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How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
1 Selling on Amazon The Basics 2
2 Amazon FBA 2
3 Opening an Amazon Account 3
4 Product Research Tools 4
5 Sourcing a Supplier/manufacturer 11
6 Shipping from China to FBA 12
7 Creating an Amazon Listing 12
8 Using Amazon FBA 13
9 Optimize Your Listing 14
10 Get Reviews 17
11 Pay Per Click Campaigns(PPC) 18
12 Launch Your Product 22
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step
Selling on Amazon the basics Since the day
online selling came into being, e-commerce giants
like Amazon has transformed the way retail takes
place. The world of e-commerce has given an
opportunity to every aspiring entrepreneur to
own a shelf and start selling their products
around the world without worrying about setting
up a physical business. Until the last decade, it
was hard to imagine that one can own a fully
functioning retail business without ever having
to worry about setting up a physical store. But
with the world of online selling and e-commerce,
the horizon of opportunities has widened up for
retailers around the world and Amazon seller
program is the biggest example of the
same., Inc. is the biggest e-commerce
company in the world. From electronics to daily
needs and everything in between, you can find
anything you can think of at Amazon. The company
has been on a constant growth since the last few
years and it is quite easy for anyone who wants
to be an online seller to be a part of this rapid
growth by registering as a seller at Amazon.
With so many product categories available, you
can easily find your niche and start selling
your products at Amazon by following a few simple
steps. The average profit rate for most of
Amazon sellers is 30-40. Most of the merchandise
is sourced from China and the procurement is
relatively very cheap. However, just like any
offline business has its own sets of requisites,
there are some essential steps to be followed
before you can start selling on Amazon. The whole
seller registration process is quite simple if
you follow some set of guidelines. You can start
your own private label on Amazon and build your
own retail brand without having to worry about
incurring the costs involved in an offline
set-up. Reading ahead, we have covered some of
the essential steps that you need to follow to
start selling on Amazon. Lets start with
knowing the basics about how it all
works! Amazon FBA Amazon FBA refers to
Fulfilled by Amazon. The term basically means
that you send your products and merchandise to
Amazon and the company stores it in one of their
huge fulfillment centers. If your product is
registered under the Amazon FBA category, your
product becomes a part of their warehouse and
you do not have to worry about the process beyond
that. From doing the packaging of your products
to maintaining the stocks to selling it whenever
the requirement arises, Amazon has got
everything covered under their FBA program. When a
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step customer places an order, Amazon
picks the product from the warehouse, ships it to
the customer, and takes care of everything
else. As an Amazon Seller, you have to take care
about procuring the products and making it
available at the Amazon FBA warehouse. But how
does the whole process start? It is by creating
a seller account on Amazon. To start with the
process, you need to register yourself as a
seller and list your products. The next step is
to setup and configure your bank account
details. Just a few steps here and there and most
of the process can be completed in an hour.
However, there are a few things that you need to
take care of while registering as an online
seller at Amazon. From the initial procurement
stage to the point where a sale is considered as
complete, here we discuss a few of the essential
steps to be followed to start selling at
Amazon. Opening an Amazon account The first
step is that you need to create an Amazon Seller
account. If you do not yet have an Amazon Seller
account, you can create one here. While creating
an Amazon seller account, it is imperative to
make sure that you thoroughly read and
understand the Before You Register section of
the page. The page includes information about
two types of Amazon Seller accounts professional
and individual. If you have no clue about which
one to choose, there is a simple formula to
arrive at the answer. If you are going to sell
more than 40 items a month, then you would need a
professional account. If its otherwise, you can
open an individual account. You might ask why 40
items every month is a barrier the simple answer
is that Amazon will charge you USD 0.99 per item
when you are selling using an individual account.
For new sellers, it may be difficult to sell
more than 40 items per month. If thats the case,
you might as well put up a fee of USD 40 and
become a professional seller without the product
number limitation. Once you have chosen your
account type, the website would ask you to login
or create an Amazon account with the help of
your preferred email. The details you would need
to provide are

Business Name and Address I Agree to Seller
Agreement Mobile number or Telephone
number Billing Method to be used - this would be
a chargeable a credit card for a professional

Information about tax if opening a professional
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step For the seller information part,
you would need to give a name and address as well
as a Display Name. This is the name of the
supplier that buyers see as a hyperlink next to
the product. It can be anything you wish, but
while taking care of the fact that it is a public
name, you can choose something creative that
matches your brand. In the next step, you will
be asked to verify yourself by a phone call or a
text message. Lastly, you will be asked to
provide your bank account and credit card details
to mark the registration complete. Once you have
your seller account verified and ready, the next
step is finalizing your product and essential
tools. Product Research Essential Tools For
Amazon FBA sellers, it is the product research
that is most time-consuming. There is a great
deal of difficulty in predicting what to source
from a manufacturer and sell on Amazon. From
finalizing a product that you are planning to
sell to deciding its demand on the platform, you
need to make sure that all research aspects are
covered. There are many ways to do the product
research. This chapter aims at elucidating a few
methods so that it becomes easier for you to
understand its basic requirements. Reselling a
popular product is very profitable, but only at
the beginning. Products high on demand often
attract a lot of resellers, which ultimately
makes a particular product too competitive. The
reason is pretty self-explanatory - a single
product with too many resellers divides the
sales profit. A huge factor dedicating to this
issue is the repetition is selling patterns.
