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Proven Health Benefits Of Relaxation Massage Therapy


Relaxation massage is using manual and hands-on techniques applied to muscles and other soft tissues such as tendons and skin to improve health and wellbeing. In a Relaxation massage, the therapist won’t push your pain limits in order to get the muscle to loosen. You might even fall asleep! You might even fall asleep! Here are some benefits of massage therapy; – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Proven Health Benefits Of Relaxation Massage Therapy

  • 10 Surprising Advantages

  • Relaxation massage therapy is a great choice for
    someone who just wants to bring their stress
    level down
  • Itd be also the best option to people who is
    getting a therapy for the first time
  • It is necessary to know what to expect for a
    relaxation massage. Here are some benefits of
    massage therapy

1.Reduce muscle tension
  • The purpose of massage therapy is to target the
    source of the bodys pain by eliminating tense
    muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing
    relaxation to the affected muscles as well as the
    body as a whole
  • 2.Improved blood flow
  • Improved circulation is part of a snowball effect
    that happens in the body as a result of receiving
    regular massage therapy on a consistent basis

3.Reduce stress
  • Not only can massage therapy help with stress
    relief, but regular massage sessions over a
    prolonged period of time can boost energy levels,
    reduce pain, and stimulate individuals on
    physical as well as emotional levels
  • 4.Enhance sense of wellbeing
  • Massage Therapy improves the blood
    circulation,reduce stress and increase muscle
  • Thereby it can improve your lifestyle and
    physical health

5.Improved mood
  • People who were depressed and anxious can get
    benefited form relaxation massage!
  • As it is proven that patients were much more
    relaxed and happy, and had reduced stress levels
    after massage
  • 6.Improved sleep
  • Not only can massage encourage a restful sleep-it
    also helps those who cant otherwise comfortably
  • It is proven that,Massage promotes relaxation and
    sleep in those undergoing chemo or radiation

7.Increased energy level and vitality
  • In the modern era,everyone seems to be tired
    always.It is very rare to encounter people with
    high energy level!
  • Massage therapy at the same time enhances a
    persons physical and mental wellbeing
  • 8.It boosts immunity
  • It is a well-known fact that individuals who
    experience high levels of stress are more
    vulnerable to illness and injury
  • A person with less stress will have more immunity

9.It relieves headaches
  • Massage decreases frequency and severity of
    tension headaches
  • A single session of massage therapy immediately
    effects perceived pain in patients with chronic
    tension headaches
  • 10.It Can Help Improve Posture
  • Most individuals are dealing with some kind of
    postural stress,more often than not tends to
    manifest in the shoulders and neck
  • Luckily, massage can counteract the imbalance
    caused from sitting, which means you can keep
    your desk job-as long as you schedule a regular

  • Relaxation massage is using manual and hands on
    techniques applied to muscles and other soft
    tissues such as tendons and skin to enhance
    health and wellbeing
  • No matter what the cause of discomfort or pain, a
    relaxation massage therapy session improves
    general health and creates a state of wellbeing

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