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Dr. Shikha Gupta Is A Renowned Gynecologist,Laparoscopy , Infertility And Ivf Specialist.She Has Done Her Mbbs And Ms Obstetrics And Gynecology From Bj Medical College. Dr. Shikha Gupta is the Top IVF Doctors in Jaipur. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top IVF Doctors in Jaipur | ElaWoman

Top IVF Doctors in Jaipur ElaWoman Difference
Between IVF and Test Tube Baby
IVF is In-vitro fertilization, which is normally
known as test tube baby in layman dialect. It
implies fertilization of the egg and sperm
outside the body in the lab and moving them once
again into the uterus. Prior the fertilization
was done in the test tubes , however now a days
the fertilization is done in the dishes called
petri-dish extraordinarily intended for IVF. In
Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Difference between ivf and test tube baby is the
    enchantment word for barren couples urgently
    burning of a kid. Through this technology which
    is an aid to humankind, numerous who got no
    opportunity of having their own kid, are
    presently pleased guardians. In spite of the fact
    that by IVF, a few has up to a 60 possibility
    of accomplishment, the achievement rate may
    fluctuate from couple to couple and may not be
    the equivalent for all couples.
  • The distinctive phases of In Vitro Fertilization
    Procedure and In Vitro Fertilization Steps are
    as per the following
  • Who Needs IVF?
  • Tubal Damage or Block
  • Missing or Low Sperm Count (lt 5million/ml)
  • Harmed uterine covering (Endometrium)
  • Poor Ovarian (Egg) limit
  • Disappointment of Fertility treatment for over 3
  • What Happens In An IVF Treatment Cycle?
  • Regularly, an IVF cycle comprises of ovarian
    incitement, egg gathering, fertilization, fetus
    culture and developing life exchange. Ovarian
    incitement comprises of every day infusion of
    hormones to the female join forces with regular
    clinical and ultrasonographic observing. This
    typically proceeds for 10-15 days. Egg recovery
    is performed under anesthesia through the inward
    course. There are no entry points or scars. The
    prepared egg shapes the developing life. The
    fetus is refined in the research facility for
    2-3 days (Figure 3). Two-three best developing
    lives are chosen and moved into the belly
    (uterus) on the second or the third day. The
    pregnancy test is completed 14 days after the day
    of fetus exchange.
  • What Is The Success Rate Of This Process?

Everything sounds so coherent and authoritative
that one would anticipate accomplishment for
each situation! In any case, tragically, this
isn't the truth. One must comprehend that in the
whole procedure of IVF each progression is an
obstacle that must be arranged effectively. For
instance, not all ladies react to ovarian
incitement, not all eggs are develop, not all
eggs treat to make great fetuses and not all
incipient organisms embed. In this manner, there
is a wearing down or drop out at each stage. It
is at the phase of implantation that there is a
gigantic extension for further research. Implanta
tion is where the uterus acknowledges the fetus
which at that point creates to frame the baby.
Much work has been done on this part of IVF and
drugs, for example, steroids, headache medicine,
heparin, sildenafil are being attempted to
enhance implantation rates. The general
achievement rate of IVF is around 40 per
treatment cycle. All together words, 4 out 10,
who generally had surrendered all expectations
of child rearing a tyke would imagine subsequent
to endeavoring IVF. The World over the
achievement rate is most noteworthy in more
youthful ladies where it can reach up to 60 per
treatment cycle. So as to give the ideal
advantage to the patient, it is basic that the
Fertility couple is offered the correct
treatment at the opportune time. We are in a time
of straightforwardness and consistent discourse
with patients. They ought to be engaged with
basic leadership. They should comprehend the
solid Centres and downsides of the whole IVF
process. Once there is a total comprehension of
the procedure a great deal of pressure related
with such serious treatment will naturally be
alleviated. IVF
  • In Vitro Fertilization is an assisted
    reproductive technology (ART) usually alluded to
    as IVF. IVF is the procedure of fertilization by
    separating eggs, recovering a sperm test, and
    after that physically consolidating an egg and
    sperm in a lab dish. The embryo(s) is then
    exchanged to the uterus.
  • IVF can be utilized to treat infertility in the
    accompanying patients
  • Blocked or harmed fallopian tubes
  • Male factor infertility including diminished
    sperm check or sperm motility
  • Ladies with ovulation issue, untimely ovarian
    disappointment, uterine fibroids
  • Test Tube Baby
  • Test tube baby is a term that alludes to a tyke
    that is imagined outside the ladies' body by a
    logical procedure known as In-Vitro fertilization
    or IVF treatment. This whole procedure is done
    in a research center. In this procedure the eggs
    are taken from the mother's ovary and prepared
    by the sperms from the dad. The treated

