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Top 10 Windows and Door Replacement Trends to Watch in 2019


1. Big, Bright Windows. 2. Black Window Hues. 3. Square over Arch and Oval Top. 4. Glass Doors. 5. High-End Wooden Doors. 6. Bold Door Colors. 7. Contemporary Door Decor. 8. Expansive Glass and Pass-Through Windows. 9. Modern Window and Door Technology. 10. Double- and Triple-Glazing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Windows and Door Replacement Trends to Watch in 2019

Top 10 Windows and Door Replacement Trends to
Watch in 2019
  • The New Year is upon us, and homeowners are
    excited to find out whats trending in the home
    design market. Over the last decade, home decor
    has rapidly shifted from functional designs and
    fixtures to trendy styles. Homeowners are veering
    towards the stylish and contemporary designs for
    decor. One of the areas that have experienced
    drastic changes is the window and door market. We
    have seen new window and door trends emerge this
    year and the years before. But what does 2019
    have to offer?
  • If you are thinking about investing in
    replacement windows and doors, you need to be on
    the lookout for emerging styles. Windows and door
    are no longer looked at as merely functional
    fixturesthey are pivotal to the aesthetics of a
    home. Thats why you need to consider style and
    functionality before choosing new windows and
    doors for your home. In this light, check out the
    following ten window and door replacement trends
    that will dominate the market in 2019.

Table of Contents
  • 1. Big, Bright Windows.
  • 2. Black Window Hues.
  • 3. Square over Arch and Oval Top.
  • 4. Glass Doors.
  • 5. High-End Wooden Doors.
  • 6. Bold Door Colors.
  • 7. Contemporary Door Decor.
  • 8. Expansive Glass and Pass-Through Windows.
  • 9. Modern Window and Door Technology.
  • 10. Double- and Triple-Glazing.
  • Whats Out in 2019?
  • Final Thoughts.

Big, Bright Windows
  • Gone are the days when homeowners settled for
    small and caged windows. Today, everyone is going
    big. Large windows are quickly replacing the
    small ones in old homes. Whats more, the windows
    are no longer divided by bars the glass is one
    clean, unbroken expanse. The big and bright
    windows trend is here to stay in 2019. Large
    windows open up space and make it look larger
    than it is. They also make a room appear
    brighter, eliminating the need for artificial
    lighting during the day.
  • One advantage of large windows is that they can
    be installed in most of the main rooms in the
    house. You can have them in the living room, home
    library, and even the bedrooms. In 2019, we
    expect to see more homeowners going for
    floor-to-ceiling windows that completely open up
    space and make it look big and bright.

Black Window Hues
  • Black has long been considered too bold a color
    to use on interior home decor. However,
    contemporary home design dictates otherwise.
    Black is here, and it is here to stay in 2019.
    This bold color is gracing the window industry as
    more people gravitate towards black-on-black
    windows. Additionally, homeowners are going bold
    and extra with it by using it on both interior
    and exterior window frames. Black is an elegant
    color, and it will instantly transform the
    appearance of your windows to give them a
    stylish, contemporary look.
  • Dont worry if you are not yet ready to go
    dramatic with black windows. You can start small
    by combining a black frame with natural or white
    trim. The subtle contrast will give your
    replacement windows an entirely new and modern

Square over Arch and Oval Top
  • The oval and arch top window styles have been
    around since the 80s and 90s. At the time, they
    were quite trendy and appealing. However, today,
    designers are looking for ways to open up space,
    create a full-window look, and allow more natural
    light into a room. Thats how they ditched the
    oval and arch styles for the square one.
    Square-top windows are aesthetically appealing,
    and they make a window look large and wide. The
    square shape also allows more natural light into
    the room and makes space seem larger than it is.
  • In 2019, we expect to see more of the square
    window top design in new and existing homes. If
    your windows have an arch or oval top, consider
    adopting the new trend as the year begins.
    Dressing the windows will be much easier and more
    fun with this unique style.

Glass Doors
  • Once upon a time, installing a glass door was
    unheard of. People were so worried about security
    such that they could never consider going for
    glass on a door. After all, it makes a door
    vulnerable to burglars, right? Well, this was the
    case a few decades ago. However, today
    manufacturers have introduced high-quality,
    durable, and strong glass that resists breakage.
    This can be used for both replacement windows and
  • In the last few years, glass doors have been the
    in-thing in the home design market. Whether it is
    full or partial glass, homeowners are
    incorporating this material into their design. It
    is particularly prevalent in the design of
    sliding doors for the patio. Glass patio doors
    connect the interior and exterior spaces, and
    create a smooth transition from the indoor space
    to the outdoors.

High-End Wooden Doors
  • Wood has for a long time been used as the go-to
    material for exterior and interior doors.
    However, in the past years, people opted for
    traditional hardwood for the exterior and
    interior doors. Hardwood is an incredibly durable
    material for exterior doors. It does not cave
    easily to pressure, and it will last for decades
    when appropriately maintained.
  • Homeowners today are not going for any type of
    wood. High-end wood species are making a dramatic
    entry into the door industry. These include
    hardwoods such as mahogany and white oak. Unlike
    the conventional woods, high-end species have a
    grain and fine-furniture feel that makes them
    look sleek and classy. They may be a little
    pricey, but homeowners are ready to pay the price
    for a classy door.

