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Build in Blockchain | Workshop | Your Campus


We are reaching out to you in regards to offer Build in Blockchain Workshop (#BuildInBlockchain) at your esteemed organization for our e-Learning App - Blocklogy. Blocklogy is a mobile based e-Learning App for learning next gen technology Blockchain and its integration with latest technology like IoT which starts at an affordable cost of just $1. Blocklogy Edutech is an emerging EduTech firm strongly backed by Sister Concerns ‘KMPARDS’ and ‘Era Swap’. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Build in Blockchain | Workshop | Your Campus

Build in Blockchain
BuildInBlockchain Campaign _at_ Your Campus
Disruption starts with committing to excellence
and taking a stand for your community
The blockchain is an incorruptible digital
ledger of economic transactions that can be
programmed to record not just financial
transactions but virtually everything of
value. -Don Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain
Revolution (2016)
Immutable Blockchains are designed to be
immutable. Once a block is
Secure Data in the blockchain is
Decentralized The decentralized nature of
blockchain technology means that it doesn't rely
on a central point of control. Lack of any
Use Cases A recent study surveying
The transparency of a
secured cryptography stored
through and are using
blockchain stems from the fact
over three
written to a blockchain,
that the holdings and
executives has shown that at least eighty
percent are actively using, or planning
realistically, it cannot change. Immutability
has the potential
transactions of each public address are open to
viewing. This level of transparency has not
existed within financial systems before,
especially in regards to large businesses, and
adds a degree of accountability that has not
existed to date
sophisticated math and
to transform the auditing
innovative software
centralized authority
to implement, some
process into a quick, efficient,
rules that are extremely difficult for attackers
to manipulate and tamper
makes the system fairer and considerably more
aspect of blockchain
procedure, trust and
and cost-effective and bring more integrity
technology into their
everyday business.
Why Blockchain
Blockchain is one of the leading next gen
technology which is going change the way we do
business in todays world. Blockchain is gaining
importance because it brings trust in peer to
peer networks and its gaining acceptance
worldwide day by day.
Why is it important? Many industry leader
organizations have already achieved significant
business benefits, including greater
transparency, enhanced security, improved
traceability, increased efficiency and speed of
transactions, and reduced costs. Read how
blockchain provides these benefits to learn more
about using blockchain in your industry Why
should You Join? In the coming decade, blockchain
will become unavoidable due to its advantages and
no matter whatever profession you choose,
learning blockchain will give you an edge over
the others. The possibilities of the Blockchain
are enormous and it seems that almost any
industry that deals with some sort of
transaction, which would mean any industry, can
and will be disrupted by the Blockchain. How it
can benefit me? By learning about Blockchain
Technology through Blocklogy App, you can start
from basics to the advanced and professional
level coding. The knowledge of Blockchain will
always give you advantage in your career growth,
high job prospects and good pay. There has been
High Demand for Blockchain professionals in
recent years due to its wide acceptance across
industries and its Integration with New-Age
technology like IOT and AI.
Increase in Demand of Blockchain Professionals
There has been sharp demand of Blockchain coders
since past few years and it has become one of
the high demanding technologies with strong
earning potentials especially for freshers and
Exponential increment in demand of Skilled
Professionals in Blockchain year after year
International Demand A steep demand in
requirement of Blockchain professional across
the planet for international assignments with
lucrative pay-outs
Use Cases There has been strong increment in
number of use cases in blockchain in last few
increasing the demand of blockchain
professionals for support and maintenance
Blockchain Industry Statistics
Blockchain industry has been growing at a very
rapid scale and major organizations across the
planet have adopted it.
Increment in Demand 3X Increase in
blockchain-related LinkedIn job postings in last
1 year. Global Professional Networking Portal
LinkedIn reported that there has been a 3X
growth in Blockchain professionals requirement
on their platform by other organizations.
300 -1.5
Huge Spending 15k Cr. Global spending on
blockchain solutions in 2018, according to IDC.
Major Giants 13 Industry giants to implement
blockchain technology, according
Global Expansion
42.8 Expansion of the blockchain space every
year till 2022. (Netscribes prediction)
to IDG Connect research.
Increase in Demand for Blockchain Professionals
There has been a very steep rise in the pay-outs
as well as demand for hardcore blockchain coders
with knowledge of application development using
blockchain technology.
8.14 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
There has been good increase in the payouts of
Top Blockchain Coders in past few years across
the globe. Also freelancing and gig economy has
helped them earn good fortunes for their skills.
A mobile based e-learning App to learn Blockchain
Blockchain Created Certificate Blocklogy covers
diverse topics related to various Blockchains and
their applications providing hands-on experience
with coding. After successful completion of the
course, Blocklogy will issue the certificate on
immutable blockchain.