egg is refined for 2 6 days and permitted to
partitioned 2-4 times inside a test tube
(henceforth the name test tube baby) These eggs
are then returned back to the mother's uterus
where it tends to be created ordinarily, this is
finished with the aim to build up an effective
pregnancy. Dr. Shikha Gupta
Dr. Shikha Gupta Is A Renowned Gynecologist,Laparo
scopy , Infertility And Ivf Specialist.She Has
Done Her Mbbs And Ms Obstetrics And Gynecology
From Bj Medical College. Dr. Shikha Gupta is the
Top IVF Doctors in Jaipur. She Has Worked As A
Tutor In A Fogsi Recognized Training Center For
Ivf And Laparoscopy As A Teaching Faculty. She
Has A Vast Experience In Infertility Management
From Managing Simple Cases, Iui To Cases
Requiring Icsi, Azoospermic Patients,Donor
Oocytes And Surrogacy.Besides Ivf And
Laparoscopy, She Is Very Good At Managing
Patients Of Recurrent Miscarriages, Pregnancy
With Medical Disorders(Hypertension,Diabetes,Kidne
y Disorders,Cardiac Disease, Pulmonary Diseases
Etc.), Multiple Pregnancy. She Is Trained In
Ultrasonography And Ultrasonography Guided
Procedures For Gynecology And Obstetrics. She Is
One Of The Few Doctors In Jaipur Who Are Doing
Urogy Necology Procedures For Problems Like
Stress Urinary Incontinence, Vault Prolapse,
Recurrent Prolapse. She Is Performing Procedures
Like Tot, Apogee And Perigee Repair For Anterior
And Posterior Prolapse, Sacral Colpopexy And
Sacrospinous Fixation.She Is Very Active And
Updated As She Keeps Attendingcme Courses And
Short Training Courses.
Dr. Renu Jain
Dr. Renu Jain is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist
in Roorkee, Haridwar and has an affair of 23
years in these fields. Dr. Renu Jain practices at
Vardhman Maternity Hospital in Roorkee,
Haridwar. She finished MBBS from Lala Lajpat Rai
Memorial Medical College, Meerut in 1989 and DGO
from Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College,
Meerut in 1992. She is an individual from
Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological
Societies of India (FOGSI). Dr. Alka Gahlot
Dr. Alka Gahlot in Ajmer Rd has set up the
facility in 1997 and has picked up a reliable
customer base in the course of recent years and
is additionally habitually
visited by a few VIPs, hopeful models and other
good customers and global patients also. They
likewise plan on extending their business further
and giving administrations to a few additional
patients inferable from its prosperity in the
course of recent years. Dr. alka is Top IVF
Doctors in Jaipur, The productivity, devotion,
exactness and empathy offered at the facility
guarantee that the patient's prosperity, solace
and needs are kept of best need. Dr. Alka Gehlot
in Jaipur treats the different illnesses of the
patients by helping them experience astounding
treatments and methodology. Among the various
administrations offered here, the facility gives
treatments to Uterine Fibroids or Myomas, Ovarian
Cysts, Endometriosis, Pelvic Organ Prolapse,
Urinary Problems, Vaginal Discharge,
Subfertility, Menopause, Gynecological Cancers,
Abnormal Pap Smears - Pre-Invasive
Cervical/Vaginal Disease and Vulva
Conditions. Dr. ML Swarankar
Dr. ML Swarankar is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician,
Infertility Specialist and IVF Expert with an
affair almost 3 decades in Bani Park, Jaipur,
Rajasthan. Dr ML Swarankar rehearses at Jaipur
Fertility Center in Bani Park, Jaipur. He
finished MBBS from University of Rajasthan in
1978. Dr. ML Swarankar is Top IVF Doctors in
Jaipur, He additionally did MD and MS in
Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is
likewise the director and Managing Trustee of the
main perceived private Medical College in
Rajasthan named Mahatma Gandhi Medical College
and Hospital, Jaipur. He is a gold medalist in
Obstetrics and Gynecology from the University of
Rajasthan. Know more about Doctor and
Clinic Difference Between IVF and Test Tube Baby
Top IVF Doctors in Jaipur Dr. Shikha Gupta Dr.
Renu Jain Dr. Alka Gahlot Dr. ML Swarankar
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