Bold Door Colors
  • Bold door colors are here to stay in 2018. We
    have seen homeowners moving out of their comfort
    zones to include color in fixtures such as doors,
    roofs, and windows. In place of the earthy tones
    such as browns are bolder colors that complement
    the interior and exterior spaces. Turquoise,
    gray, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and white are
    among the door colors that we expect to see more
    of in 2019.
  • When choosing a bold door color, make sure that
    it complements the rest of the decor around it.
    If you arent sure, you can opt for subtler
    shades of white, gray, brown, or beige. You can
    also talk to us for professional advice.
    Specialists at North Shield Windows and Doors
    will examine your color scheme and help you
    choose the best shades to complement your
    interior and exterior space.

Contemporary Door Decor
  • Door decor has drastically changed over the last
    few decades. We have seen a shift from simple
    door locks to sophisticated and stylish fixtures.
    In 2019, you should look out for more innovative
    door fixtures. We are talking door style,
    hardware, glass inserts, colors, and much more.
    For example, interior pocket doors have become a
    buzz in the market. There are doors that slide
    into the wall instead of opening inwards or
    outwards. These doors are space-saving, and they
    are ideal for homeowners who are looking to
    maximize interior space.
  • Sophisticated door hardware such as high-end
    locking systems and knockers with warm metal
    details is also becoming increasingly popular for
    functionality and visual appeal. Expect to see
    more of these in 2019. Homeowners are also opting
    for automated locking systems to improve security
    and give their homes a contemporary look.

Expansive Glass and Pass-Through Windows
  • We have mentioned earlier that glass is becoming
    a popular material in todays homes. In a bid to
    create a connection between the indoor and
    outdoor spaces, homeowners are opting for
    expansive glass and pass-through windows. There
    is a smooth flow between glass windows and glass
    doors which opens up interior spaces to the
  • Fixtures such as French doors, sliding doors, and
    expansive windows are making a comeback in 2019.
    They create an indoor-outdoor connection that
    allows homeowners to enjoy a beautiful view of
    their landscapes in the comfort of their living
    rooms, kitchen, and bedrooms. Pass-through
    windows in the form of bi-fold doors, sliding
    doors, and French doors allow easy access to the
    outdoors. Consider using glass for your
    replacement windows and doors to achieve this
    contemporary look.

Modern Window and Door Technology
  • One trend that is making a comeback in 2019 is
    the use of technology in homes. Today, window
    installation is not just about glass and framing.
    There has been the introduction of advanced
    technology as part of the smart home trend. This
    tech not only improves safety but also makes
    window and door control easy and seamless. For
    example, there are window sensors that you can
    use to determine whether your windows are open or
    locked. You can install these sensors on both
    windows and glass doors such as patio and French
  • Another technology that is making a comeback in
    2019 is the thermochromic window. This tech
    features window tint that you can adjust to your
    preference. For example, if you dont need much
    light during the day, you can adjust the
    brightness instead of closing the drapes. The
    tint can be installed on both glass windows and
    doors as well.

Double- and Triple-Glazing
  • Talking about glass without referring to energy
    efficiency is impossible. Homeowners today are
    more conscious of the effects of materials on
    their annual energy bills. As a result, they are
    embracing double- and triple-glazed glass and
    ditching glass that has no glazing. When used on
    windows and doors, glazed glass reduces energy
    loss and saves you money on domestic heating.
    Whats more, the glass is incredibly strong as it
    contains multiple sheets of glass that have been
    sandwiched together. It is harder to break as
    compared to the conventional glass.
  • As you get replacement windows and doors for your
    home, consider going for double- or triple-glazed
    glass to maximize energy efficiency and save
    money in the long run.

Whats Out in 2019?
  • We have talked about the trends that are emerging
    or making a comeback in 2019. But whats out?
    Which styles are becoming boring and wont see
    the New Year? Below is a short list of some of
    the styles that you should ditch if you want
    stylish and trendy windows and doors in 2019.
  • Grid windows
  • Traditional pine doors
  • Double-hung windows
  • Sliding barn doors (glass doors have replaced
  • Some window treatments will not be making a
    comeback in 2019 either. These include pleated
    and satin curtains. Stylists are gravitating
    towards trendier options such as polyester,
    cotton, and lace. Blinds are also here to stay.

Final Thoughts
  • The home decor market is continually changing,
    and what was exciting in the past year may not be
    popular this year. If you are a sucker for
    trends, you should stay up-to-date with what is
    happening in the windows and doors industry. If
    you are planning a major renovation project in
    2019, knowing whats hot is mandatory if you want
    to transform your home with new replacement
    windows and doors. Be on the lookout for these
    trends, and you can revamp a once boring house
    into a stylish one with sleek and modern windows
    and doors.
  • Choosing new windows and doors is not an easy
    task. For the most part, it is incredibly
    overwhelming. There are a lot of considerations
    to make in matters style, color, and design.
    Dont suffer alone. Talk to the experts. Here at
    North Shield Windows and Doors, we specialize in
    installing new windows and doors in your home at
    competitive prices. We can help you choose the
    trends, styles, and colors that will complement
    your interior and exterior spaces.

  • If you have been looking for way to improve
    safety and curb appeal of your home, we
    are the go-to company that you should
    contact in Toronto. Our exquisite window and
    door designs will not only protect your home but
    will also make it more energy-efficient while
    also creating a warm and welcoming look to your
    households and visitors. From bold designs,
    innovative features to unique colours for doors
    and windows, we have high-end products that will
    definitely work with any home in Toronto and any
    design aesthetic that you have in mind. Contact
    us today, and our specialists will talk to you
    about our doors and windows replacement estimates.

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