Videos found on YouTube regarding reselling tools
and techniques are too outdated for todays
competitive markets. Such recurrence in patterns
does nothing but kill the essence of effective
market strategies. Finding a reliable source in
getting expert advice is a very important factor
in determining the success of a product at
Amazon. The more experienced insight you receive,
the higher becomes your chances of success. It
also teaches you the skill of tackling difficult
situations and avoiding mistakes in the process
of establishing an online business on
Amazon. Before heading on to the techniques, let
us share Steven Mayers 24 core pillars of
product research. With ample experience in the
field of Amazon business, Mayer provides the best
possible tips on how to start and grow an online
business. If you follow these 24 advices during
your product research phase, we can guarantee
your success in private label business. And
whats better than guaranteed success? Here are
the techniques required to be followed in product
research 1. Speed of Reviews Reviews are a
significant determinant of the popularity of a
product. The more reviews a product has, the
greater number of customers it attracts. If you
  • How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
    - AMZ One Step
  • calculate the speed with which the product
    receives reviews, itll be easier to predict the
    growth in the product popularity. If the speed of
    reviews received on the particular product is
    high, then youll have to plan your launch
  • And by the time your product gets to the FBA,
    your competitors may have collected hundreds of
    reviews which can get difficult to complete with.
    So its better to start with low competition,
    and gradually progress with the demand of your
  • Quality of Reviews A product can have both
    positive and negative reviews, as there are
    customers of all kinds. No product is destined to
    receive either completely good or bad feedback.
    Hence, the quality of reviews matters when
    measuring competition. If you see a product
    making sales despite having bad reviews, then it
    becomes a golden opportunity for you to grab.
  • The best way is to improvise and launch the
    product, so as to maintain the reliability of
    your worth as a reseller. Even if your competitor
    has high reviews, you can still launch your
    product with a slightly lower price. Once you
    gain popularity, the price is all yours to
  • Number of Reviews Remember, figures are the
    governors of the business world, whether
    concerned with the part of the seller or buyer.
    People are drawn by numbers, and apart from the
    price, the number of reviews also attract
    customers, If a product is of decent quality and
    has managed to procure a high number of reviews,
    it is safer for you to not pursue that product.
    You dont want to end the game before the
    competition even begins.
  • Age of Listing Keeping track of the consistency
    of a product is very necessary. You must check
    the date when the competitor listings were first
    available on Amazon. It is not wise to jump on
    any product that has recently been launched. You
    cant predict whats going to become of the
    ratings as the product gets older and reaches its
    customers. Sometimes, sellers also use launch
    services to rank first on the search page, so
    looking for a consistent sales history is a
  • Market Depth Monopoly in the sellers of the same
    product is a dangerous thing, which you must
    avoid. Find out how many sellers are making a
    good amount of money from the product. If there
    are a few number of sellers on one product, and
    all of them are making decent sales, then it is
    safe for you to enter the market. However, if
    only one out of all the sellers is making money,
    then it is a zone you must not enter.

  • How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
    - AMZ One Step
  • Listing Quality When listing is done with a
    smart combination of keywords, the chances of
    the product appearing at the top results becomes
    higher. And if someone is making money despite a
    terrible listing of the product, it means the
    product has some other quality that attracts
  • You can exploit this by making your product
    appear visually appealing to the customers. It
    can easily be achieved with the use of some good
    photography tricks. Follow AM??
  • One Steps portfolio on listing optimization,
    where youll find great methods to improve your
    products presentation and ranking.
  • Sales Coming back to the importance of figures
    in the business world, time also plays an
    important role in labeling a product. The
    progress of a product is measured by the passage
    of time, and keeping an eye on the time frame of
    the sales history is very necessary. If a
    product has gained good sales in a time period of
    60 days, the it is safe for you pursue it. But
    anything less than 60 days is nothing but
  • Revenue Keeping the figures of at least 60 days
    in mind, check how much revenue other sellers
    are generating. It becomes a strong factor in
    analysing the popularity and
  • consistency of the product. Do not rely on any
    data below 60 days.
  • It is Who is Selling that matters The
    dominance of Amazon sellers over third party
    sellers is high. So you must keep in mind that
    your target product is not sold by Amazon,
    because then it can become too competitive for
  • And if the product is sold by FBA sellers, then
    it is a green light for you. And if you see a
    lot of FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) sellers,
    then you should confirm the FBA eligibility
    first before proceeding with it.
  • PPC Cost It is smart to go through the
    pay-per-click costs before doing the sourcing, as
    discovered by Steven Mayers. This cool hack will
    tell you if the product is going to be
    competitive in the near future or not. That way,
    youll figure out whether to go after the
    product, depending on the prediction of its
    popularity. If Amazon recommends you a high
    bidding cost per click, then it means that a lot
    of sellers are bidding on those keywords. And
    that is how you can do the smart work in your
    product selection phase!
