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Why is it essential to select professional driveway pavers


In this presentation i have discus About the following points: Important Safety Precautions For The Road Construction Sites? The General Tips Near The Road Construction 5 Essentials Safety Precaution Tips When You Are Dealing With Asphalt Paving? Why Is It Essential To Select A Professional And Trained Paving Company? An Overview Of Road Signs For Road Construction: How To Choose The Right Type Of Asphalt For Your Asphalt Project? How Winter Season Could Affect Asphalt? My Company Introduction Our Services How We Can Be Found? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why is it essential to select professional driveway pavers

A brief discussion about driveways
What I discuss in this section
  1. Important Safety Precautions For The Road
    Construction Sites?
  2. The General Tips Near The Road Construction
  3. 5 Essentials Safety Precaution Tips When You Are
    Dealing With Asphalt Paving?
  4. Why Is It Essential To Select A Professional And
    Trained Paving Company?
  5. An Overview Of Road Signs For Road Construction

  • How To Choose The Right Type Of Asphalt For Your
    Asphalt Project?
  • How Winter Season Could Affect Asphalt?
  • 8. My Company Introduction
  • 9. Our Services
  • 10. How We Can Be Found?

Important safety precautions for the road
construction sites?
  • Construction, maintenance, utilities,
    landscaping, emergency services and all other
    occupations that may or may not be active on the
    road are exposed to different dangers
  • Collision with a moving vehicle or a work
    vehicle, particularly at a high speed
  • Weather situation
  • Exposure to vehicle exhaust gases
  • Machinery and equipment in motion
  • Angry motorists
  • You can remain safe if you know the following
  • How is circulation regulated during road
  • The type of work and the portion of the road that
    will be closed
  • The duration of the work (long / short / very
    short, single location or mobile)
  • Hours during which the work will be done
  • The type of taxiway (eg highway, secondary road)
  • The legal speed limit
  • The location ( e.g, urban or rural road)

the general tips near the road construction
  • Tips for the construction worker
  • Do not work at the edge or outside of the work
  • Do not unload or load a vehicle on the side where
    vehicles are traveling.
  • Work facing incoming vehicles.
  • If necessary, appoint a traffic controller who
    meets the training requirements established by
    the regulator.
  • Much more..
  • Responsibilities of Asphalt paving company
  • Ensure that work vehicles are very visible and
  • Track incidents, accidents, injuries and
    near-misses to improve incident prevention.
  • Place lighting equipment so that drivers are not
  • Store vehicles and equipment off the pedestrian
  • What types of security devices are used in
    signaling plans?
  • The equipment used to ensure safety in the work
    area can be grouped into three categories
  • Warning or information
  • Closing / guiding
  • Protection

5 Essentials safety precaution tips when you are
dealing with asphalt paving?
  • It is too difficult to work with the vehicle
    traffic Here is the tips when you are required
    asphalt paving process and what all things that
    you need to concern about that.  
  •  1.You need to be cautious when you are moving
    Equipment--Do you have any idea moving in and out
    equipment is one of the most negligible thing. It
    could result in injury of equipment operator,
    forklift driver and other paving crew.
  •   2. Do not let the people stand around the work
    area--It is asked by the road roller operator
    what is the biggest headache for them, When you
    are going to start work use horn and advise the
    people stay away from the work place.
  • 3.Take care about overhead and underground
    utilities--Once you get to work zone, it is your
    responsibility to take care about overhead and
    buried obstruction like as electricity lines,
    telephone lines, water sewer and gas etc..
  • 4. Loading/unloading equipment--You need to be
    careful when there is loading and unloading
    pavement, During the travelling you have to make
    sure that you are straight and center.
  • 5. Be Sure about the work zone--It is best thing
    to train paving crew being safe. The traveling
    public also should be kept safe.

Why is it essential to select a professional and
trained paving company?
  • It is important to have the best services to
    get the best thing at the right time which also
    serve you for a long a time while being used. You
    can select the best professionals by
    considering the following factors
  • To check the reputation of the paving companies
  • Another quality indicator is the long life of the
  • The terms of the contract
  • The type of payment
  • Liability insurance
  • Guarantees

an overview of road signs for road construction
  • Traffic signs on approach and on the construction
    sites guide motorists to circulate safely. So
    first of all the traffic signs boards should be
    placed by the Asphalt paving company. Important
    signs must be respected at all times, even when
    the work is suspended or even if there are no
    workers on the site.
  • Here is a reminder of the main road signs for
    road construction. Follow them and have a great
    summer safely!
  • Signaler Advance Signal
  • the "lane merge" sign tells you that the left
    lane is temporarily closed
  • The "Work Area" pane informs you of the presence
    of a work zone on or near a traffic lane.
  • "Passage pours trucks" signs indicate that a
    truck can access the public road by leaving the
    access road.
  • The "Speed ??Limit" sign indicates the maximum
    speed prescribed near a work area. For your
    safety and that of the workers, stick to it!

10 important asphalt facts that everyone should
  • Nowadays everyone is desirous of decorating
    their house and offices, in this era, the
    beautiful and soft road plays an important role.
    The more attractive look you will get, the more
    appealing road you have. If you have paved
    driveways outside your home, then it would surely
    enhance your value of the property.
  • Today we are going to share with you the most
    important facts about asphalt
  • Asphalt is believed to be the most recyclable
  • Initially, asphalt was said macadam when it was
    invented by a Scottish man
  • Asphalt is valuable to reduce the highway noise
    level from 3 to 5 decibels.
  • Given the fact that the asphalt can easily be
  • In America, 90 road has been constructed with
    asphalt owing to giving the excellent and
  • It has claimed by the Wikipedia the asphalt would
    be used by indigenous people in 1300. 
  • Asphalt gives the most beautiful look , And much
    more .

How to choose the right type of asphalt for your
asphalt project?
  • With or without geotextile
    Geotextile is a durable, durable synthetic
    membrane that is installed under the gravel layer
    to improve the drainage capacity of the water
  • Geotextile is strongly recommended to apply one
    if your soil is clay to avoid trouble
  • 2 Different types of asphalt
    thinner or thinner
  • Contractors offer two types of asphalt, MB-5 and
  • MB-5, the larger gravel makes the asphalt
    stronger and more durable
  • The thickness of your asphalt, a direct factor on
    the quality according to the use

How Winter Season could affect asphalt?
  • To plan asphalt paving in winter is a quite
    risky task. If you do not have a proper idea and
    do not even know how to deal with it, then it
    could result in worst.
  • It is a most challenging scenario to prevent
    your asphalt from getting crushed.
  • It is highly recommended and suggested by a
    professional asphalt paving contractor that
    asphalt cannot be laid down in winter owing to
    installing process.
  • It is said by the expert the asphalt that is laid
    down perfectly cannot help cracking. Especially
    in the winter season, it is too difficult to save
    the asphalt road from getting cracked.

Standard Paving Inc.From roadway to driveway
Our Introduction
  • Standard Paving Inc. is one of the most famous
    pavers in Virginia. We have been providing our
    services for last 3 decades. We are experts in
    expedited repair as well as renewal of your of
    current parking lots. We have done many projects
    based on replacing parking lots and to repair
    damaged roads. We have also made a number of
    private roadways and commercial roads.

Our Services
  • Commercial Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Lots Repair
  • Private Roadway
  • Striping

Why Choose us ?
  • Professional
  • Free Estimate
  • Employment
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Tar and Chip

Website www.standardpavinginc.comPhone Number
844 266 7283physical address 8803
Sudley Road, Suite 206 Manassas, VA , USA
  • How we can be found?
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