30 70 30 70 30 70 30 70 30 70
Affordable Cost Blocklogy will be revolutionary
in educating preparing the young generation
towards the frontline technology blockchain. In
Blocklogy app, the courses starts from 1
Taxes to make it affordable for every student.
Integration with Tab Kit Considering all the
e-learning content and the overall
specifications, Blocklogy has also come up with
Blocklogy Tab and Blocklogy Raspberry Pi Kit.
Students will learn all the aspects of
blockchain and IOT using this portable device,
with practical implementation. The Blocklogy
Tab contains all learning material of Blocklogy
which empowers them to learn anywhere anytime.
Blocklogy App will be based on 30 theoretical
aspects and 70 practical implementation. The
over all course will be embedded with
audio-visual tutorials along with text content
to make it more learning oriented for kids.
Features of Blocklogy Blocklogy is an affordable
mobile based eLearning app with multiple features
to learn Blockchain hassle-free, anytime,
anywhere through their smart phone. The
students can also opt for Blocklogy Raspberry Pi
Kit and Blocklogy Tab to get the complete package
at their door step.
01 Reward Based Learning Students get rewards
based on their weekly activities in the form of
Blocks on Academics used to buy study material
and other courses listed. Schools and Teachers
are also rewarded for their contribution in
helping students learn.
02 Certification at Each Level The student gets
certified after clearing each level successfully
by appearing for quizzes or assessments. The
certificate will be created on blockchain
03 Audio-Visual based Learning Students will
learn blockchain technology through audio-visual
tutorials with an option to listen it in
multiple languages apart from English in order
to understand it better.
Why Blocklogy
Blocklogy will create blockchain coders for
future where any student can learn the concepts
of Blockchain and get certified at an affordable
cost and start earning lucrative income by
becoming a certified blockchain coder.
Level based Learning Keeping students level of
understanding in mind BLOCKLOGY has 3 different
modules with each module consisting of different
In BASIC module there are 5 levels with each belt
having 4 different level along with quiz, test,
practical sessions and Final test.
Overall Academic Development
In Intermediate module student will have a
hands-on experience in IOT based blockchain
experiment using Raspberry Pi, programming, using
GETH, setting up node in testnet etc.
In EXPERT module there are 2 different parts, one
having knowledge about Block Collider,
blockchain privacy mechanism, Quorum, DAPP and
much more. The second part will be in public
blockchain as well as private blockchain
including Web3.js, writing upgradable smart
contracts, ZSL contracts etc. Each module will
have a Final Test before starting new module.
Rewards and Scholarships
Self-Paced Learning
Assessment and Quizes
BuildInBlockchain Campaign
Blocklogy has launched BuildInBlockchain
Campaign to create awareness among the youth
about this wonderful technology blockchain and
its multiple use cases, encouraging youth to
adopt blockchain as career
Build In Blockchain Team Blocklogy has launched
the campaign to train the youth especially
school and college students on Blockchain in
their campuses itself
35 Theoretical
Practical 65
  • Conduct Build In Blockchain
  • event at your campuses
  • Learn the concepts of blockchain at an
    affordable cost from experts
  • Get Certificate of Participation for attending
    BuildInBlockchain workshop
  • Features of Build In Blockchain
  • Full Fledged audio-visual based workshop in your
    campus on Blockchain with Knowledge from scratch
    to screech on how to build career in blockchain
  • Build in Blockchain campaign will be launched for
    all academic institutions but especially for
    Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where students are
    deprived of learning these high-end and
    expensive technology. Team Blocklogy will make
    Blockchain learning available for them through
    Build In Blockchain workshop
  • Content to be covered
  • Introduction of Blockchain
  • What arises the need of Blockchain
  • Features Industry Applications of Blockchain
  • Careers and Growth in Blockchain
  • Covering a detailed explanation of Blockchain
  • Explaining Smart Contracts and its Uses
  • Deploying and Debugging Smart Contracts in Remix
    and Truffle
  • Integration of Blockchain through Raspberry Pi
  • Practical Hands-On with Real Life Use Cases

