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How AI is Changing the Future of Web Design?


Artificial Intelligence has taken over multiple activities across various industries. Once considered as a technology only suitable for operational activities, AI has now set itself into web design, and here is how it can change its future. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How AI is Changing the Future of Web Design?

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How AI is Changing the Future of Web Design?
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the Internet
    world out of the storm. You can see evidence of
    this with all the talk in the forums and all the
    published articles on the latest trends.
  • Adobe, Wix, and Firedrop are just a few companies
    that use AI and automated learning to make
    website design easier for both professionals and
    the average Joe.
  • In this PPT, we will look out some facts and
    stats that state that how AI is impacting web
    design trends.

AI Lends a Helping Virtual Hand
  • You may notice that artificial intelligence is
    actually everywhere already. From chatbots to
    virtual assistants, AI is used to make everyday
    life easier.
  • Google's RankBrain is a working AI that is
    responsible for providing researchers with
    relevant and quality results for their search
  • Default helpers like Siri and Cortana help users
    process their Internet queries via voice.

Heres a look at the current state of AI and what
lies ahead.
  • Today, just 15 of enterprises are using AI. But
    31 said it is on the agenda for the next 12
  • Forty-seven percent of digitally mature
    organizations, or those that have advanced
    digital practices, said they have a defined AI
  • Business leaders said they believe AI is going to
    be fundamental in the future. In fact, 72 termed
    it a business advantage.
  • Sixty-one percent of those who have an innovation
    strategy said they are using AI to identify
    opportunities in data that would otherwise be
    missed. Only 22 without a strategy said the

  • In a survey of over 1,600 marketing
    professionals, 61, regardless of company size,
    pointed to machine learning and AI as their
    companys most significant data initiative for
    next year.
  • The impact of AI technologies on business is
    projected to increase labor productivity by up to
    40 and enable people to make more efficient use
    of their time.
  • The largest companiesthose with at least 100,000
    employeesare the most likely to have an AI
    strategy, but only half have one. (Source MIT
    Sloan Management Review)
  • More than 80 of executives surveyed are eyeing
    the peaks and view AI as a strategic

Benefits of AI
  • 1. Make Search Even Faster
  • Customers are eager to get information faster and
    in the easiest way.
  • Voice search is already a popular searching
    option among youths, soon this technology will be
    more in demand.
  • Whether its Siri, Cortana or new voice search
    solution, based on Deep Learning, virtual
    shopping assistants should take its advantages.
  • Voice search option is an important part of
    e-commerce website development now.

  • By implementing AI, interaction via Chatbots will
    be similar to a conversation with a real shopping
    consultant, who sees a reaction to this or that
    good, its features, quality, and price.
  • The Future Today Institute predicts, that the
    chatbots market share will be close to 3.5
    billion by the 2021 year.
  • If you want to stay in trend, consider
    implementing chatbot while developing a website,
    especially for e-commerce.
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3. Indeed Relevant Customer Experience
  • According to the information received, this
    technology allows to dynamically modify website
    per each customer, even including search through
    the website. In addition, there is a wide range
    of possibilities
  • Display on-the-fly goods recommendations
  • Alter prices at optimal times
  • Display personalized ads
  • Serve tailored video content to stimulate sales.

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