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10 Types of Sculptures


Hey !Lets Get To Know About Sculptures..Here you go... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Types of Sculptures

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Modern Sculpture
  • The term 'modern' comes from the modernism
    movement, rather than any specific era.
  • The most famous work of art is probably, Auguste
    Rodin, 'The Thinker.
  • The Artist is also known as the father of Modern

Environmental Sculpture
  • The Sculpture that creates or alters the
    Environment for the viewer.
  • Most commonly larger sculptures are the ones
    which can actually be entered or walked.
  • It might create shadows, cast colors on to the
  • Louise Nevelson is known as the pioneer of this
    genre. Her work, 'Sky Landscpe is located at
    1101 Vermont Avenue, N.W. Washington D. C.

Sculptural Portrait
  • Sculptural Portrait finds its roots in the period
    known as Classical Antiquity, these usually
    follow the same pattern as that of bust
  • They display only the upper part of the body.
  • The piece is usually supported by a plinth.
  • Materials used for sculpture vary
    from marble, bronze, terracotta, wax or wood.

Figurine Sculpture
  • The name is a diminutive form of the
    word figure. Similarly, a statuette is a small
    statue that represents human, deity or animal.
  • In practice a pair or small group of them are
    displayed together.
  • Figurines can be made from materials ranging from
    terracotta, clay, marble, etc

Maquette Sculpture
  • It is the French word for scale model, sometimes
    referred to by the Italian names plastico or
  • It is a small scale model or rough draft of an
    unfinished sculpture.
  • In Italian, the term is bozzetto, which means

Sound Sculpture
  • It is an interactive art form in
    which sculpture or any kind of art object
    produces sound.
  • Sound is manipulated to create this art.
  • Most often sound sculpture artists were primarily
    either visual artists or composers.

Miniature Sculpture
  • It is an Art or painting or is a genre that
    focuses on art.
  • Miniature art dates back to the scribes of the
    medieval ages.
  • The British sculptor Willard Wigan is known all
    around the world for his miniature sculptures

Forensic Sculpture
  • The main job of Forensic Sculptor is to create a
    three-dimensional image of a person.
  • Sculpture can be used to identify a murder
    victim, or to help track down a criminal.
  • Forensic art is used in law enforcement or legal

  • It is a free- standing model in which the
    realistic, full-length figures of persons or
    animals or non-representational forms are carved
    in a durable material.
  • Material used is like wood, metal, or stone.
  • Classic statues are life-sized.
  • A sculpture represents person or animals in full

Allegorical Sculpture
  • Sculptures symbolize and personify abstract ideas
    in the story.
  • This is common in the Western World.
  • The use of allegorical sculpture was fully
    developed under the École des Beaux-Arts.
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