BuildInBlockchain Details
Build In Blockchain workshop is exclusively
designed event for the students and to be
conducted specifically at academic institutions
under Industry Interface Program on Blockchain
Multiple Benefits for Students
Anyone can Attend
Blockchain Workshop
_at_ Your Campus
Duration 4 Hours of Audio-Visual content driven
workshop in your academic campus with demo of
live use cases and multiple applications
Venue Your academic institution
Who Can Attend Anyone can attend the workshop
who wants to build a high paying career in
blockchain preferably Students in college. The
students in schools right from 8th grade onwards
are a strategic fit.
  • Benefits
  • Certificate of Participation to all participants
  • Chance to learn from the experts of Blockchain
  • Chance to see the use cases and demo of multiple
    blockchain based products

with an Auditorium/
Seminar Hall and set-up for audio visual
presentation. A sitting capacity of 200-500
students in one go for the participants
How to conduct BuildInBlockchain in your Campus
You can conduct Build in Blockchain workshop in
your campus for your students. All you have to do
is follow these simple steps.
Get in Touch with Blocklogy Team In order to
conduct Build In Blockchain workshop in your
college campus you need to get in touch with
Team Blocklogy or event team
Start Enrolling Students for the Event Start
enrolling students internally for Build In
Blockchain workshop as Team Blocklogy needs
everything to be ready before the workshop
Share the details of your Campus You need to
share the details of your campus and tentative
no. of participants and their details with Team
Fix up Date and Venue with Details Once the event
is approved for your Campus, you need to fix up
a suitable date and venue for Build In
Blockchain Workshop with tentative no. of
Blocklogy Edutech Pvt. Ltd. backed by sister
concerns KMPARDS and Era Swap Technologies forms
a world-class environment
Devendra Pathak CDO
Vikash Kumar CMO
Yogiraj Rao Blocklogy Coach
Narayan Prusty Lead Coach
https// n/tarun-baur-b1a85b16/
https// n/devendra-pathak-
https// n/vikashkumariim/
https// n/yogiraj-rao-69324012
https// n/narayanprusty/
Blocklogy Edutech Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging
EduTech firm strongly backed by Sister Concerns
KMPARDS and Era Swap Technologies.
Blocklogy is the product of Blocklogy Edutech
Pvt. Ltd. backed up by KMPARDS, which is a global
organization which aims to serve the community
by educating and delivering services on next
generation technologies like blockchain and IOT
Looking Forward
Edutech Pvt. Ltd. Deals in Education and Edutech
Products along with services to corporates and
Product Development Blocklogy Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
is an emerging EduTech firm strongly backed by
Sister Concerns KMPARDS and Era Swap
Technologies. KMPARDS has developed multiple
interlinked applications for Era Swap ecosystem
which are real use cases based on
Education Blocklogy is the product of Blocklogy
Edutech Pvt. Ltd. backed up by KMPARDS, which is
a global organization which aims to serve the
community by educating and delivering services
on next generation technologies like blockchain
and IOT.
Services Blocklogy Edutech Pvt. Ltd. also offers
to deliver global end to end solutions for the
clients with complete research, development and
related services on the high end technologies.
IT-related education, research, seminars,
courses, training, etc. Integration of Blockchain
with interlinked technology like IOT
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