  • Product Weight While youre aiming at making
    profit from your sales, it is better to know the
    weight of your product before its launching. This
    will help you analyse shipping estimates and FBA
    costs. If that is figured out, you will save
    yourself from the trouble of losing extra money
    due to the product weight. And if the numbers
    look good, there is no harm in going for heavy

  • How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
    - AMZ One Step
  • Price Product popularity and the demand often
    leads to an increment in the price. This is a
    common behavior observed in business, and
    breaking the norm sometimes feels like a fun
    thing to do. If you see someone selling a
    low-cost product at sky high prices, you can
    provide a fresh breath of air by sourcing the
    same product for a decent price. This way,
    youll easily cut through competition as
    customers will be more attracted towards a
    pocket-friendly product providing the same
    experience against the costly one.
  • Price Consistency Disparate prices for the same
    product can get suspicious. To play safe, you
    should find out the reason behind it.
    Inconsistency in the pricing can be result of
    either product availability or price war. Either
    way, the variation in price should not be
    overlooked and inspected to avoid future
  • Best Sellers Rank Knowing your competitors in
    the field of business is just as important as
    knowing yourself. The best way to check the
    behavioral pattern of your competitors is to
    check their BSR (Best Sellers Rank) of the past
    year. Since it keeps track of every item sold on
    the marketplace, it poses as a great help for new
    sellers to strategize and act accordingly.
  • Number of Sellers under Listing Foreign threats
    should never be overlooked in the online
    marketplace. Double check the number of sellers
    selling under the same listing. If you see more
    than one, then theres a high chance of getting
    hijackers on your listing. But that shouldnt
    deter you from making your Amazon business come
    to life. Instead, you should take necessary
    precautions to minimise the probability of it
  • Seasonal To find out whether a product is
    seasonal is also important, as it might be
    extremely popular and sell really well, until it
    runs out of fashion. Using tools like keepa or
    camelcamelcamel, you can check the BSR trends of
    that product.
  • Patents Many sellers overlook the paramount
    necessity of looking out for patented products.
    For security purposes, it is advisable to hire
    someone or even look up online to find out if a
    particular product is patented or not. Neglecting
    can get you in serious trouble, if you ever
    violate its rights .
  • Ha??mat Products with hazardous nature or
    ingredients must be handled with appropriately.
    If lots of listings are sold by merchant
    fulfilled sellers, then you should consider
    looking at the Hazmat eligibility of that
  • Restrictions Amazon has certain rules and
    regulations when it comes to online business for
    resellers. It has a few products listed under the
    restricted category, and those products cannot
    be sold by resellers. Therefore, it is important
    to check for such limitations.

How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step
  • Gated While some products are restricted, Amazon
    also has a category for gated products. These
    are the kind that require approval to be sold.
    Once you get the approval from Amazon, you can
    sell those products. The approval depends on your
    application, health account, and history.
  • Cash Flow If you want to stay ahead of the game,
    it is necessary to understand the cash flow.
    Its an important determinant in ensuring your
    stance in the online marketplace. Lots of
    businesses get collapsed when resellers do not
    have the capital to reorder and go out of stock.
    To avoid this from happening, strictly monitor
    your cash flow - both in and out.
  • Keywords To create an amazing listing that will
    make your product appear in the top list, you
    need to have knowledge of the right keywords for
    the product. Keywords are what the customers
    enter in the search bar while looking for a
    product. To match the results, having the right
    keywords is very important. Visit AM?? WordSpy to
    discover the keywords of your need.
  • Product Size Just like how it goes with product
    weight, product size should also be kept in mind
    before pursuing any product. This will help you
    understand FBA fees and shipping expenses, so
    that you dont get hit with unexpected charges.
  • Shipping Lastly, your product needs to be
    shipped in order to reach the customer. You must
    take care of the type of packaging for your
    product, as it might need special care if it is
    fragile. So, checking shipping requirements
    before sourcing product is very necessary. You
    should also calculate shipping costs before
    ordering units, in case you get surprisingly
    high quotes for shipping to FBA.
  • All of this might look a little overwhelming for
    a person dreaming of starting a business on
    Amazon. But trust us, once you get the hang of
    everything, things will become very easy for you
    to monitor, and youll become an expert in no
    time. Besides, it is important to go through the
    gifts and risks of business before you step into
    it. But, at least you know what you should and
    shouldnt do before sourcing a product!
  • Now lets move ahead to our favourite product
    sourcing technique.
