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This article Best Hair Transplant in India contains profitable data in regards to hair transplant and its strategies, Precautions, Cost for hair transplant, and so on. The from different urban areas like Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and so on. Are likewise recorded in this article. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Hair Transplant in India

Best Hair Transplant In India
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Snippet Best Hair Transplant In India article
comprises of valuable information regarding hair
transplant and its procedures. We have also
listed best hair transplant centers across
various cities.
Hair loss and Baldness is one of the major
problems for youngsters in present times. This
can spoil your looks, makes you look aged, reduce
your confidence. Hair transplant may provide you
solution for this problem. This article on Best
Hair Transplant In India comprises of valuable
information regarding hair transplant and its
procedures, Precautions, Cost for hair
transplant, etc., the best hair transplant
centres in India from various cities like
Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc., are
also listed in this article.
1. What Is Hair Transplant?
It is a surgical process that involves the
removal of hair follicles from any site in the
body such as the legs or face and planting them
on the required part. This process is also used
in hair transplantation in eyelashes and
eyebrows. The latest techniques are permanent and
they take follicular clusters of hair. This
method is
named as Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT)
which can be done in two ways, band harvesting
and follicular unit extraction (FUE).
In the harvesting of strips, bands of skin with
good hair growth are planted on the balding areas
and in the extraction of the follicular unit, the
bunches of hair with their roots are manually
removed and planted on the place with less hair.
In recent times, Strip harvesting is the method
used by most of the surgeons. He leaves a thin
scar on the donor site and promises recovery
within two weeks.
FUE can be done in one or more parameters. It is
a manual and time-consuming process but gives
very natural results and leaves no mark. However,
it is not a cost- effective process and takes
time for both the patient and the doctor. However
the use of robotics has reduced the time in this
process and simplified it enormously.
2. Hair Transplant Procedure
Here are the steps
1. Preparation for hair transplant
In the first stage of hair transplant surgery,
the hair follicles of the back of the head are
removed and moved to the bald areas.
2. Area donor site trimmed
Before the start of surgery, the hairs of the
donor area are cut off.
3. Donor area prepared for surgery
Once the hairs in the donor area are cut off, he
is given a local anesthetic.
4. The tissue in the donor area was removed and
the donor area was sutured.
The donor area tissue that contains the
bald-resistant hair follicles is then
removed surgically and the donor area is sutured.
5. Combed hair on the sutured donor area
The sutures in the donor area are hidden from the
patient's hair that is combed over them. These
sutures are removed almost ten days after the
hair transplant.
6. Donor tissue cut into follicular unitary grafts
Microscopes are then used by surgical technicians
to view donor tissue in order to dissect and
prepare the follicular units of hair transplants.
7. Prepared bald reception area
Once local anesthesia is given to the patient,
the area of the bald recipient is prepared for
the surgical process. No cutting / removal of
hair is needed at the top of area of recepient.
8. Incisions made in the cleared areas
Tiny incisions that are made irregularly in the
recipient area to place Follicular unit grafts.
9. Grafts placed according to their densities
The smallest grafts (two and one) are placed in
front of the hairline and three and four (denser
than one and two) are placed behind.
10. Immediately after hair transplant surgery
Once the hair transplant surgery is performed,
tiny incisions with short hair would be visible
on the area operated by the patients.
11. Closing the hair transplant
The marks formed because of incision heal
naturally and the redness in the recipient area
disappears within a week.
3. Recovery Time
The hair transplant is a non-invasive procedure
and is performed several times. Most of the time,
patients are allowed to shampoo after two to
three days, although the scalp must be protected
from the sun and infections for some time
after surgery. Patients are usually on
antibiotics for a few days.
4. Must Know Facts About Hair Transplant
1) The transplanted hair behaves like natural
hair and grows between two and four weeks of
transplant. The roots eventually start to sprout
naturally and continue to do so all their life.
2) The use of local anesthesia makes it a
painless procedure and the patient can return
home the same day.
