Safety Tips for Travelers While Using Ludhiana to Amritsar Airport Taxi Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safety Tips for Travelers While Using Ludhiana to Amritsar Airport Taxi Service


Here is the latest top safety tips to Ludhiana to Amritsar Airport taxi service for travelers from experts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Safety Tips for Travelers While Using Ludhiana to Amritsar Airport Taxi Service

Safety Tips for Travelers While Using Ludhiana to
Amritsar Airport Taxi Service
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  • Anytime you enter a taxi or minicab anything
    driven by someone else you surrender a little
    control to another person. Often that person is
    completely unknown to you, so its important to
    think carefully about your personal safety while
    traveling in a taxi.
  • On the other hand, many taxi drivers are terrific
    sources of information about local customs,
    current events, best restaurants and
    entertainment, and more. Taxi drivers are often
    experts on safe and unsafe neighborhoods and what
    threats may prowl at your hotel or destination.

  • Many cab drivers are also great to talk with and
    an excellent opportunity to practice your
    language aptitudes. Still, be cautious with
    over-sharing because they may pass the
    information on to someone else who does not have
    your best interests at heart.
  • Here is the latest top Ludhiana to Amritsar
    Airport Taxi Service safety tips for travelers
    tips from experts.
  • 1. Ask ahead for the typical price and tipping
  • Hotel staff or your host can tell you the typical
    price range to your destination and the
    appropriate amount to tip. Having a good idea of
    what you ought to have to pay and confirming
    the price with the driver ahead of time can mean
    less hassle when its time to pay the bill.

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  • Many dispatchers can also tell you the price, so
    get a quote ahead of time in the event that you
  • 2. Call for a taxi instead of hailing one
  • Some independent taxi drivers work in partnership
    with thieves. The scam goes this way the driver
    spots something valuable on your person (jewelry,
    a camera, a cell phone) and they text the thief
    with the route. Because the thief knows the taxi
    and the route, they only have to wait at a
    stoplight to open the door and snatch whats
  • Ask for the cab number when you speak with the
    dispatcher so you can be certain youre getting
    in the right vehicle. Make beyond any doubt the
    taxi number, or if nothing else the companys
    name and phone number, is visible on the vehicle
    before you attempt to get in.

  • 3. Never take a taxi alone in case youre flushed
  • In the event that youve had too a lot to drink,
    it may seem like the right decision to get a cab
    and it is, with someone else. In case youre
    tanked, the ride in the cab may put you to rest.
    The drink may also put you into a semi-conscious
    state not the best circumstance to shield
    yourself from the driver, a partner the driver
    called, or anyone else who wants to harm you.
    Riders have been raped, beaten, looted, and even
    murdered after getting into a taxi when theyre
    helplessly flushed.
  • In case youre smashed and need a ride, take a
    nonalcoholic pal along with you and stay awake
    during the ride.

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  • 4. Search for a meter, a radio, a badge, and a
    door handle
  • All genuine licensed taxi and minicab drivers or
    Ludhiana to Delhi Airport Taxi Service vehicles
    are outfitted with a meter (for determining the
    charge) and radio (for taking calls from the
    dispatcher). In nearly all countries, the taxi
    driver is required to carry and display their ID
    badge in the vehicle. On the off chance that you
    dont see a badge or a radio, do not get into the
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