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Need of technology in school management (1)


A school attendance management system? A fees management system,there is a need of management system so that all the management activities could be done in an organise way. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Need of technology in school management (1)

Need Of Technology In School Management
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Managing educational institutions is no more a
kids stuff. Staff would help a lot but wont be
sufficient to handle everything with efficiency.
In that case, what is solution left to you. Is
this a call for technology? Yes, and there are
already a lot technologies available for it. You
must be knowing about many such as
  • ERP systems
  • Cloud computing services
  • Data management software
  • Message and communication software
  • Reporting software
  • Others that you may or may not have heard about

Are these adequate to be consolation to
plight?Now the question arises if it is enough
to just opt of technology? While you use these
plenty of software separately for various
purposes, you face a great deal of hassles such
  • Uploading of same data more than one times for
    different sorts of tasks. (for e.g. class wise
    list of students).
  • Compatibility and coordination among various
  • Difficulty in collecting reports from divergent
    software in practice.
  • Flagging the operations.
  • Leaping costs of installations and maintenance.
  • Conflicts between several competitors having like
  • Lacking automation in several general tasks.
  • Inefficiencies and obsolete technologies.
  • Rising employee training costs

There is a great deal of other reasons why you
would be feeling miserable if you plan to have
opted purpose specific software. Hence it is
clear that choosing any technology no brainily is
no solution to your predicament. It sometimes can
even make situations worse.
Discomfort means need for a change.If you
are spending and still having discomfort, it
calls for an immediate change.
  • But what change?
  • What are the gaps that need to be filled?
  • What element needs to be revised?

Answer to above questions is integration and
advancement of solutions. At present, school
management need to revise their tech requirements
and put an end to this devitalizing system of
School management systems
  • The most neoteric demands correspond to the
    entailment of some plenary school management
    solutions infused with all value software that
    can be required in a school management.
  • This system should be efficient and dependable
    as it would be handling a wide range of
    significant tasks at the same time.

A virtual campus
assistantOne of the most trustable product of
the times serving with the proficient school
management service is Edwao.
Value Features of Edwao
  • User friendly
  • Integrated system
  • Customizable
  • Providing surfeit of services
  • Pocket friendly pricing plans
  • No hidden charges
  • A proficient system
  • Capable of handling prodigious amount of data


Heres what we do for you
  • Overall Institute management
  • Taking over all the hustles of managing your
    institute in a way efficient than ever. You wont
    have to look much over management of your
    schools, colleges or universities, if you have
    hired Edwao.
  • From admission to day to day reporting, we would
    change the customary scenario of your institution
    and would make it better than ever.
  • Admission management For those having hard
    pressed phase during admissions and others
    wanting an admission automation for future needs,
    this admission management module of Edwao would
    be serving you with a great job.
  • Attendance management Putting your resources to
    the tasks they were appointed for, we relieve
    them from almost all the overhead tasks.
    Attendance is moreover a regular one so it cuts
    a lot burden on their part.

To be continued
  • Staff management
  • Your task-force working hours, their reporting
    and overall things can be checked at any time
    using this software.
  • You can painlessly know what they are up to and
    what they should be improving upon.
  • Student management
  • Their attendance, their entire data and
    performance etc. can be easily put together by
    this software.
  • It is also useful for their parents to trace the
    activeness of their children at school.

To be continued
  • Fee management
  • This module handles the accounts data related to
  • One can smoothly check the fee defaulters and
    their respective balances. Also the messaging and
    communication system lends you authority to ping
    the guardians regarding same,
  • Library management Managing all the petty and
    major issues of library, our system is a complete
    package. You may check when to pull back the
    resources which are dispensed to students at any
    time and message them regarding same.
  • Employee, Students and Parents login platform
    This specific module gives everyone a platform to
    check the complete information they have rights
    to. This module lends a different screen to
    students, teachers and parents.

To be continued
  • Schedules and courses management
  • At any point of time you can make and alter
    schedules and convey it to parties by a common
  • Also you can manage various courses and upload
    syllabus for all at this only platform
  • Communication and messaging system This lets
    the admin, staff, students and parents to convey
    formal information to each other.

  • For opting the right one for your needs, you must
    rely on market front runners. Edwao is the one to
    be relied upon. Making your experience worthwhile
    is assured.
  • Contact them today at
  • You can also call them at 0172-4012341
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