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ISO 45001 Training Materials


Punyam Academy provides editable ISO 45001 awareness and auditor training ppt presentation kit for conducting corporate training on OH&S system auditing within the organization or any work area – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ISO 45001 Training Materials

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ISO 450012018 Awareness Auditor Training
PPT Presentation Kit
ISO 450012018 Awareness Auditor Training
PPT Presentation Kit
To establish good Occupational, Health and Safety
Management System and quick ISO 450012018
Certification, an appropriate ISO 45001 training
required for any consultant or organization. ISO
450012018 Awareness Auditor Training PPT
Presentation Kit is helpful for organization who
want to conduct in-house awareness and certified
internal auditor course for OHS management system
Modules ofPPT Presentation Kit
Contents of ISO 450012018 PPT Presentation
  1. Overview of ISO 450012018
  2. OHS Management System related Terms and
  3. ISO 450012018 Requirements
  4. Hazard/Risk Identification
  5. OHSMS Documented Information
  6. ISO 45001 Objectives, Targets and Management Plan
  7. Steps for Quick ISO 450012018 Certification
  8. Awareness on ISO 450012018 - Suppliers and
  9. ISO 450012018 Internal Audit
  10. Steps for ISO 450012018 Internal Audit

  • Knowledge of ISO 450012018
  • Knowledge of Documentation Requirements
  • Internal Auditing Skills

Course Objectives
  • Provide background knowledge on ISO 450012018
  • Gain an overview of ISO 45001 structure
  • Understand the ISO 450012018 certification
  • Gather useful tips on handling an audit session

Occupational Health and Safety Hazards
  • Physical - Noise, Vibration, Temperature,
    Radiation, Illumination, Ventilation,
    Decompression, Humidity
  • Chemical - Metal, Gases, Compounds
  • Biological - Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasite
  • Ergonomic - Posture, Repetitive motion, Monotony
  • Stress

Emergency Plan
  • Reporting procedure
  • Evacuation procedure drills
  • Facility layout and alternate routes, walk bays
  • Color codes system, pipelines
  • Protection of vital equipment, material
  • Control center and mobile command center
  • Investigating by expert team and planning
  • Government / Corporate / internal notification
  • Cleanup disposal procedure

Auditor Characteristics
Skills an Auditor needs to develop, being Skills an Auditor needs to develop, being
Diplomatic Patient
Honest Fair minded
Impartial Articulate
Communicative Analytical
Helpful Co operative
Persistent Observant
Ethical Professional
Conscientious Assertive
Auditor Personal Behaviour
  • Auditors should exhibit professional behavior
    during the performance of audit
  • Activities, including being
  • Ethical, i.e. fair, truthful, sincere, honest and
  • Open-minded, i.e. willing to consider alternative
    ideas or points of view
  • Diplomatic, i.e. tactful in dealing with people
  • Observant, i.e. actively observing physical
    surroundings and activities
  • Perceptive, i.e. aware of and able to understand
  • Versatile, i.e. able to readily adapt to
    different situations
  • Tenacious, i.e. persistent and focused on
    achieving objectives
  • Decisive, i.e. able to reach timely conclusions
    based on logical reasoning and analysis

Conducting the Audit
ISO 450012018 Audit Steps
1. Audit Plan
2. Develop Checklists
3. Opening Meeting
4. Gather Evidence
5. Record Results
6. Closing Meeting
7. Audit report
ISO 45001 Training PPT Presentation Package
Punyam Academy has designed ISO 45001 PPT
Presentation Package to educate groups on the ISO
450012018 standard. This ISO 45001 training
presentation kit is extremely useful while
conducting corporate training on OHS system
auditing within the organization or any work
area. It covers the structure, emphasis, and
requirements of the standard
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