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How to Create a Fun DIY Photobooth


What You Need To Create Your Own Photobooth? Location is Everything. Setting up for The Event. Benefits of Having a Photobooth at Your Event. Tips to Create a Fun Photobooth for Your Next Event. Final. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Create a Fun DIY Photobooth

How to Create a Fun DIY Photobooth
  • From weddings to anniversaries, photobooths have
    become all the rage across all age groups.
    Instead of renting a photobooth and spending too
    much money, what many people dont realize is
    that they can easily make their own from the
    comfort of their own home. A photobooth can be a
    great way to create new memories in a fun way
    without having to spend too much money in the

Table of Contents
  • What You Need To Create Your Own Photobooth?
  • Location is Everything.
  • Setting up for The Event.
  • Benefits of Having a Photobooth at Your Event.
  • Tips to Create a Fun Photobooth for Your Next
  • Final.

What You Need To Create Your Own Photobooth
  • Luckily for you, there isnt much that is
    required to create your own photobooth for your
    next event. All you need is
  • 1. A good digital camera
  • To have the highest quality photos possible, it
    is important that you have the best camera you
    can buy. A basic point and shoot camera will do
    the job perfectly, but it is recommended to use a
    good DSLR camera for the highest quality photos.
  • 2. A camera tripod
  • You want to make sure that you dont need a
    professional photographer around to take your
    guest photos for you. This is when a camera
    tripod can work well. It allows you to set your
    camera in a specific area and leave it ready for
    photos without having someone to stay at the
    photobooth station.

  • 3. An optional remote shutter release
  • If you dont want to worry about your guests
    having to figure out how to work your digital
    camera, then an optional shutter release may be a
    tool you will want to utilize. A remote shutter
    release will allow your guests to take their own
    photos in your photobooth. This will allow you to
    focus on enjoying your event instead of playing
    the role of photographer for your guests.
  • 4. A backdrop
  • A backdrop is the perfect way to show off your
    creative skills to your guests. It is common to
    use a simple printed fabric. However, you can
    easily make your own using your own props, fabric
    or lighting.

  • 5. Proper lighting equipment
  • In order to have a professional photobooth,
    lighting is extremely important. Without proper
    lighting, the photos of your guests may come out
    too dark. The best type of lighting to use is a
    cheap professional lighting set, a photography
    lighting umbrella, diffuse light or a spot light.
    If you dont want to spend too much on lighting,
    make sure the camera has the flash setting on or
    use a simple floor lamp beside the camera.
  • 6. Props
  • There are plenty of props that you can use with
    your photobooth to keep your guests interested
    and still have fun photos to share. The best way
    to find the perfect props to use is to start with
    your own closet. Once you have found a few props
    to use out of clothing you dont use anymore, hit
    up thrift stores of garage sales in your area.
    Feel free to use any items you wish such as
    glasses, picture frames, cups, books or anything
    you think will make your guests photos look good.

Location is Everything
  • When deciding to set up a photobooth for your
    event, you will need to decide on a location for
    it. It is recommended that you look for an area
    that wont get in the way of the event itself yet
    is still accessible to all of your guests. The
    wonderful thing about a homemade photobooth is
    that you dont need a lot of square footage to
    set it up. All you need is a small corner of the
    event itself. Feel free to use hallways as they
    are often underutilized during events. Be sure to
    use a space that can accommodate the size of your
    backdrop and any props you are using.

The Initial Setup
  • Once you have a location decided on where you are
    going to set up your photobooth, make sure to
    clear any obstruction. If you are placing your
    photobooth near an area that has windows, be sure
    to cover the windows with a dark material so the
    outdoor light doesnt affect the lighting you
    have for the photobooth. Then measure the wall to
    ensure your backdrop is going to fit in the
  • Mount the camera you are using on a tripod and
    set it a few feet away from the backdrop. Double
    check using a monitor or the camera to ensure
    everything fits within the frame. Then set up a
    prop station with all of the props you have found
    next to the photobooth to allow your guests to
    choose which props they want to use for each

Setting up for The Event
  • Once you have your photobooth set up, there is
    nothing left for you to do but wait for guests to
    use it to create endless memories of the event.
    Be sure to have everything set up ahead of time
    such as ensuring the camera has plenty of battery
    life, has extra camera batteries ready for use
    and be sure to have plenty of space on a memory
    card to store as many photos as possible.
  • As guests file into the event, be sure to point
    them in the direction of the photobooth and show
    guests how everything works. Then just sit back
    and allow your guests to use their creativity to
    take memorable photos.

Benefits of Having a Photobooth at Your Event
  • If you are planning to host a photobooth at your
    next event but are unsure if you should take the
    time or effort to set one up, here are the main
    benefits of having a photobooth at your next
  • 1. Photobooths are inexpensive to set up.
  • It is no secret that hiring a professional
    photographer can be expensive, regardless of the
    occasion. Setting up a photobooth for your
    special occasion is a great way to save money and
    still have professional looking photos in the
    process. At the most you may spend a couple of
    bucks for the camera, backdrop and props. This is
    nowhere on the level of what it costs to hire a
    professional photographer.

