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History of Nutrition Jobs with scientific development


As #NutritionJobs programs started to become more prevalent, nutrition careers and dietitian jobs became more popular. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: History of Nutrition Jobs with scientific development

History of Nutrition Jobs with scientific
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  • The history of the study of food as medicine
    reveals centuries of discovery and development of
    nutrition careers and Nutrition Jobs.
  • In 400 B.C. the Greek physician Hippocrates, the
    Father of Medicine said, Let thy food be thy
    medicine and thy medicine be thy food.
    Hippocrates realized that food impacts a persons
    health, body and mind to help prevent illness as
    well as maintain wellness.
  • Greece, as well as across pre-modern Europe and
    Asia since ancient times, foods were used to
    affect health. For instance, the juice of liver
    was squeezed on the eye to treat eye diseases,
    connected to Vitamin A deficiency.
  • Garlic was used to cure athletes foot, and
    eating ginger was thought to stimulate the
    metabolism and then it gives rise to Nutrition

  • In 1747, a British Navy physician, Dr. James
    Lind, saw that sailors were developing scurvy, a
    deadly bleeding disorder, on long voyages. He
    observed that they ate only nonperishable foods
    such as bread and meat.
  • Work in the area of the chemical nature of
    foodscarbohydrates, fats and proteinswas done
    by Justus Liebig of Germany, and led to research
    in the area of vitamins in the early 20th
    century. In 1912, a Polish doctor, Casimir Funk,
    coined the term vitamins as essential factors
    in the diet.
  • The term vitaminfirst called vitaminecomes
    from vital and amine, because vitamins are
    required for life and they were originally
    thought to be aminescompounds derived from
  • Many other vitamins were discovered and isolated
    in the early 20th century, and the concept of
    supplementing health with vitamins was born.

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  • The first vitamin pills were marketed in the
    1930s, and created a new industry around
    science-based health products. In October of
    1994, the Dietary and Supplement Health and
    Education Act were approved by Congress. It sets
    forth what can and cannot be said about
    nutritional supplements without prior Food and
    Drug Administration (FDA) review, showing the
    impact of this industry.
  • As Nutrition Jobs programs started to become more
    prevalent, nutrition careers and dietitian
    jobs became more popular. Dietitians are
    registered with the American Dietetic
    Association and are only able to use the title
    dietitian when they have met strict, specific
    educational and experiential prerequisites and
    passed a national registration examination.
  • The title nutritionist is protected and
    designated by many but not all states in the
    United States. Traditionally, dietitians work in
    hospitals, schools and prisons, and nutritionists
    more often work in private practice, in education
    and research, although there is some overlap
    between the two.

  • As we become increasingly aware and concerned
    about how Nutrition Jobs affects our health, the
    fields of nutrition and alternative medicine have
    seen unprecedented growth and expansion.
  • This continuing demand has fueled increasing
    nutrition jobs growth and has provided more
    career opportunities than ever. College
    distance-learning and online nutrition programs
    are a great way to explore this unique field with
    a distinguished and ancient pedigree.
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