3) Hair transplantation is different from
non-surgical hair restoration in which
a pre-selected base is attached to the scalp with
4) Hair transplantation does not mean that you
will have a luxurious hair harvest as the result
varies from person to person and also has some
connection with the natural quality of a person's
5) Every case of baldness has no solution in the
hair transplant. It depends entirely on each case.
6) The cost of the procedure depends on the
number of transplants. The higher the number of
transplants, the higher the cost.
5. Precautions After Hair Transplant Treatment
DO NOT expose yourself to direct sunlight
immediately after and 5 days after surgery,
especially if the scalp is still swollen. If
going outside during the day is mandatory, then
you must wear a hat.
DO NOT touch or move with newly grafted scalp. A
little itching and some pain are normal side
effects, so picking or scrubbing the sore scalp
can cause the new grafts to fall before they can
have a chance to develop.
DO NOT drink alcohol for the first five days
after the procedure as this interferes with the
blood supply to the head.
DO NOT smoke for a whole month after surgery as
this can interrupt the flow of blood to the hair
follicles. Blood circulation is crucial for new
hair growth, as such, abstaining, or better,
completely stopping smoking can accelerate the
growth of your hair. To avoid becoming cold
turkey, start reducing the number of
daily cigarettes a few months before your
scheduled hair transplant.
DO NOT exercise until one week after surgery.
Exercises with minimal effort can be resumed
approximately 10 days after the procedure. Sports
with body contact, such as football or
basketball, are prohibited until about a month.
DO NOT engage in activities that would cause
excessive sweating. Sweating increases the risk
of infection to a large extent. It would also be
wise to postpone this sauna or steam room
appointment until the next month or so for the
same reason.
DO NOT blow your nose, bend down, or lean forward
violently the first week.
At the end of the day, follow your surgeon's
instructions as he will directly access your
6. Hair Transplant Cost In India
The cost of hair transplant in India is variant.
This widely depends upon
6.1 Hair Transplantation Methods
There are different procedures for getting a hair
transplant, such as Robotic Surgery, Laser
Capillary Therapy, FUT, FUE, etc. The cost also
varies for each treatment.
6.2 The Level Of Baldness And The Number Of
Grafts Needed
The cost varies depending on the requirement. If
you have level 2 hair loss or more, the cost may
increase. The cost also depends on the number of
transplants to be implanted. The range is between
35000 and 80000 rupees.
However, before going to the consultation, you
must understand the different parameters that
affect the cost of hair transplantation.
6.2.1 Pattern Of Baldness
For levels 1 and 2, the cost of baldness is
comparatively lower.
For levels 3 and 4, the cost of baldness is
calculated by transplant.
For larger areas of baldness such as levels 5 and
7, a flat fee is charged.
Each transplant will have 1, 2 or 3 hair
depending on your natural hair
The price per graft is usually Rs. 30 / - to
Rs.45 / - depending on the reputation of the
clinic and the technology used.
The consultation fees for hair transplant in
India are FREE in some clinics.
A PRP session is normally given FREE of charge
during the transplant session.
Individual PRP sessions are billed from Rs 3,000
to Rs 10,000 per session, with the exception of
the cost of hair transplantation in India.
The credit card, EMI facility is provided by the
majority of clinics
If you need 1000 hair transplants - The will cost
you around Rs.30000 to Rs.45000.
If you need 2000 hair transplants - The cost will
range from Rs.45000 to Rs.68000.
For 1000 and 2000 hair transplants, only one
session is required, for advanced level of hair
transplant more sessions are required.
6.3 Points To Remember
The consultation fee is different in one clinic
to another clinic. Some clinics also offer free
consultations. The cheapest consulting fees start
from Rs.500 for people who are looking for the
best cost of hair transplant in India.
The cost for PRP varies from Rs.3000 to Rs.5000
per session. However, if you do a hair transplant
in India, clinics usually provide 1 free PRP
People looking for an affordable hair transplant
in India, some clinics offer free post-treatment
care that will significantly reduce the overall
cost. The duration of free care is different for
each clinic.
Some clinics also provide free medication while
others include it in the hair transplant cost
Now, there is a price difference in hair
transplant methods. If you want to know
the reasons behind this, you must know the
fundamental difference between the two methods.