  • Combination of Keyword Research with Product
    Research Tool
  • If youre looking for great ideas under a short
    amount of time, this product research method is
    your best option. This is a very powerful and
    underrated product research technique, which can

How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step help you increase the range of
your product reach, while also making it climb
the results list. The tools required for this
research method are AM?? WordSpy and Jungle Scout
Chrome extension. Helping you discover new
angles to your product is the motive of these
tools. How? Well, you find a keyword you never
knew could be associated with your product! We
often run out of ideas when it comes to product
research. But AM?? WordSpy is the solution to
this problem. You can search for any generic
keyword on AM?? WordSpy, and see the magic! This
tool will give you all other relevant product
ideas by looking for something interesting which
is not very common or even unheard of. You can
look up the same keyword on Amazon and run Jungle
Scout Chrome extension. While AM?? WordSpy
looks for keywords, Jungle Scout Chrome extension
provides average sales, reviews, and price of
that product. This way, youll not only be able
to find the right keywords for your product, but
also reveal the history of its growth and sales.
Alongside this, we strongly recommend you to go
through the 24 Pillars of FBA Product Research
for detailed information regarding this. And
this sums up half of your research behind the
product! As the competition for securing a high
ranking in the product list goes on, the struggle
for making your product stand out gets more
difficult. The reason why we dont look for
common keywords is because that is where the
golden gems lie. The unexplored keywords are what
give your product its unique identity, thereby
making it easily discoverable. If you have heard
of something, then chances are that the product
is already too competitive. If you do not find
interesting keywords related to your product,
then you should keep trying until you find a
product which will make you loads of money. And
it is quite understood that you need to have
resilience when it comes to business. Other
product research methods can take up to a few
months, but the one mentioned here gives instant
results. Its just a matter of days (with
invested energy) until youll eventually stumble
upon your golden nugget. Essential Tools for
your Successful FBA Journey 1. AMZ WordSpy AMZ
WordSpy is one of the best options when it comes
to finding a tool that will stay with you on
your journey towards being a successful Amazon
seller. It is a revolutionary tool that gives
you insights about which products are being
searched on Amazon by studying keyword trends.
The tool is offered by, which is a
reliable name in Amazons listing optimization
and PPC management.
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step AMZ WordSpy offers highly
relevant reports based on Amazons search
algorithm and equips you with the data about
which keywords are being searched by Amazons
customers the most. As a new seller on the
platform, you can make use of AMZ WordSpy to
decide your products, find relevant keywords to
work upon, and finally optimize your listings to
increase your sales. Features of AMZ WordSpy

Discover keywords driven by Relevance Tailored
for optimal PPC campaigns Ranking specific to
Amazons A9 search algorithm Take the guesswork
out of Keyword research Group, plug and optimize
your listings
2. Jungle Scout Until a few years ago, Jungle
Scout was a favorite amongst sellers on Amazon.
But with the introduction of new and innovative
product offerings in the market, the demand of
the platform has reduced. Jungle Scout tries and
removes the guesswork from product research and
helps generate more profits. The Jungle Scout
web app allows sellers to search through tens of
thousands of different products and locate those
which are most profit making. Product research
phase is absolutely crucial for FBA business. We
highly recommend Steven Mayers FBA Freedom
Hackers course. He offers one on one mentorship
along with other great perks like his mastermind
group, cool hacks and updated videos. Sourcing
a Private Label Manufacturer / Supplier Private
labeling means a brand that is owned by the
seller and not the manufacturer. The seller has
the products built with their brand name at a
manufacturing unit and sells it on Amazon.
Products with private labeling cost less than the
products by well trusted large brands. Other
benefits of private label supplying include

Dealing directly with the manufacturer Ability to
create products precisely as per one's
wish Greater control over marketing,
distribution, sales, pricing decisions Quicker
access to products
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step In the last few years, there has
been a massive rise in the number of companies
which have taken up private labeling as a
sustainable business model. Although it seems
easy at first upon further investigation, many
entrepreneurs have found that it is difficult
logistically speaking. There is a lot of benefit
from the point of view of marketing and branding.
However, it is difficult to locate a private
label manufacturer who would deliver good quality
products at a reasonably low price. There is
also the issue of having to deal with the rise in
the cost of raw materials or labor and
consequently having to increase the price. Most
cheap manufacturers are located in Asian
countries such as China. Whether you are an old
hand or new to the private labeling game it is
difficult to find good manufacturers domestic
or overseas. The best way to research is to find
out a retail outlet in your city and find out who
the manufacturer is and how the item is
positioned as luxury or ordinary. Once you have
names of a few manufacturers, do research about
them. It is also necessary to spend several
hours on Alibabas website. It is a Chinese
marketplace very similar to Amazon. You could
use Alibaba both to source your product as well
as hunt down potential suppliers. Look for
manufacturers who have OEM, white labeling,
customizable, etc written indicating that the
manufacturer generates product for private
labeling. If you are yet unable to decide which
manufacturers are good and dependable, there are
businesses out there who track high-quality
manufacturers. Trillion Source is a website which
helps locate good manufacturers. This type of
third-party sourcing is a good way of finding
good quality suppliers for sure.
