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Guide for getting student visa


Avenues Abroad presents a comprehensive guide for student visa. For more information, visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guide for getting student visa


Going abroad for higher education is not only a
prestigious issue rather it is linked to
enriching yourself by plunging in the most
diverse pool of knowledge. It is exciting as well
as challenging. Going abroad is matter of
dedication, maintaining your consistent integrity
and passion and believing in yourself that YOU
TRACK IS. Why we are mentioning the word harsh
here is that when one goes abroad, he lands into
a completely unknown place. He faces different
cultural people, lifestyles and also there
remains a combination of fear and excitement
regarding the thrills that is lying ahead during
his stay in his dreamland. If you are one of
those student who aspires to dive into this huge
knowledge pool, then, start planning while you
are still in your high school or is towards your
completion of Graduation. It is a gradual mind
setup as it involves a lot of analysis and
preparation before you can ultimately land in
your cherished country for fulfilling all your

When it comes to going in other countries for
higher education, the most common names that one
can think of are- USA, Canada, New Zealand,
Australia, Singapore, UK, Germany, Poland and
Malta. But does every student think of all these
countries keeping their educational purposes
consistent? Obviously, NO. This is because every
student has different interests, preference and
objectives. Some thinks of a country keeping only
higher education in mind while there are many
students who keep an option of settling abroad
after completing higher education from abroad. No
matter, what your choice is but you need to have
clear and concise idea regarding the environment
and opportunities of the country where you are
planning to study. Without proper analysis and
guidance, you can end up in some obnoxious
situation that can hamper your dedication. In
order to prevent this significant loss to your
career, we Avenues Abroad are always there by
your side to provide you all the requisite help
regarding your dream destination. This is the
reason why, we will be briefly discussing about
the environment and opportunities that the above
mentioned countries have for you so that you can
decide the best for you in a most perfect manner.

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If you are someone who dream to have lavish
experience while you study, then, USA can be
perfect for you. Starting from its oh-so-beauties
of the landscapes to its people and culture, it
is one of the most immigrant friendly nation of
the world boasting of having more 4,000 class one
universities across the nation offering so many
choices of higher education prospects. It is
globally renowned for its amplified and high
quality academia and allowance for flexible
university classes to the students. As per the
latest rankings, 16 Universities only from USA
ranks among the top 20 global universities. With
so many options of career and professions as well
as research and development arenas to choose
from, you will be fascinated with the infinite
opportunities that this country will flung to you
and you just need to have a solid GRIP OVER YOUR

There are various debates regarding which one can
be the best option for a student? Some says that
UK is better than US and some says the exact
vice-versa. Keeping this controversy at bay, you
can enjoy the global exposure to an immensely
diversified classroom that perhaps you havent
thought in your dream before. Just think how many
new friends you can make. Its amazing. Isnt it?
UK university fees are comparatively lower than
the USA ones. Like the main language of USA is
English, the same is in UK too, alongside with
French, one of the most liked language medium in
both of these nations. If you are someone who is
interested in pursuing higher education in Arts
and Humanities, then UK can be an awesome choice
as this nation is specialised for its arts and
humanities courses. With so many globally
renowned universities to choose from, you can
have a total VALUE FOR MONEY experience as it
offers a numerous scholarship programs and
extracurricular activities while you study. So,
you can well imagine that you will never be bored
here rather, there can be surprises for you in
every moment.

Top class universities, incredible nature,
vibrant people, diversified culture and immense
economic and political stability are sufficient
enough to lure you to come to this country for
your higher education. You can have a plenty of
career options to choose from the 40 globally
recognised universities in Australia. You can
unlock great adventures in its outlock. During
your holidays, you can snorkel on the outstanding
Great Barrier Reef. You can have easy access to
Student Visa here as the country offers a
streamlined process for obtaining a student visa.
Also, you can have amazing job opportunities here
in every career line you can think of.
New Zealand

It is one of the top emerging destinations when
studying abroad is the concern. No matter whether
you are considering its picturesque landscapes or
have awareness regarding their political economic
stability and rich and diverse culture, you can
be assured enough to have a relaxed time while
you stay in this country. It has excellent
education system with internationally accredited
qualifications that can promise you to gift a
life that you have seen in your dream. It
provides students with ample research and
development opportunities with fantastic support
system for international students. The country
also boasts of providing students with excellent
pedagogy platform and extravagant team culture so
that they can be confident and self-independent
in future.

If you are strictly considering about the quality
of education, then blindfolded trust Germany in
this case. The quality of education here is the
highest among all the countries in the world. You
can avail a variety of Education Facilities if
you opting to study in here for this nation
offers nearly 17,500 degree programmes combining
graduate, post graduate and even doctorate
levels. If you have strong English proficiency
then, you dont need to be worry about learning
German because there are many German Universities
whose teaching medium in English. You can find a
large international community here with low
tuition fees and affordable living costs. You can
also get a strong financial support from the
numerous scholarship programmes of German
Universities. So, becoming in this country is
having all things full fledgedly still
maintaining your affordability.

We have made various posts regarding educational
prospects that one can have from Canada and we
had also discussed earlier about the reasons of
why there is so much influx of international
students every year in Canada. Starting from the
high quality education, great diverse culture,
health insurance, safety, affordability, economic
and political stability to endless job
opportunities- this country can provide almost
everything to an immigrant. You just have to name
it and keep your determination fixed.

It is the place where east meets west so, you can
well imagine the intense cultural mix here. With
450 higher education institutes, you can have
infinite opportunities in higher education in
every single career line, starting from medical,
nursing, engineering, music, agricultural to
arts. It is trying hard to improve its
connections between business and science to help
graduate students uplift their career
significantly in future. You can enjoy a vibrant
student life with many adventures in every corner
of the country. Here, costs of living is also

So, now that you have a concise idea regarding
the most preferred abroad countries, you can make
an informed choice regarding selecting the
perfect location for your higher studies. We are
always there to help you in your every needs
regarding your educational concern in abroad
countries. Being the best Educational Consultant
in Chandigarh, we take pride in fulfilling dreams
of our clients regarding their higher study
purpose in abroad destinations. We are true to
our commitment of providing the most apt guidance
regarding this concern and we can guarantee you
that you will not have to worry a second
time. We Wish you a Very Good Luck for your
Professional Visa Advisor