the game, we can
all improve our grant writing skills.
Competition for grant applications is at an
all-time high, so you need to nail your grant
application writing every time. Want to improve
your grant application writing skills for maximum
success? Here are our top five recommendations.
1.Separate Yourself From the Crowd
Chances are, your grant writing application is
one of potentially hundreds of similar
applications. So, ask yourself, Why should my
organistaion receive this grant ahead of other
organisations? If you think you can complete a
project more quickly, then say so. If you feel
like your project has great community support,
then round up some data that supports your
assertion and get some prominent referees to back
you up. If you feel like you can deliver a
project in a more cost-effective manner, then
highlight this. Do you think your grant
application project will have a greater reach and
impact? Explain how. If you have a massive
volunteer base, be sure to mention it. What is
it about you, that makes you distinct from every
other organistion that is applying for the same
grant? Your grant application is all about
reassuring your funding body that their
contributions will be put to better use with you,
than with all the rest.
2.Start Viewing Grant Writing as Story Telling
Every good story-teller knows that when you have
some issue or problem that needs resolving, you
have the material for a great story. The same is
true for grant application writing. Skillful
grant application writers paint a picture of a
problem or a need that stirs a passionate
discontent in the grant reviewer that makes them
want to open their wallet and give. Tell a story
about the need. What problem will your grant
application going to address? Why is it such a
problem? If you are a smart grant writer, you
already know what areas of passion and interest
the funding body has. Focus on these areas. A
skillful grant application writer does such a
good job of building the tension that you could
picture a grant-reviewer leaning forward and
yelling, So whats the answer?! Then, you hit
them with the climax your solution! You have the
answer! Explain your solution and how it
addresses the problems and issues you have
3.Keep it Simple, Stupid!
Sometimes, in an effort to sound authoritative,
we can be tempted to use big words and complex
technical jargon. Sure, we all want to be taken
seriously and be respected as a grant application
writer, but using unnecessarily flowery language,
wont do that. If your grant application
reviewer has to use a thesaurus to understand
what youre saying, your application is more
likely to end up in the bin. No one cares about
your attempts to bewilder your readers with your
eloquent and boundless vocabulary. The best
grant applications are simple, straightforward
and easily understood. Period. How do you do
  • Try a few of these ideas
  • Dont use vague words and empty phrases E.G.
    nearly, almost, about, approximately or roughly
  • Dont use jargon, technical language, acronyms,
    or clichés
  • Dont use words you wouldnt use in normal,
    everyday speech, meaning there is no need for a
  • Use short words, short sentences, and short
    paragraphs to help readers follow along and stay
  • Where possible, use charts and graphs to help
    explain your points these also help break up
    text and make documents easier to read. They also
    communicate more powerfully
  • Use headings and subheadings to break up huge
    blocks of text
  • Dont be overly formal. You should write
    conversationally while staying professional.

4.Proofread Your Grant Application to Death
I labour this point again and again to grant
application writers, but it is literally the
simplest way to improve your application. Nothing
erodes your credibility faster than poor
spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you cant
be trusted to produce an error-free grant
application, then why would an organisation give
you their hard-earned money to use? Sure,
spending several hours doing careful proofreading
might not be your idea of a good time. Spelling,
punctuation and grammar dont come naturally to
everyone. But, when it comes to grant writing,
it pays to pay someone to do it for you,
especially if you dont have the gift yourself.
In fact, getting someone to take a second look
over your work makes perfect sense. Chances are,
if your grant proposal doesnt make sense to your
editor, then it wont make sense to the funders.
Get your work checked!
5.Get Professional Help
Its a fact. Organisations that enlist the help
of professional grant writing services win more
grants. Red Tape Busters are specialist in grant
and tender writing and can help your organisation
or business win grant funding or achieve
successes with tenders. Visit http//www.redtapebu
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