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Top IOT Trends in 2019


The evolution of the Internet of things is bringing a more connected future for everyone. Catch up to the latest IoT trends in 2019 with this presentation and understand new ways to use IoT for your business this year. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top IOT Trends in 2019

What is Internet of things and why is it required?
  • IoT is anything related to devices which are
    connected to internet.
  • In the age of digitalisation, we are surrounded
    by such devices.
  • The reason behind their constant development is
    the growing craving of humans for greater comfort
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Future of loT!
  • In a recent study, Statista predicted the number
    of things connected to internet for the years
    from 2020 to 2025.


Transition IoT in business world and its various
Below are the graphical representations of the
findings of a research by GrowthEnabler.
  • Continuous explorations by IoT development
    companies are the reasons behind IoT Trends.

Here are the Top IoT Trends in 2019
  • Welcoming 5G
  • Consumer convenience products
  • Smart enterprises
  • Cloud to Edge computing
  • Legal and ethical concerns


Welcoming 5G
  • 5G is the next wireless mobile technology
    standards and will be succeeding 4G.
  • International Data Corporation forecasted the
    expected spending on 5G network infrastructure.
  • It is expected to jump from 528 million in 2018
    to 26 billion in 2022.
  • Due to huge cost involvement, software
    development company with heavy capital and
    well-planned projects will invest in this

Consumer Convenience Products
According to a research by Statista, it is
estimated that the smart home global market will
reach up to 53 millions by 2022.
  • Smart cities, homes and enterprises are providing
    high level of convenience.
  • Automation industry is on an accelerating pace.
  • Smart locks, lights or automated cars have added
    supreme comfort in our lives.
  • This has decreased manual support needs in our
    routine tasks.
  • It has added excitement in monotonous routines.

Cloud to Edge Computing
The huge cost difference between the two is
motivating IoT development companies to shift to
edge computing.
  • Amazons AWS and Microsofts Azure cloud services
    are the top cloud services choices currently.
  • The infrastructure and marketing facility is in
    great demand for speedy release of new IoT
  • Edge computing is a solution for tasks where
    cloud computing is not possible.
  • It optimizes applications by taking some portion
    of its data from central nodes and taking them to
    other logical extremes of the internet.
  • Finally, it comes into contact with end users.

Smart Enterprises
  • A work area supported by digital technologies
    like IoT comes a step closer to being smart.
  • Professionals can keep an eye on factory
    operations from their office desk.
  • Smart manufacturing techniques are cutting long
    term costs for industries

Legal and ethical concerns
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  • Infant nature of newly developed innovations of
    IoT have made it lesser secure.
  • Data and software thefts have always been a
    concern in this domain.
  • Number of nations have made laws for ensuring
  • It protects the unethical use of data.

  • IoT trends are shaping our society into a more
    sustainable one.
  • Automated IoT devices, smart enterprises, etc.
    allow us to save energy.
  • Increasing intelligence of machines have made
    routine tasks easier for humans.
  • Internet of Things Trends in 2019 have upheave
    our lifestyle in some surprising ways!

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