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Know How a Shot Blasting Machine Works


Shot blasting machine is special equipment, designed and produced for individual customer. it used for finishing metal surface in department of all industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Know How a Shot Blasting Machine Works

Know How a Shot Blasting Machine Works
The technique that no metal industry owner can
function without is shot Blasting. It is used in
almost every industry that uses metal such as
aerospace, construction, automotive, foundry,
rail, ship- building and many more. It is used to
clean, to induce strength also known as shot
peening or to polish the metal surfaces. The
process of blasting has become an indispensible
aspect of the metal building and the steel
structure industry. This blasting technique
provides some major benefits for the protection
and the maintenance of the steel and metal
products. Before you take a look at the
functioning of a shot blasting machine let us
take a glance at some of the advantages that make
this technique such an important part in the
metal industry, which are mentioned below
Shot Blasting Machine Work
Advantage of Shot Blasting 1. Removal of
Corrosion This is the most preferred technique
for removing all forms of rust and corrosive
materials for metal and steel surfaces without
reducing the strength of the product and leaving
its base unaffected. Typical builds of corrosive
that develop on the surfaces are Rust Chemica
l Stains Mill Scale Faded or Chipped
Paint Heat Treatment Scale
2. Preparation of Surface This method blasting
is by far the most effective and most efficient
process for preparing a metal surface before the
painting or coating process is done. It provides
high blast pattern accuracy, with an extremely
powerful bond between blasted surface and the
protective coating. The technique helps in
revealing any type of defects and errors. It also
increases the lifespan and the endurance of any
future coating.
3. Environmental Reasons This blasting technique
is one of the only few options that provide
environment friendly options for the removal of
corrosion and the preparation of surface The
process involves the use of only abrasion to
clean the surface of the metal products No
chemicals are used during the entire process.
Acids too are not used at any time in the entire
process. The only required clean up is of the
physical pellets. All the blasted steel or dust
of medias is blown away by a powerful vacuum and
dust collecting system. The process also
provides the freedom and convenience of recycling
the materials used in the process.
The Working of the Machine As part of this
technique of blasting, a controlled stream of
abrasive shot material is propelled towards the
metallic or steel surface that needs to be shot
blasted with. There is a blast wheel that is
located at the heart of the machine. As soon as
the rotation of the wheel starts, the metallic
abrasives or the shot media are channelized
towards its centre. From this position onwards,
the abrasives are accelerated and hurled into the
direction of the surface which is being prepared
for finishing. After the completion of this
process, the contaminants as well as the media
make a rebound into a separation system which
contains the dust collection system. Just like
the name suggests, the dust collector is
responsible for collecting or for removing the
media that is pulverized, contaminants or dust.
The remaining media gets recycled by returning it
to the storage hopper where the particles can be
kept for using them in the future.
Types of Shot Blasting Methods One of the most
commonly used abrasive for this blasting
procedure is sand, this is the reason this
process is most commonly referred to as
sandblasting . Other than sand, there are
numerous other materials which are also used for
blasting. Some of these materials are glass
beads, garnet, olivine and chilled iron. Garnet
and chilled iron materials are extremely coarse
and abrasive in nature and therefore cannot be
used for blasting on soft materials. Glass beads
and olivine are most commonly used for the
purpose of polishing the surfaces. These can be
conveniently used for materials like rubber,
glass, metal and plastic.
Safety is Top Priority while Blasting Different
Materials The shot blasting techniques is loaded
with various benefits for the industries, but
sadly the workers or professionals who are
responsible for carrying out this procedure must
be careful about the security concerns into
serious consideration. This happens because these
professionals are constantly exposed to numerous
hazardous situations during the process of
blasting different surfaces. Airborne dust
particles can lead to health issues and therefore
proper protection is required. Some of those
hazards are Dust can lead to health problems
like respiratory issues which can ultimately
result in serious damage to the human body.
Metal dust too can lead to serious health issues,
because when they are inhaled the metals like
lead, manganese and calcium can be very
toxic. Therefore, it is sensible to leave the
shot blasting procedure to the trained experts
who are aware of the required safety measures and
wear the right type of safety gears like
protective clothing, masks and shoes. It is
strictly advised to handle the media blasting
procedure under medical supervision. Not only
protecting the eyes and body but also protection
of hearing or ears needs to be done by all
workers. They must always wear leather leggings,
aprons and gloves while handling the shot media
for the blasting process. In spite of such safety
concerns the metal industry is indebted to this
process for its advantages as compared to other
conventional techniques that are used for
preparing and finishing surfaces.
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