Shipping From China to FBA Shipping products
from China to Amazon FBA is an integral part of
the selling process. The supplier has to make
sure that the products are prepared exactly as
Amazon FBA wishes it. Much of this depends on
the Chinese manufacturer. If the product does not
meet the FBA specifications, then it can cost
the seller seriously. When dealing with Chinese
suppliers language and proper communication is an
issue. Navigating the communication gap is what
one must watch out for at this stage. However, in
recent years most Chinese manufacturers have
adapted to the FBA specifications. Still, it is a
good idea to brief them well about the need to
abide by the FBA rules exactly. Advantages of
shipping from China to Amazon FBA
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step
It results in quicker transit. There is a
significant reduction in time taken by the goods
to reach Amazon warehouse. The more rapid
products reach Amazon the faster you can begin
selling. The cost paid to the intermediary is
saved. The amount needed to employ an
intermediary to inspect the goods is
saved. Disadvantages of shipping from China to
Amazon FBA Amazon wishes the product to be
distributed among its different fulfillment
centers and not one central location. Freight
and taxes have to be paid before Amazon takes
possession. There is no way to inspect the goods
when they arrive. Thus there is no way to find if
the products meet the standards you have
specified. Amazon has set strict shipping, and
packaging standards and the product has to abide
by those. Creating an Amazon Listing Once you
have your Amazon Seller account, it is time to
list what you wish to sell. At this stage, you
have chosen the product, opened a seller account,
secured services of a manufacturer for private
labeling and decided to ship goods from China to
Amazon FBA. Log in to your Amazon Seller
account. To add product go to the tab marked
Inventory at the top of the screen and click
Add a Product. After you have clicked Add a
Product you would be asked to search for the
product either by using barcode or by using
product description. If you are a manufacturer,
you may have to create a new product. The same
would hold true for a private label seller. Once
you have selected a product, the screen will
prompt you to enter product information. Three
types of input have to be made

The price at which you wish to sell the product
The condition the product is in If you want that
Amazon will ship the product or you want to ship
it yourself.
For pricing decisions choose the price, you are
most comfortable at. One of the most popular
ways is to search for similar items on Amazon and
price it a little lower than your competitors in
order to get an edge. When you are a new seller
without any reviews this is the quickest way to
make sure that you sell off the inventory
quickly. As for the condition and quality of the
goods try and be as honest and transparent as
possible. Of course, in the case of new goods
and private labeling this means establishing a
reputation for your brand. Try and make sure
that the products you are shipping are precisely
what you
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step advertised them as. Do not try
and pass off polyester mixed fabric as 100
cotton. Buyers read bad reviews first, and you
will never be able to establish your reputation
by promising something and delivering another.
Make sure that you do not ship defective
products. If faulty goods are shipped then
replace them as soon as possible without any
question (provided it is provable as a defect
due to manufacturing or shipping and not
user.) As for the last step you will have to
select I want Amazon to ship and provide
customer service for my items if they sell.
This is where you agree to use Amazon as FBA.
They take care of the shipping and
storage. Using Amazon FBA The most overlooked
step about how to sell on Amazon FBA is to create
a product with great labeling and packaging. Of
course, this only comes in once you have found a
supplier you want to source from. To go through
with this step, you will have to think of a brand
name and logo design. You may wish to employ
someone who specializes in graphical design or
this part. Once the logo has been designed to
send it to the supplier. They will make sure it
is part of the product, package it and ship
it. When suppliers have been paid, and
everything is packaged and ready to move, it is
time to send the goods to Amazon warehouses.
Since Amazon will not pay for freight, they have
to be shipped as Delivery Duty Paid or DDP. As
an Amazon Seller, one has to be very careful that
every charge has been prepaid or there is a
distinct danger of Amazon rejecting the entire
shipment. The most significant downside to
shipping directly to Amazon is that there is no
way to inspect the products and find if they
match the specifications provided to the
supplier. Chinese suppliers can make terrible
mistakes, e.g. package product of the wrong
color, and it will get you bad reviews. If you
are selling new items, convert them to Fulfilled
by Amazon. There are some items that cannot be
shipped via Amazon. You need to login into your
account and find which items which can be sent
through Amazon FBA. Click on the Inventory tab
in Amazon Seller homepage and then select
Manage Inventory. Go to Actions drop-down menu
and select manually those you wish to add to
Fulfilled by Amazon list. There are two advanced
options at this point. You will be asked to
select between FBA Label Service and Stickerless
and Commingled Inventory. The latter means that
if you are selling the same product as another
seller and it happens to be at a warehouse closer
to the customer, then it will be shipped in
place of your product. The risk is if the other
brand is not as good as yours then you will get
bad reviews. Of course, this means choosing the
FBA Label Service is the only
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step reasonable option. FBA Label
Service means Amazon puts a sticker on the items
to be sold on your behalf. If you wish to keep
margins higher, you may choose to print your own
stickers. Optimizing Product Listings There are
six aspects to a product listing on Amazon. These
include Product Name or Title Product titles
have a 250 character limit. Make sure you use
this to put in as much information as
possible. Product Image For each product, you
can add 9 images. Make sure that the photos are
at least 1000 x 500 pixels. If possible have the
images taken in high resolution by professional
photographers. This allows potential customers to
zoom in and check what they are really buying.