  • 2. Spice up any occasion.
  • Regardless of the type of event you are hosting,
    a photobooth is a great way to add a little
    excitement to the festivities. Whether it is a
    wedding, bachelor party, a sweet sixteen, an
    anniversary or even a birthday, a photobooth is a
    great way to capture the moment.
  • 3. Doesnt require any work on your part.
  • Unlike being the main photographer at your own
    event, a photobooth doesnt require you to spend
    any time on taking photos yourself. It is a great
    way for you to still get the photos you want,
    while being able to enjoy the event to its

  • 4. You can customize your photos to match the
    theme of your event.
  • One of the wonderful things about a DIY
    photobooth is that you can make it to fit the
    theme of your event. This can make the event and
    the photos associated with it even more memorable
    and give the event more visibility in the
  • 5. It can be used as a party favour.
  • There is no end to the number of photos your
    guests can take with a photobooth. By just adding
    a few additional gifts for your guests such as a
    small scrapbook can add even more value to the
    photos. Not only will you have photos of the
    event to remember, but your guests can have a
    cute little keepsake as well.

Tips to Create a Fun Photobooth for Your Next
  • Photobooths are still as popular as they have
    ever been. They are perfect to have for
    practically any event such as weddings,
    receptions or birthday parties. With these
    helpful tips, you will learn how to make the most
    fun photobooth that will fit with any aesthetic.
  • 1. Have fun with the backdrop
  • A backdrop for your photobooth is going to be the
    main focal point of your photobooth. Because of
    this you will want to make sure it is as
    eye-catching as possible. However, you want to
    make sure that the backdrop isnt too
    distracting. Make sure to choose various types of
    ribbons, balloons, a chalkboard or cute decal
    word phrases. It is recommended that you keep
    your backdrop as simple as possible, but feel
    free to make a backdrop as fancy as you want.

  • 2. Have the best lighting
  • Since lighting is always a crucial part of any
    event such as a wedding or reception, make sure
    to include the proper lighting for your
    photobooth. You can use anything from twinkle
    lights, bright neon signs and even professional
    photography lamps. Keep in mind, that if you are
    going to hang lights in the backdrop of the
    photobooth, make sure to hang the lights around
    nose level. This well help ensure guests faces
    are visible in the photos.
  • A great choice for proper lighting if you are on
    a budget is to use a selfie light. It is an
    inexpensive way to add high quality lighting to
    your photos.

  • 3. Use props
  • The main appeal of any photobooth that you make
    is what props are used in the background. Make
    sure to use signs, masks or cut-outs for the
    perfect photo opportunities. The best place to
    purchase props for your photobooth is online from
    various DIY websites. However, you can find
    plenty of photobooth accessories from thrift
    stores, costume shops or second-hand stores in
    your area.
  • 4. Place the photobooth in a visible location
  • Remember, the whole point of having a photobooth
    is to have pictures of your guests in an informal
    and creative way. Because of this, you will want
    to place your photobooth in an area of the event
    where your guests will be able to find it easily.
    Keep in mind, there is going to be various things
    happening during this event and your guests will
    be constantly distracted. If your guests arent
    able to clearly see your photobooth, they are
    going to simply forget it. If you are afraid of
    messing up the aesthetic of the event, just hang
    a sign that is visible directing guests to the

  • 5. Provide disposable cameras for your guests
  • If you are looking for a cheap way to get photo
    snaps of your guests at your event, disposable
    cameras may be the perfect way to go. The main
    benefit of a disposable camera is that anybody
    will know how to use it, regardless of age. Best
    of all, you can leave these cameras directly on
    tables for your guests to take pictures whenever
    they want during the event.
  • 6. Use sandbags to stabilize your camera
  • If you are using equipment that just wont
    stabilize on its own, use sandbags to stabilize
    the camera instead. Sandbags can be used to
    stabilize tripods, lighting equipment or the
    entire system. This can be especially helpful
    when you have quests walking near the photobooth
    and want to avoid the risk of anybody knocking
    the setup over.

  • 7. Make sure your guests know how to share photos
  • Regardless of what type of photobooth you plan on
    building for your event, you want to make sure
    that you create a hashtag specifically for the
    event on Facebook or Twitter. Once you have
    created a hashtag for the event, make sure to let
    your guests know by posting a sign on each table
    or near the entrance of the event.
  • 8. Set up a selfie station
  • To make your photobooth even simpler, create a
    selfie station. A selfie station allows your
    guests to take their own selfies using their
    phone. Since your guests are going to be taking
    selfies regardless, you may as well make it fun
    for them. It is recommended that you supply your
    guests with at least one selfie stick that will
    allow for group photos or allow your guests to
    have extra room to pose for the picture.

  • The perfect DIY photobooth is about having a fun
    opportunity to capture a special moment to share
    with friends and family. Dont get it wrong,
    making your own photobooth can be
    stressful.However, as long as you have all of
    your bases covered by having the right props,
    camera, lighting setup and social media sharing
    capabilities, you will be able to have plenty of
    photos of your special occasion for years to

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