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5 Professional Ways for Website Development


Website Development is now a part of every business planning. While it is a task of every day, you need a refreshing concept and way to avoid getting tired. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Professional Ways for Website Development

5 Professional Ways for Website Development
Sick And Tired Of Doing Website Development The
Old Way? Read This
  • The whole impression of a website relies on the
    quality of its design. Whether the users are
    fascinated or not upon visiting the site depends
    on its design and appearance.
  • The fact shows how important is the web
    development stage in creating an active online
  • Every website development project has to run
    through various steps that take the project from
    beginning to finishing point. The web development
    steps split the task into calm and practicable
  • Even though the exact stage of the web
    development process differs slightly, but the
    most basic steps persist the same.
  • More than 75 of websites are built in a
    professional process by developers in 2018 using
    pro-developers platforms.
  • These B2B solutions offer tools for building
    advanced websites comprising custom design and
    CMS (Content Management Systems), such as
    WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • However, to build functioning websites, website
    builders have to transform the static graphic
    design into code manually.
  • This manual programming is expensive (up to 70
    of the budget) and timewasting.

  • Designers are unseen in this process they cannot
    practice their designs in real time and unable to
    communicate directly with their clients.
  • In case if you are tired using the same
    monotonous process of doing web design and web
    development then here are five latest and
    essential phases of the design process that will
    surely assist you to understand how a website is
    designed and developed on a professional way.

  • STEP 1 project Planning
  • Project planning mentions in determining the
    overall aims and ideas of the web development
    project. This phase is perhaps the most vital
    stage in the complete project. We further segment
    it into following parts
  • Identify the needs 
  • Assessing needs refers to finding out the exact
    requirements of the website.
  • This comprises determining the target consumers,
    website objectives, comprehensive features, and
    other similar information about the website.
  • 2. Project Summary  
  • It sums-up the websites supplies.
  • The document is usually short and provides as a
    reference point all through the web development
  • 3. Determining Required Resources 
  • The project planning phase also describes the
    resources and software or website development
    tools needed.

  • This phase helps in noticing all the 3rd party
    media requirements, and adding up all the
    resource needs to calculate the average cost of
    web development.
  • 4. Key performance objectives 
  • The website planning phase also incorporates
    determining key performance indicators.
  • Project deadlines accounted for costs, and page
    speed is some of the website design and
    development aims that are all set at this phase.
  • 5. Competitor Analysis 
  • Lastly, this stage also incorporates showing
    competitor exploration.
  • Which are the competing businesses of your
    website? How many visitors will visit the site?
    What can be the bounce rate?
  • Other imperative things that are well-thought-out
    at this stage comprise visual branding, call to
    action, navigation, and layout.

  • STEP 2 Determining Project Scope
  • The next phase of the web design process
    comprises determining the project range.
  • Creating a well-explained choice of the project
    will assist in guaranteeing that the website
    project finishes on time and within the stated
    website development costs.
  • One of the most elegant ways to define the scope
    of the project is through a Gantt chart. A Gantt
    chart offers a great visual reference for the
  • The chart displays activities incorporated into
    the project. It also presents the exact timeframe
    for the end of each stage.
  • It assists in stipulating the scope of the
    project. Furthermore, it also creates
    responsibility between the website design team at
    the best web development company in the USA or
    any other nations that you hire for your project.
  • STEP 3 Website Design
  • The next crucial stage of the website design
    process is designing the website itself.
  • In this step, the website development team of top
    web development companies emphases on choosing
    the theme, color, layout, features, and other
    features of the website.

  • Throughout this stage, the web design and
    development in the USA and other countries
    involves several components such as company logo,
    a color that reinforces brand identity, a theme
    that reproduces the companys product portfolio
    and design that is sophisticated and looks
  • The website designer of top web development
    companies in India or your preferred zone can
    build one or more model designs for the website.
  • It is then referred to the website owners through
    email with the mock-ups of the website.
  • STEP 4 Website Development
  • In this web development stage, the professional
    team at the top web development companies in the
    world receive individual components of the
    website and use them to build a functional
  • The stage comprises of developing a home page
    after which a shell is created for the interior
  • The shell covers navigational structure and site
    blueprint without the web content.
  • Once the website owner delivers the content, it
    is disseminated all over the site in the
    specified areas.
  • On the practical side, the website development
    process comprises components such as designing
    interactive contact forms, applying payment
    gateways and opting for a CMS (content management
    system) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

  • STEP 5 Website Testing and Deployment
  • The fifth and last stage of the website is
    testing and deployment process.
  • In this phase, the website designer gives final
    touches to the site and tests the website before
  • The professional web development company will
    check the complete functionality of the site to
    make sure that it works very smoothly without any
  • The designer included in website development
    services will then perform the tests on the
    forums and scripts to make sure that the site
    appears well on different devices and platforms,
    confirm internal links, and other related tasks.
  • The website designer will also authenticate the
    website codes to make sure that it meets current
    website standards.
  • This makes sure that the website functions
    smoothly without any concerns and problems.
  • The website is then displayed to its owners to
    achieve ultimate approval of the site. After the
    final sanction, its time to submit the website.
  • The web design team of the best web development
    company that you hired, will upload the site on a
    hosting server stated and chosen using the FTP
  • Once they upload the website on the hosting
    server, the last checkup is done to assure that
    the site works without any issue.

  • This step is performed to confirm the correct
    upload of all the files and that the site is
    entirely serviceable.
  • A professional website creator knows those fine
    details. However, there are lots more to it.
  • Hiring the best website design companies for
    smaller business will assist your website to
    increase online visibility, be interactive and
    lots more.
  • Why Should You Hire a Professional Website Design
  • 1. Technologies 
  • The best web development companies in India and
    the other nations are acquainted with
    cutting-edge technologies, standards, and design
  • Moreover, working with an agency will keep the
    website well-running.
  • This means executing new menus, new scripts, and
    new database entries and so on.
  • If you are not a professional, you could not
    understand the amount of work required to keep a
    website active.
  • 2.Tips for improving the image of the site  
  • Enticing as many people as possible are one of
    the core reasons why any business wants an online

  • A good designer with professional website
    templates usually has an appealing sense.
  • He can recommend some color schemes, button
    placement, menu interface colors and many more.
  • 3. Experience  
  • Hiring professional Indian web developers or the
    one from your zones to make sure for a better
    experience is essential. Make sure you read some
    portfolios and check how experienced they are.
  • With experience comes understanding.
  • An experienced person will know several website
    development languages, how to handle databases
    and how to communicate with different parts and
    features of a webpage, to make it more
  • 4. Huge savings  
  • In the long run, business will recuperate its
    website development costs.
  • However, after that, it can start making more and
    more money.
  • This is typically the procedure for any website
    that sells products online.
  • Also working with best website Design Company
    ensures a befitting execution.
  • Along with that, applying various SEO strategies
    will assist your business to enhance visibility
    and appeal to new customers.

  • Conclusion
  • Finally, you must know that the web development
    process takes enough time and efforts.
  • Designing a visually attractive website that
    outshines from the competition is an arduous
  • However, the rewards are indeed more significant
    than the effort, cost, and time prerequisite to
    building a good-looking website.
  • Also, it is vital to hire a website development
    company in the USA or your preferred nations that
    offers graphic design websites services with
    affordable website design options.
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