Make sure you include images from different
angles. Product Features Approach writing
features from a customers point of view. What
would he or she like to know or read about your
product? It is essential to add value to your
product through its features. Ensure that the
most important features are on top of the
list. Product Description There is a 2000
character limit on product description. Keep the
sentences short with no more than 15 20 words
and elaborate on the most important features of
your product. It is important to try and convince
the customer that this is a product they need so
you have to be persuasive. Product Reviews
Reviews are the best advertisement you can have.
They provide peer to peer feedback about how
good (or bad) a product is. They make the product
seem a trustworthy investment. For a new seller
getting good reviews can be tough but if you
maintain your quality and keep prices as low as
possible then with time you are sure to get
great reviews. Product Rating The ratings along
with reviews make your product a winner (or
loser). If your product consistently gets four
or five stars, it is very satisfactory. If it
always gets between one and three stars review
your product and its quality. Try and glean
information from the bad reviews about what went
wrong. AMZ One Step is highly recommended for a
one stop solution to all your Amazon product
listing needs. From professional product
photography, graphic designs, EBC, to PPC
Campaigns and content writing, AMZOneStep has
got everything covered for you! Fixing Amazon
SEO Improving Product Rankings and Increasing
the Sales
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step
With the growing interest in the field of
e-commerce, many people are taking interest in
the online marketplace. In a plethora of similar
products on Amazon with varying prices and
qualities, it is very important to ensure that
your product stands out. As much as it is
important to impart unique traits to your
product, it is also equally necessary to keep the
progress consistent. You dont want your product
to get lost in thousands and thousands of search
results. According to the Bloomberg study, more
than 55 of the buyers turn to Amazon in search
of a particular product. Therefore, to boost
your sales on Amazon platform, you must pay
attention to the reach of your product. To
achieve this, one must enhance their SEO services
to ensure good rankings. Even if your product is
of high quality and sold at a pocket-friendly
price, what good is it if it cant reach the
customers? What is Amazon SEO? In short, Amazon
SEO makes sure you are seen. Listing optimization
is related to the optimization of the product
listings, whereas Amazon SEO aims at choosing the
best keywords for Amazon in order to improve
your products visibility. According to Sellics,
90 of the consumers make purchases from the
first three pages on the Amazon Search Result
Page. Such pattern of behavior visible in
customers proves fatal to the products that
appear on the fourth page and onwards. Such is
the cut-throat competition between businesses on
Amazon. To prevent your product from getting
lost on the website, the seamless SEO service
helps you by increasing the chances of your
product to appear with the use of appropriate
keywords. And so, the number of visitors to your
page will go up and ultimately the sales will be
boosted. The SEO comes in handy when a number of
similar products are competing for recognition.
The only way to emerge successful from such
competition is the proper organisation of product
page. What attracts a customer first is the
name, and then the presentation. How do you make
a customer stay on your page? The answer is
simple - you design it according to the liking of
the customer. Apart from an affordable price,
customers pay attention to the product image and
description. If you select the right images for
your product and skilfully include engaging
content, your online sales will definitely shoot
up. How to Fix Amazon SEO and Increase Sales?
  • How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
    - AMZ One Step
  • With everything becoming increasingly digital,
    people have started preferring shopping online.
    And the number keeps increasing day by day. And
    the customer band is not limited to a certain
    age group, but includes people of all age groups
    and gender. While some prefer making online
    purchases on their laptops, there are many who do
    it on the phones instead. According to a survey,
    more than 62 of the smartphone users make
    purchases through their mobile devices. Hence,
    it is very important to optimize the sellers
    product page to suit a mobile phone.
  • To achieve this, focus must be zeroed on the SEO
    services of the product page - both for laptop
    and mobile devices. It also calls the need to fix
    any drop in the sales percentage, which might be
    arising out of page navigation issues. This can
    be done through the following
  • Optimize the Keywords The Amazon Search Page
    shows top results with the trending products.
    These products have unique keywords that separate
    them from the crowd, and easily get featured on
    top search results. For trending on Amazon Search
    Page, you must optimize their keyword ranking so
    that the customers can get an access to your
  • Provide Amazing Deals The product listing also
    rearranges according to the deals provided by
    sellers. These deals, apart from product
    promotion, also establish a positive image in
    the eyes of the consumer, thereby making them
    return. The sellers can offer their products at
    discounted rates that will eventually help them
    in enhancing the product listing. The deals
    provided by the seller can vary from gift
    vouchers, best deals, buy one get one free,
    and much more.
  • Improve Timings and Bounce Rate Customers are
    inclined to stay at a product page that
    interacts with them. To make your page rich with
    engaging content, you can share videos of
    products, attractive infographics, add relevant
    statistics, and use striking meta descriptions.
    This way, the buyers will stay at your page for a
    long time and increase the conversion rate.