Most commonly used hair transplant methods are
described below
1. FUT
2. FUE
Unit Follicular Transplantation (FUT)
The FUT process involves the removal of a small
band of tissue from the back of the head from
which the donor hair follicles will be removed.
The hair follicles are harvested from the band
by an expert being transplanted independently
into the bald areas.
Extraction Of Follicular Units (FUE)
In FUE, each follicular unit is independently
taken directly from the scalp. Here, no strip of
fabric is removed. The hair follicles are
detached at random and the result is less thick
in the donor area than people say is not even
FUE has a lot of benefits and is one of the
essential factors for its popularity among people
who are looking for a hair transplant. Taking a
look at the benefits it has will help you know
why it is preferred to FUT.
Minimal Pain Although FUE and FUT are performed
under local anesthesia, the patient is softened
by complaining of the pain caused by the swollen
area after removal of the strip. But this
problem does not arise when using FUE. The
recovery speed is faster than Fut. So no wonder
most clinics prefer the FUE technique for hair
No visible scars Tiny 0.8 mm to 1 mm diameter
holes are drilled in the donor area for hair
extraction using an electronic motorized circular
incision. The holes are cured within 4 to 5 days.
Donor zone of any part of the body As there is
no stress to pull out a band, the donor hair can
be extracted from any other part like hands,
legs, breast, beard, etc. One thing you need to
keep in mind is that If body hair is used, the
cost of hair
transplant can increase in comparison with the
use of hair on your scalp for transplantation.
Faster recovery rate The patient's recovery rate
is much faster than the FUT technique so they can
resume their work the next day, compared to 4 to
5 days in the FUT technique. So, not only can
you benefit from hair transplant at the
best cost, but you can also spend less time for
hair transplantation.
7. Best Hair Transplant In Hyderabad
7.1. HairSure
HairSure, since its inception, offers a viable
and distinct treatment of hair restoration and
hair loss for men and women. While they also have
a wide range of other treatments, the interest
in hair transplantation has increased and
the number of procedures performed has also
peaked. HairSure has treated a large number of
clients for hair transplants and has managed to
regain their natural appearance. With over ten
years of experience in the treatment of hair
restoration and hair baldness, and won a lot of
satisfied customers.
HAIR SURE Hair Transplant Centre, 3rd Floor, Plot
Street No.5, Opp.Hotel Krishna Residency,
Main Road, Habsiguda,
Hyderabad-500 007.
7.2. Elite Hair Studio
Elite Hair Studio brings TRANSITIONS
Elite Hair Studio is a proud exclusive member of
Transitions International Group, Which is an
elite group of hair restoration specialists,
composed of international members with the best
hair restoration and hair replacement clinics in
the world. As a group, they performed more
non-surgical and surgical hair
replacement procedures for men and women with
hair loss than any other hair loss treatment
group in the world!
Plot No-701/A,2nd Floor, Above Talwar Hyundai
Showroom, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad -
500033 Telangana, India.
7.3. Cosmocare Hair Transplant Clinic
Since CosmoCare has been in the healthcare
industry for over a decade, we have a holistic
approach to the problem and we understand the
patient's need and ability to take any costly
procedure or other method if available and
appropriate should be explained to the patient.
5-4-28/A/1 IInd Floor
MarhabaManzil, farmanwadi,
JN road lane beside agrawala sweet house near
General post office Abids,
Hyderabad 500001
8. Best Hair Transplant In Chennai
8.1. Vgraft Hair Transplant Centre
Successfully performed over 380 hair transplant
surgeries last four years.
Developed new techniques and procedures in the
hair transplant method. (Suction technique)
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for the hair
restoration surgical procedure was first
conducted by them in South India, 2008.
Vgraft hair transplant centre,
No.73, Scheme Road, Kamdhar Nagar,
Mahalingapuram, Chennai - 600 034.
