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The everyday uses of Synthetic Urine


| Synthetic urine is an artificially produced product that mimics real human urine. Learn more about synthetic urine's everyday uses, from passing drug tests to calibrating urological instruments, and which products are available to the public. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The everyday uses of Synthetic Urine

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  • Synthetic urine is an artificially manufactured
    liquid substance that simulates the appearance,
    smell and formulation of actual human urine.
  • Its designed to match the PH level of real urine
    as well as contain realistic amounts of urea,
    uric acid, sulfates, chlorides, phosphates and
  • Synthetic urine is commercially available in
    various specialty shops, truck stops and at
    online retailers (roughly 17-40).

  • Bans have been proposed in several states with
    the intention of stopping people from using
    synthetic urine to cheat on drug tests.
  • Proponents cite concerns about truck drivers and
    other employees posing a risk to the public in
    the case that they are intoxicated at work or
    behind the wheel.
  • At least 18 states already have laws against the
    sale or use of synthetic urine, as well as
    against any sort of drug test tampering.

  • Scientific research Artificial urine offers
    scientists the ability to grow and study
    urological pathogens in the absence of toxins,
    diseases or other variations.
  • Medical student urinalysis practice Clean,
    standardized artificial urine is ideal for use by
    medical students learning to do urological
    testing and diagnostic work.
  • Calibration of urine testing equipment
    Urological testing instruments can be calibrated
    using artificial urine, as it is free of any
    unnatural components and does not vary as a

  • Testing of materials for medical use Urological
    products and medical supplies like catheters and
    implants can also be tested for material
    durability and safety.
  • Other product testing Artificial urine stains
    and smells just like real urine, which makes it
    useful for testing and demonstrating the
    abilities of cleaning and odor-removing products.

  • Garden fertilizer Its used as a natural method
    of boosting plant growth and repelling insect
  • Alternative medicine Synthetic urine is capable
    of restoring important electrolytes in the body.
  • Passing drug tests Employees and private
    citizens can protect their personal privacy and
    livelihood by using artificial urine to pass drug
    testing at work and elsewhere.

  • All of our synthetic urine products are
    guaranteed to be undetectable and produce clean,
    negative results on any drug test.
  • Synthetic Urine Kit
  • Full kit with two vials of drug-free concentrate,
    two hand warmers, a temperature strip and a 4-oz.
  • Just add warm water to concentrate, then keep
    warm with included hand warmers.

  • Single vial of Synthetic Urine
  • Intended as a refill for our full kit not
    intended to be used alone.
  • Just add warm water to create realistic,
    non-detectable urine.
  • One vial of clean, drug-free artificial urine

  • Clear Test is a professional online retailer of
    synthetic urine products, detox drinks, shampoos
    and more. Since our founding in 1998, we've
    worked to help U.S. citizens protect their
    privacy and retain personal freedom in the face
    of intrusive urine, saliva and hair follicle drug
  • Learn more about our mission, our products and
    the process of drug testing at

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