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How I took control of my immigration process | INSZoom


Immigration processes can be overwhelming and intimidating. Here's how I took control of my immigration process with these three simple steps. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How I took control of my immigration process | INSZoom

How I took control of my immigration process!
The truth immigration processes can be
overwhelming and intimidating. The process is
made even more frustrating if you cant get
answers to your questions.
Thats exactly what I went through at my previous
job no updates on my case, no answers to
questions on the forms I had to fill out, or the
documents that were required. I was anxious and
thoughts like what if my application does not
reach USCIS within the limited five- day lottery
window? started haunting me.  I decided to take
control because there certainly must be a better
way to do this and Im sure thered be many
applicants, just like me, who are going through
this process. Similarly, neither would my
attorney appreciate his inbox being flooded with
tons of emails. Heres how I took control of my
immigration process
1. Just ask Yes, its that simple. I raised this
concern and emailed my HR as well as my
immigration attorney. The law firm immediately
sent me a link to the INSZoom Foreign National
Portal (FNP). A portal that was customized for
me. I was assigned tasks by my attorney like the
questionnaires that I had to complete, the
documents that I had to upload, the forms that
were required to be reviewed and so on. The best
part - I was accountable for all these tasks as
they came with a due date. I knew exactly what
was required from me, my deadlines to complete
these tasks and how far are we in the application
process. This was great!
I was in my HRs office to inform about this
change and guess what I learned - the law firm
also granted access of the Human Resources Portal
(HRP) to my organizations HR. Just like the FNP,
this portal gave HR the ability to access my
profile, view documents that were required from
the organization end, check on my case status,
view and print documents and run reports. This
was a great streamlined process for all the three
the HR, law firm and me. We all were on the same
2. Communicate Recently, there have been many
changes and restrictions on immigration policies.
We no longer have the luxury to depend on
guesswork. While filling up forms for the
application, I came across questions that were
confusing, had multiple answers, but which one
was the right one? I quickly sent an email to the
paralegal working on my case through the FNP and,
voilà, I had answers to all my questions. The
portals streamlined collaboration and
communication between all the three stakeholders.
I would no longer wait two weeks for an email
response or an update on my case, because the way
I was accountable to get all the details in on
time, so were the paralegals accountable to
answer my questions. Every question through the
portal would give them a notification - just a
quick reminder that they must respond to me!
3. Take control My application got picked in
the lottery. To me this was a big deal because I
had never won a lottery or a lucky draw before.
Few months into the celebration, my application
was hit by the dreaded RFE (Request for
Evidence)! But, surprisingly, I was not nervous
or anxious at all. The way my initial visa
application was handled I took control of the
process, I was vocal about my worries, I was
accountable, stakeholders were proactive, and all
of us were brought on the same page with an
immigration software INSZoom, which made things
transparent, open, clear and immediate for me.
This is how I stepped up and took control, and
now its your turn! Taking control of my
immigration process gave me a sense of
empowerment. As Foreign Nationals, we have to
think about obtaining visas, passports, taxes,
OPT dates, work permits and a host of other
things. This is stressful and overwhelming. This
small window into my immigration case might seem
small but it went a long way in reducing stress
for me. And, guess what, today I work for the
same immigration software INSZoom.
If you have foreign nationals frequently
asking you questions like- Whats happening with
my case? What documents are needed? Whats
the deadline of submitting my documents? or if
you have your team of paralegals spending most of
their time responding to emails, then its time
to get on board with INSZoom Stakeholder Portals.
Reach out to us at or
925-244-0600 X 1. You can even request a free