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Tooth Pain: Causes and Treatment


toothache encounter deep pain and It may be pulsating . A slight pressure on tooth could point to a toothache and cause headaches and fevers. Some disease are Tooth decay, Tooth Adscess , Gum disease and Fracture of Teeth which can cause major problem of like tooth damage . chandigarhdentistry giving treatment for this disease like Laser Gum treatment, Root canal Treatment and Orthodontics. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 12 December 2018
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Title: Tooth Pain: Causes and Treatment

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Toothaches may appear like the bane of your
existence. If youre someone who continuously
suffers from extreme tooth pain, its time to
look into all of the potential causes. Toothaches
are usually pretty simple to make out. If you
have a toothache, youll encounter deep pain in
your teeth. This pain may be enduring and acute.
It may be pulsating. Swollen gums often be a sign
of toothaches. If your teeth only hurt when you
place a slight pressure on them that could point
to a toothache too. People who have toothaches
frequently experience odd and unrelenting tastes
inside of their mouths. They even occasionally
build up headaches and fevers. Toothache symptoms
dont necessarily have to be restricted to the
teeth. A number of people experience swallowing
and respiratory difficulty that is linked with
these aches.
1. Tooth Decay
The most common cause for a painful toothache is
simple old tooth decay. Sure, it might not be all
that stirring or new, but its something that can
impinge on any of us. For the tooth and the
surrounding area to hurt, the decay in the tooth
would have to be significant enough to reach the
inner layer of the tooth, a layer called the
dentin. Once the dentin is damaged the tooth turn
out to be extremely sensitive and a cavity  has
developed. If the pain turn out to be less of an
ache and more of a sharp pain, the tooth decay
may have get to the centre of the tooth. This
results in a very strong pain that makes it hard
to carry on with every day life.
2. Tooth Abscess
When tooth decay progresses to the end of
affecting the root under the observable tooth
there is a high possibility that the root and the
surrounding tissue have turn out to be infected.
This will result in a extensive pulsating pain
that may build it hard to decide which accurate
tooth is the offender of the pain. This is a very
severe issue and needs to be professionally deal
with as soon as possible as it can result in bone
and tissue loss. Which, clearly, is no fun at
all? TREATMENT  The clear treatment of tooth
abcess is to drain the abscess followed by root
canal treatment and antibiotics.
3. Gum Disease
Gum disease is described  as a dreary pain in the
mouth, red, bleeding gums, and also occasionally
tooth pain. A common cause of this is the oral
bone and gums becoming inflamed. If left
untreated, teeth, gums, and bones could be
damaged or lost, then laser gum treatment  may
have to be taken to rid the mouth of infection.
4. Tooth Fractures
Teeth can be cracked or chipped in many different
ways, whether its through a fall, playing
sports, or biting down on something hard or
sticky. If you are feeling pain in a broken
tooth, that indicates  that the fracture has made
its mode to the middle of the tooth where the
nerve endings are and can result in agonizing
pain. This may not happen as soon as the tooth is
chipped or damaged, but can develop over time as
the tooth damage worsens. This is why all
fractures and chips should be attended to by your
dentist as soon as possible and before they have
the chance to worsen.
5. Temperature Sensitivity
If you are encountering sharp tooth pain during,
or very soon after, eating or drinking something
that is cold or hot, this is typically associated
with tooth sensitivity. It means that your tooth
enamel has worn down and your tooths dentin (the
layer where the tooths nerves lie) is exposed,
or can be a result of fresh teeth whitening. To
help out look after these nerves and protect them
from intense temperatures, try a toothpaste made
for sensitive teeth. check with your dentist for
advice and more treatment options.
6. Damaged Fillings or Dental Sealants
Dental fillings that cover up deep pits, grooves,
or fractures in teeth often guard weak parts of
the tooth. When these protectants are smashed,
the perceptive parts of teeth are out in the open
to intense temperatures, food particles, and
bacteria. If you have a damaged filling or
sealant, be definite to reserve an emergency
appointment with your dentist to have it repaired
fixed before the vulnerable parts of your tooth
undergo more damage or decay.
7. Teeth Grinding
Teeth grinding or bruxism, is a very familiar
reason for tooth, jaw, neck, and connected muscle
pain. People who grind their teeth usually do so
as theyre sleeping or during worrying
conditions. extreme teeth grinding engages
cruelly clenching the jaw and grinding the top
and bottom teeth back and forth against each
8. Improper Brushing or Flossing
Very frequently people do not give attention to
the force they are utilizing  when they brush and
floss their teeth and finish up pressing much too
hard. This results in irritated, swollen, and
bleeding gums. If severe pressure like this is
continuously used, it can cause gums to draw away
and can make teeth unsteady, ensuing in more
pain. check with your dentist concerning correct
brushing techniques.
9. Misaligned Teeth or Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Teeth that are uneven can force down against
others, forcing them out of line also, ensuing in
aches and pains. Impacted wisdom teeth,
recognized as wisdom teeth that have botched to
break through the gum line, can also be
exceedingly painful as they fester below the gum
line and at times push against other teeth. These
problems are  supposed to be bring to the
consideration of your dentist, if they havent
been addressed so far an orthodontic way out will
expected be proposed, such as braces, and surgery
will be required to put right impacted wisdom
10. Orthodontic Alignment
Braces, retainers and other dental alignment
systems are a general cause for oral distress and
aching pain among teeth. Pain is generally
perceptible right after adjustments which
constrict or move teeth, but normally subsides
after only some days. If the pain is still
extremely uncomfortable and persisting, discuss
with your orthodontist about readjusting your
orthodontic appliance so that it does not get in
the way with your daily life.
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