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Pass your Cisco 200-125 Exam Questions With 200-125 Exam Dumps


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Title: Pass your Cisco 200-125 Exam Questions With 200-125 Exam Dumps

 200-125 Exam Questions CCNA Cisco Certified
Network Associate CCNA (v3.0)
  • Certification Provider Cisco
  • Exam Code 200-125
  • Exam Name  Troubleshooting and Maintaining
    Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT) Exam
  • Total Questions 121 Questions and Answers
  • Valid For Worldwide - In All Countries
  • Updates 90 Days Free Updates Service

200-125 Exam Questions
200-125 Exam Dumps
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200-125 Exam Questions
200-125 Exam Dumps
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200-125 Exam Questions
200-125 Exam Dumps
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200-125 Exam Questions
200-125 Exam Dumps
QUESTION 1 Which of the following is NOT a VLAN
Trunking Protocol (VTP) mode of operation? A.
client B. server C. virtual D. Transparent Correc
t Answer C
QUESTION 2 A host is powered up, but the
connected switch port does not turn amber or
green. Which of the following methods would you
use to troubleshoot the situation? (Choose three.
Each answer is a complete solution.) A. Ensure
the switch is powered up. B. Reinstall Windows on
the workstation. C. Reseat the cable. D. Ensure
that the cable is straight-through. E. Ensure
that the cable is crossover. Correct Answer ACD
QUESTION 3 Which of the following commands will
enable a global IPv6 address based on the
Modified EUI-64 format interface ID? A. ipv6
address 500022221/64 B. ipv6 address
autoconfig C. ipv6 address 2001db82222727272/
64 link-local D. ipv6 enable Correct Answer B
QUESTION 4 Which of the following commands is
used to verify the link-local, global unicast,
and multicast addresses of an IPv6 router? A.
show ipv6 neighbors (only link-local
addresses) B. show ipv6 route C. show ipv6
protocols D. show ipv6 interface Correct Answer
QUESTION 5 Which type of Category 5 unshielded
twisted-pair (UTP) cable is used to work as a
trunk between two switches? A. RJ-45
straight-through B. RJ-41 crossover C. RJ-11
straight-through D. RJ-45 crossover Correct
Answer D
QUESTION 6 A router is running a classful
routing protocol. Which command will enable this
router to select a default route when routing to
an unknown subnet of a network for which it knows
the major network? A. ip classless B. no ip
classless C. auto-summary D. no
auto-summary Correct Answer A
QUESTION 7 Which Cisco IOS command is used to
configure encapsulation for a PPP serial link on
a Cisco router? A. encapsulation ppp B.
encapsulation ip ppp C. ip encapsulation ppp D.
encapsulation ppp-synch Correct Answer A
QUESTION 8 When the copy running-config
startup-config command is issued on a router,
where is the configuration saved? A. Random
access memory (RAM) B. Flash C. Non-volatile
random access memory (NVRAM) D. Read-only memory
(ROM) Correct Answer C
QUESTION 9 Which of the following NAT terms
refers to a registered address that represents an
inside host to an outside network? A. inside
global B. outside global C. inside local D.
outside local Correct Answer A
QUESTION 10 Which commands would you use to
determine the IP address and hostname of a
directly connected switch from which you received
VLAN information? (Choose two. Each correct
answer is part of the solution.) A. show vtp
status B. show cdp neighbors detail C. show cdp
neighbor status D. show vtp counters E. show cdp
neighbor Correct Answer AB
200-125 Exam Questions
200-125 Exam Dumps
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