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Top Gate Coaching in Chandigarh


This Oureducation has great brand reputation in the field of competitive exam coaching and known as one the best Gate coaching institute in Chandigarh all over the India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Gate Coaching in Chandigarh

Best English Notes - Vocabulary by Top IAS
Coaching Center
The English Language is a very important section
in UPSC and other competitive Examinations. One
can score high marks in less time if he/she has a
good understanding of Grammar rules and has a
rich vocabulary. But it is very difficult to find
precise and concise content that covers the whole
syllabus at a single platform, so we've decided
to help you by providing - Study Notes of
English. We'll cover all the important Grammar
rules with tricks in the form of these Study
Notes. It will include a series of topics like
Cloze Test, Reading Comprehension, Error
Detection, and Sentence Rearrangement etc.
Best English Notes By Best Faculty
English grammar sections is important in
clearing English language section with a good cut
off. All exams have an average score to clear all
sections. Sometimes, you may be very good in
English but still be unable to crack the English
section in the competitive exam.
Best GATE Coaching in Chandigarh
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Gamut (noun)
Best English Notes By Experienced Faculty Members
- Vocabulary
  • Meaning a complete range or scope of something
  • Synonyms spectrum, sweep
  • Antonyms limitation
  • Justice Amitava Roy, it is to look into the
    entire gamut of reforms to the prison system.

Crux (noun)
  • Meaning the decisive or most important point at
  • Synonyms essence, gist
  • Antonyms fringe
  • This is the crux of the debate incarceration in
    any form is uncivilised, especially when it is
    so long drawn out, and when the objective of
    criminal punishment should be one of reform
    rather than wreaking vengeance on a perpetrator
    of crime.

Axiom (verb)
  • Meaning a statement which is regarded as being
    established or accepted
  • Synonyms principle, aphorism
  • Antonyms euphemism
  • In my view, any exercise to improve prison
    conditions though not directly related to a
    plea for mercy, such as convicts in the Rajiv
    Gandhi case must not ignore this axiom.

Clemency (noun)
  • Meaning forgiveness
  • Synonyms mercy, kindness
  • Antonyms cruelty
  • Significantly, those pleading for clemency in
    this case are outnumbered, which is reflective of
    popular sentiment that a gruesome crime needs to
    be dealt with severely.

Rampant (adjective)
  • Meaning flourishing or spreading
  • Synonyms widespread, excessive
  • Antonyms moderate, mild
  • Except in parts of Europe, where crime is still
    low or at acceptable levels, overcrowding is

Strident (adjective)
  • Meaning loud and harsh
  • Synonyms rough, shrill
  • Antonyms quiet, soft
  • In the U.S., for example, which has a humongous
    crime problem, complicated by gun violence and a
    strident racist overtone in combating crime, the
    prison system is creaking under the stress of

Backlash (noun)
  • Meaning a strong negative reaction by a large
    number of people
  • Synonyms adverse, resistance
  • Antonyms cause
  • There is also an obvious fear of backlash against
    any move to decriminalise what is now prohibited
    by statutes.

Slanderous (adjective)
  • Meaning false and malicious statement
  • Synonyms defamatory
  • Antonyms complimentary
  • No legal system can allow false and slanderous
    statements to be made publicly, with impunity.

Connived (verb)
  • Meaning secretly allow (something immoral,
    illegal, or harmful) to occur.
  • Synonyms overlook, condone
  • Antonyms condemn, punish
  • Investigation into the 1984 riot cases has been
    severely hampered by the fact that large sections
    of the police connived with the rioters, who
    included Congress functionaries and supporters.

Excruciating (adjective)
  • Meaning intensely painful
  • Synonyms agonizing, tormenting
  • Antonyms slight, mild
  • The slow judicial process was made even more
    excruciating by manipulated investigation and
    shoddy prosecution. In this very case, a
    longtime Congress functionary, Jai Pal Singh,
    had been tried and acquitted by a magistrates
    court as early as in 1986.

Apoplectic (adjective)
  • Meaning furious
  • Synonyms enraged, incandescent
  • Antonyms amicable
  • Mr. Dorseys apoplectic critics wanted an
    immediate apology. And they got it, too.

Gamut (noun)
  • Meaning the complete range or scope of something
  • Synonyms spectrum, catalogue
  • Antonyms narrowness
  • The furious tweets spanned the whole gamut of
    indignation from A to B. Mr. Dorsey was accused
    of being a brahmin hating, racist bigot.

Henchmen (noun)
  • Meaning a faithful follower or political
    supporter, especially one prepared to engage in
    crime or violence by way of service.
  • Synonyms adjutant
  • Antonyms leader
  • Investigators and prosecutors seldom succeed in
    nailing political leaders and their key henchmen.

Impunity (noun)
  • Meaning exemption from punishment or freedom
    from the injurious consequences of an action.
  • Synonyms indemnity
  • Antonyms liability
  • Impunity for participants in pogroms has been
    the norm, and successful prosecution the rare
    exception. The last time a person involved in the
    anti Sikh riots was sentenced to death was in
    1996. But Kishori Lal, known as the butcher of
    Trilokpuri, managed to get his death sentence
    commuted to life.

Resurrected (verb)
  • Meaning revive or revitalize (something that is
    inactive, disused, or forgotten).
  • Synonyms reinvigorate
  • Antonyms extinction
  • Of particular significance is that this case,
    relating to a mob attack on shopkeepers in
    Mahipalpur, was resurrected after being closed as
    untraced in 1994.

Cumbersome (adjective)
  • Meaning large or heavy and therefore difficult
    to carry or use
  • Synonyms bulky, awkward
  • Antonyms convenient, easy
  • Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has long
    been a cumbersome and di?
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