  • Strategies To Gain More Reviews On Amazon
  • Reviews speak volumes about the authenticity of a
    product, as customers rely on them to cross-
    check the quality of the product from
    descriptions. To have reviews in itself is huge
    for the sellers, as it becomes a proving ground
    for them. Verified reviews and unverified reviews
    have become very imperative for the sellers as
    they facilitate in gaining more traffic and boost
    the sales. However, getting verified purchase
    reviews is a challenge in itself. In the past,
    sellers could get good reviews by giving away
    their products for free, or at a discounted rate.
    Sellers exploited this opportunity to promote
    their products, which was unfair to other
    sellers. And eventually, customers started
    losing trust in these reviews.

How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step Therefore, to regain their
approval and put and end to this malpractice,
Amazon banned incentivised reviews. This has
made a fair game among the resellers. Now,
gaining Amazon reviews is more important than
ever because customers use them as reference
while purchasing products. They have emerged as
the criteria for decision-making when it comes to
shopping, which is a great way to make online
shopping transparent. To get more reviews on
Amon, sellers can adopt the following
techniques Create an E-mail List Amazon does
not allow sellers to contact its customers
outside the retail sphere. So the only way
customers can be contacted is on Amazon itself,
in the review section. The more reviews your
product has, the more customers will take
interest in it. However, if the response is not
positive, sellers can send a confirmation email
to the customer in order to ask for feedback.
Yous can ask them about their level of
satisfaction and what they didnt like in the
product. This way, youll be able to turn a
negative review into a positive one just because
you give importance to each and every customer.
Also, itll help you realise the shortcomings of
your product, so that you can improve upon
it. Although its a long and tedious process, the
result is long-term effective. Product
Insert Product inserts intend to personally
interact with the customer to help build an
emotional connection. Leaving a small Thank
You note, or a simple compliment can impress the
customer. Good packaging with product inserts
will help reduce negative feedback. In this
insert, you can also appeal to them to pen down
an Amazon review. This must not be confused with
customer incentivisation, as product inserts
communicate with customers not incentivize
them. Professional Help Customers are quick to
write negative feedback than a positive one. It
is a common psychological set-up that makes the
situation worse for sellers. Review management
tools help you get feedback and increase the
reviews in a legal way, because positive
responses are vital for the growth of
sellers. There are a lot of review management
softwares available in the market that would help
you boost your reviews, and ultimately sales.
AMZ Finder, Feedback Five and Feedback express
are a few names of such softwares.
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step In addition, one can join the
Amazon Vine Program or Early Reviewer Program to
get honest and unbiased feedback from
customers. Pay Per Click Campaign Amazon pay
per click campaigns are the most effective ways
to perk up sales. Amazon PPC Campaign increases
sales and that helps you rank organically on
Amazon. There are the few things you need to
manage in your campaigns like ACoS, impressions,
keywords, manual/automatic targeting - to name a
few. How PPC works? When you advertise your
private label product, Amazon shows your ad to
potential buyers depending on keywords and your
product category. Sellers bid on keywords and pay
per click. Higher the bid, more impressions your
listing gets. And more impressions lead to more
sales. If you are bidding lower than suggested
amount by Amazon then your ad may not show up on
the front page of the search term. All ads have a
sponsored sign below the title of listing. So to
make it to the front page, you must pay the
required amount so as to make your customers
aware of your product. When you go for Automatic
Campaign, you give Amazon the freedom to
automatically choose keywords from your listing
and advertise on those keywords. Amazon shows
your ad on your competitors listing as
well. Steps on how to activate Automatic
Campaign Step1 Click on Advertising from Home
Page tab. Step2 Click on Campaign
Manager. Step3 Select the option Create
Campaign. Step4 Choose Campaign Name, set
Daily Budget, select Start and End Date, opt for
Automatic Campaign, and click on Continue to Next
Step. Step5 Select your product you want to
advertise. Step6 Choose Default Bid and click
on Save and Finish.
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step By opting for Manual Campaign,
you provide Amazon with all keywords you want to
advertise on. However, it should be noted that
the allotted keywords are relevant, otherwise
impressions will not be generated on
them. Step1 Click on Advertising from Home
Page tab. Step2 Select Campaign
Manager. Step3 Click on Create
Campaign. Step4 Choose Campaign Name, set
Daily Budget, select Start and End date, opt for
Manual Campaign and click on Continue to Next
Step. Step5 Select product you want to
advertise. Step6 Select Default Bid and
choose the keywords you want to advertise on. You
can choose keywords suggested by Amazon, or
provide your own keywords. Click Save and
Finish. I have mixed opinions on these two
campaigns, and recommend experimenting with both
of them before proceeding with the one that
shows better results. Some important metrics you
should know Advertising cost of sales (ACoS)
Advertising cost of sales can be calculated by
dividing total ad spent by sales generated. For
example, if you spend 1 on ads and generate 5
of sales, your ACoS would be 20. Lower the ACoS
percentage, the better it is. Impressions The
number of times your ad was displayed is called
impressions. And as far as invalid clicks are
concerned, it may take up to 3 days to remove
them from your reports. Clicks The number of
times your ad was clicked by any buyer is called
clicks. It may take up to 3 days for accurate
data to be provided. Attributed sales Sales
generated by your campaign is called attributed
sales. If your sales amount exceeds attributed
sales, then it means that your remaining sales
are organic. It may take up to 2 days to collect
sales data. How to optimize your PPC campaign?