DHI(Direct Hair Implantation)
DHI Chennai has received several awards and
recognitions for consistently providing
innovative solutions. The DHI team provides
support for direct hair fusion, beard hair
restoration, eyebrow restoration, Anagen hair
treatment, scalp micro-pigmentation and direct
hair implantation (HID) ). Ranked 1 on
Customer Satisfaction by IMRB
2nd Floor, Sheriff Towers
No. 28/118, GN Chetty Road, T.Nagar
Chennai 600017
8.3. Tamira
Each Tamira member seeks to improve the patient
experience while ensuring that the specific needs
of each patient are also met. When you choose
Tamira, you choose over 25 years of experience
in cosmetic surgery combined with exceptional
skills and results. All Tamira surgeons are
certified and bring individual experience and
expertise to the team.
Tamira Aesthetics
1st Floor, No.18, 1st Street, Gopalapuram.
Chennai 600 086
9. Best Hair Transplant In Delhi
9.1. Medlinks
MedLinks (a unit of TrichoDerm Medical Group) is
a 'Center of Excellence' for skin and hair
treatments. Spread over 3500 sq feet area,
MedLinks is located in the city centre of New
Delhi (Capital of India), in the Safdarjung
Enclave, and also has a center in Gurgaon
(National Capital Region). The state-of-the-art
Operating Room boasts of modern hi-tech
equipment including high resolution
cameras, electrically adjustable operating table,
stereo-microscopes and cold LED lights.
Delhi Address
A-1/304, Safdarjung enclave, New Delhi- 110029
9.2. Dr. A's Clinic
Dr. Arvind Poswal and the team take pride in
maintaining the professional quality of service
at its excellence.
Dr. As Clinic provides superior value compared
to the competition. The quality of their hair
grafts equal (and often exceed) leading clinics
worldwide. While quality is comparable, their
prices are significantly lower compared to the
Dr. A's Clinic
B - 104, Ground Floor, Chittaranjan Park, New
Delhi - 110019
9.3. Medispa Hair Transplant Center
They are globally recognized leading hair
transplant centre having 1000s of happy patients
over 20 countries they prefer Medispa for the
quality hair transplant.
They provide Worlds best hair transplant
services with 3-days comfortable accommodation,
which makes the patients hair transplant journey
completely a hassle free.
Medispa Signature Smiles provides the excellent
Dentistry treatments, includes RCT,
Endodontistry, Cosmetic dentistry, Etc. at an
affordable cost to serve you best.
Delhi Center
Medispa Hair Transplant Center
E-44, Greater Kailash 2,
Near Savitri Cinema, Gurudwara Road
New Delhi 110 048, Delhi, INDIA
10. Best Hair Transplant In Bangalore
10.1. Vcraft Cosmeticz
Vcraft acts as a professional organizer and
facilitator of dental, cosmetic, skin and hair
range of services encompassing treatment by the
best of the doctors. The team will stay beside
you throughout the journey of making a pleasing
change in you and go an extra mile to ensure your
1st Floor, No. 470, 80 Ft. road
Koramanagala 6th Block
Opp. Koramangala Bus Depot
Bengaluru - 560 095.
10.2. Nile
Our dedication is to provide premium quality skin
and hair loss treatment and services by use of
multiple therapies. They provide the most proven,
effective treatments for skin, and hair loss, all
under one roof. Most skin or hair clinics are
unable to offer these services and treatments.
7/7, N.D.Mansion, Hosur Main Road, Between
Christ College Forum Mall, Opp. To domino's
Pizza, Bangalore-560029, Mobile 7676622861
10.3. Hairline International Hair Skin Clinic
Hairline International Hair Skin Clinic is an
International Hair clinic that provides
customized solutions to your unique problem. With
a passion for perfection and state-of-the-art
techniques, they help you redefine yourself!
They are affiliated with FEC Hongkong, Cindycut
International and USA for Hair Replacement
services. Doctors are members of the the American
Academy of Dermatology, European Academy of
Dermatology, Global womans hair loss council,
American Society of Cell and Gene therapy and
ISHRS (International Society for Hair
Restoration and Surgery) and have access to the
latest researches in this area.
Jayanagar 199, 16th Main Road,
4th T Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore 560041
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