  • How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
    - AMZ One Step
  • Running PPC campaign is very quick and simple,
    but optimizing your campaign and getting more
    sales with less ad amount is a little bit tricky.
    To straighten out the process, here are a few
    things you need to do for better results
  • Find your Keywords Whether it is a manual
    campaign or automatic campaign, you are supposed
    to research and find all keywords related to your
    product. Enter all those keywords in your manual
    campaign and in your listing as well.
  • Understanding Budget and bids Amazon suggests
    how much you should bid in order to get more
    impressions. For beginning stages I recommend
    bidding on the higher end, and after you have
    successfully ranked your product on page one then
    you can bid on the lower side. Set your budget
    to at least 20 times more than your high bid and
    watch it for the next few days. Adjust, if
  • Cutting down non performing keywords After a
    week of your PPC campaign, you can check the
    data of your expenditure and sales. To analyse
    the function of particular keywords better,
    raise your bid on keywords which are increasing
    your sales. It is better to remove keywords from
    the campaign which are not giving you sales,
    because theyre causing you loss. If you are not
    sure what to do then watch your campaign
    performance for a couple more days before
    reaching a conclusion.
  • Reduce bids after Ranking Amazon suggests the
    range of bid you should enter. Higher bid equals
    more impressions. If you have ranked your product
    on the first page then you should reduce bids
    because you are already receiving enough
    impressions. Reducing bids will still help you
    get more impressions and work like fuel on gas
    because you have already ranked your product and
    organic sales are also flowing in.
  • Optimize your Listing For best PPC results,
    clicks will convert into sales only if your
    listing is optimized. Lets say you have a
    visitor on your listing through PPC, and you
    already spent money on that visitor and cannot
    afford to let that visitor go without generating
    sales. So optimizing your listing is absolutely
    crucial when starting PPC.
  • Optimize your listing now.
  • How much should you spend on PPC?

How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step 3. Product ranking. Brand
awareness may need a lot of budget because you
want to ensure that people recognize your brand
and buy your products in future. In this campaign
strategy, you will be running advertisements
regardless of your sales position. You should
devise a budget for daily expenditure, but
advisably spend between 100-500 per day. If
you are looking to get more sales out of your
campaign, then you should optimize your listing
and watch all your keywords performance every
week. Also,try to keep your ACoS below 20.
Follow the aforementioned PPC optimizing steps,
and I can assure that you will get good sales at
a low cost. Figuratively, 20-50 per day are
enough for this campaign. If your goal is to
rank your product on the top page, then you need
to optimize your listing and spend between
80-100 a day. These numbers are estimated for
a competitive niche, hence it is not necessary to
spend this much on your campaigns. What are
negative keywords? Negative keywords are used to
prevent showing your ad when those keywords are
searched. FAQs When do you start PPC
Campaigns? I would start PPC as soon as listing
is optimized but for better ACoS results you can
start after getting few reviews. When do you
stop PPC? I never stop PPC. I just reduce my
budget and bids. How many keywords should I
How to sell on Amazon in 2019 (FBA Private Label)
- AMZ One Step You should include as many as
possible relevant to your product. Do not include
non relevant keywords because you may lose money
or increase ACoS.
Launch your Product At the start of your journey
as an Amazon FBA seller, you will not have any
reviews or ratings and zero sales. When the
product listing goes live try and find your
product. It will be hard. It will be even harder
for the customer. And even if they stumble upon
it, there is no reason for them to buy it since
there are no reviews. Ask friends and relatives
to search and buy it from Amazon and leave a
review. Do not share with them the link but have
them search for your product instead. They have
to buy it at full price so that there is no
problem with incentivized reviews. Moreover,
other customers will see it as a Verified
Purchase if it is sold at full price. Also, sign
up for Amazon Affiliates and on every product
page include an affiliate link. After you
receive at least two to five reviews turn on PPC.
If this is the first time, you are running
sponsored ads research keywords using a tool such
as AMA Keyword Generator. Set up a campaign with
50 to 70 keywords and let it run for two weeks.
Use the report to find which keywords are
profitable. Changing keywords in Amazon listing
causes it to jump almost immediately. Check for
it in the following way

Type in a keyword and find where you rank for
that. Add the keyword to the title and
features. Do the same search again and find how
many places your item has moved up.
With some experimentation and few good reviews,
your product will begin to climb towards page 1
of Amazon. Conclusion We have laid out the key
steps to selling on Amazon FBA. It is mostly a
process of learning by trial and error. The very
first product you launch will probably not make
you a millionaire overnight. But after trying a
few times with different products, manufacturers,
and promotional campaigns, you will develop an
instinct about what works and what doesnt.
Needless to say, the importance of practical
experience is paramount because at the end of the
day, selling on Amazon is retailing and requires
a lot of techniques and know-how.
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